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Rolex Affiliate Program and Best Alternatives [2024]

If you are looking for high-end watch affiliate programs to boost your earnings, you might want to check out our 08 suggestion!

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Rolex Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, Rolex itself does not offer an official affiliate program. 

However, there are still good opportunities for affiliates to make money in the fancy industry. You can be an affiliate for Rolex watches by joining programs from third-party dealers like Mygemma, Openforvintage, WJD Exclusives, and Itshot.

All of these distributors have an affiliate program on ShareASale. All you just need to do is sign up for a ShareASale account and then apply to their program.

The commission rate ranges from 4% and 11% which is incredibly high for high-ticket products.

Let’s explore commissions for other types of Rolex products using different price points and commission rates:

Rolex Datejust (Mid-Range Model):

  • Price: $8,500
  • Commission Rate: 6%
  • Commission Earned: $510

Rolex Oyster Perpetual (Entry-Level Model):

  • Price: $5,000
  • Commission Rate: 8%
  • Commission Earned: $400

Rolex GMT-Master II (Luxury Model):

  • Price: $18,000
  • Commission Rate: 4%
  • Commission Earned: $760

Typically, for each successful Rolex order generated via your affiliate link, you can earn $300-$1000. Lucrative, right?

So, how to promote Rolex products? You can simply share your referral link on your website, blog, or social media. Just be honest and share the right info about Rolex watches. Don’t say things that aren’t true. Also, if you talk about Rolex on social media or a website, make sure to let people know if you’re earning money from it.

Besides that, there are more watch affiliate programs from elite brands that you could consider. They are all perfect alternatives for Rolex!

Rolex Affiliate Program Alternatives

  • Jurawatches
  • Daem
  • Swarovski
  • S-Force
  • Brooklyn Watch Co.
  • Watch Gang
  • Filippo Loreti
  • Grayton

1. Jurawatches affiliate program

Jura Watches is a top-notch watch store with famous brands like IWC, Breitling, and TAG Heuer.

Partners earn a commission unlimitedly for every successful sale they bring in.

They also get an easy-to-use product list, early access to new watch releases for their audience, and regular updates on the latest deals.

The commission rates? It varies.

You will earn 5% for default sales, 2% for sale items, 3% when using a voucher or for finance purchases, 4% for Garmin products, and 3% for low-margin items.

2. Daem

Daem is a luxury brand. Daem watches are for the bold and the beautiful. 

Founded in 2018 in New York, they offer handcrafted and meticulously designed watches. 

They use Swiss movements, Italian leather straps, and sapphire crystal glass. In short, their watches are manufactured in the land of luxury products. 

So, it is basically they are multicultural-influenced timepieces. Pretty cool huh?

And Daem also has the most beneficial affiliate program, with a flat 20% commission on all products – which is simply super high. 

More than that, according to Daem’s report, the average value for each order is $828. 

And the conversion rate of their program is 17%. It is simply super high.

Let’s caculate. If you get 1000 traffic, translating into 170 successful referrals, the total revenue generated from your blog will be 170 x 828 = 140.760 USD. 

You have 20% of that, 28.152 USD. 

3. Swarovski

Swarovski is a well-known brand that has produced and sold high-quality crystal products since 1892.

The products, to name a few, are jewelry, accessories, figurines, ornaments, and yes, watches.  

There wide range of watches with various styles to choose from, including golden plated to classic watches. 

Flashy or special things are all here. With a price range from $140 to under a thousand.

So if your visitors are interested in things that shimmer, or just want a uniquely styled watch, they might find this offer interesting.

In terms of their affiliate program, you’ll earn an 8% commission on all referred sales, and you have a 30-day cookie to play with.

Talking about affiliate programs, you will have access to exclusive products that are appealing to tons of customers.  

Your customer can also get free shipping and many customized media ads that facilitate your Swarovski promotion.


4. S-Force

S-Force watch designs have cold lines and rough angles. 

They look a bit “strong” to me. They are cool, stylish, aggressive, and functional.

And I know I won’t mess up with anyone who has it on their wrists. 

Can you imagine? A huge muscle guy, with tattoos around his body – people who spend 2 hours every day hitting the gym. 

They could be UFC fighters, truck drivers, or even SEALs. 

The S-Force affiliate program seeks individuals who are social influencers, who have a substantial social following, with 5000+ followers on Instagram, YouTube, or Tumblr.

When you join the S-Force affiliate program, you will be eligible to earn a generous 20% commission on all sales you generate. 

Definitely, a fantastic opportunity to leverage their social influence while earning a substantial commission in return.


5. Brooklyn Watch Co.  

Brooklyn Watch Co. is one of the most luxury watch brands today.

It offers its affiliates a wide variety of luxury watches for affiliate marketers. From sport, luxury, casual to classic. 

Its affordability makes it a pioneer in this niche. The price range starts from $100 to $500 followed by high quality.

Which means, your customer base is, uhm, everyone. 

Pretty cool huh! 

But they also score with incentivizing offers such as free shipping, free returns and a lifetime warranty.  

Which means, your customer base is, uhm, everyone. 

In term of affiliate program, this brand allows 30-day referral windows and offer 8.5% commission per sale – a bit higher compared with products in the same segment. 


6. Watch Gang

Watch Gang was founded in 2016.

It is more than an e-commerce platform for watch enthusiasts. It has:  

Subscription Plans: Watch Gang is a watch subscription service that allows customers to receive a new watch every month, quarter, or year, depending on their plan. 

Ownership: Customers can keep the watches they receive through their subscription, which allows them to build their watch collection over time.

Partnered Brands: Watch Gang partners with watch brands from all over the world to offer a variety of styles and designs, from casual to luxury. 

Rolex Giveaway: Customers can keep the watches they receive, and also have a chance to win a Rolex every week.

A brand new Rolex. 

Watch Gang also offers an affiliate program – yes of course. 

And in the case of Watch Gang, you’ll earn up to 10% commission.


7. Filippo Loreti

Filippo Loreti watches are inspired by Italian architecture and culture. 

In 2018, Filippo Loreti really became a really big name with a long step forward to become the leader of the luxury watches industry. 

What are the reasons for this thrive?   

They are actually outstanding selling points of this brand. 

Firstly, all watches are human-made – absolutely a heart-winning point for watch enthusiasts.   

Secondly, a watch design will only be sold for a limited number. That means if they miss that sale, they will never have the opportunity to buy it again. 

This leverages the value of their watch. Not really about the product’s price, but it is about their prestige. 

Yes, their watches are not expensive. An average order just valued at over $200.

Filippo Loreti watches are not only stylish and affordable but also come with a lifetime warranty and free shipping.

Becoming an affiliate, you will take a 10% commission rate, translating to 20$ on each successful referral. 

And, as reported, 13 over 100 people decided to buy their watch. This means you need around 400 organic traffic to get $1000. 

Isn’t it lucrative? 


8. Grayton

Grayton is the final program on our list. This is an urban-inspired watch brand. 

You can even smell metropolitan in their watches. 

People love them for their automatic watches. Furthermore, they do offer luxury watches with a focus on high-quality craftsmanship. 

Their products, watch, and accessories, are suitable for various lifestyle and a especially priority for active and sports lovers. 

If your audiences are bikers who spend 8 hours a day roaming around, they may love Grayton water resistance at first sight. 

 Anyway, they have already spent thousands of dollars on bikes and leather shoes.  

Grayton vibes in its distinguished way. They are functional and affordable at the same time. 

Their affiliate program offers a generous commission rate of 20%. 

Side note: a vast majority of Grayton organic traffic comes from the US, and Australia. So if your website readers share similarities with their customer base, join Grayton right now.    


The potential of the high-end watch industry 

A watch for a long time a beloved accessory in our closet.

Different from clothes which are made of smooth fabrics, watches are mainly made of metal.  

What does it mean? 

It means some people need a watch made of gold, to tell the time, to tell the opposite sexes that they have potential financially, and to tell other men in the neighborhood that they are the dominant.  

So, that is the originality of watches, and right now It become an industry itself. 

Today watches are really a part that defines one’s identity – A timeless accessory, appealing to people from all walks of life. 

Today watches are really a part that defines one’s identity. 

It could be from a fashion-forward reader looking for a stylish watch or a CEO seeking a symbol of confidence and leadership, there’s something for everyone from watches.  

The global watch production is dominated by only some players, the clear leaders being Switzerland, Hong Kong, and China. 

China is the giant here with the biggest share in terms of volume. However, Switzerland enjoys a position of near-monopoly in the luxury segment. 

The total worth of this market is expected to have an annual growth rate of  5.02% each year, to reach nearly 125 million USD by 2028. 

Luxury watches in particular were valued at 23,6 million USD in 2020. The luxury watch industry is a highly export-driven sector. This means the distance and logistics problems are not big deals. 

Who is this article written for?

This article is a resource for anyone looking to monetize their blog or website through affiliate marketing, whether they are new or experienced marketers. 

It still has valuable information for marketers who are not particularly interested in watch promotion or simply watch enthusiasts. 

The niche of watches is predicted to have sustainable growth in the upcoming years and is not really competitive to start. 

Normally, the timepiece can range from several hundred dollars to a few tens of thousands. With that diversity in product segments, affiliates can reach a large consumer base – if not everyone. 

I highly recommend a watch program if you are a marketer and have an already-established influence in the jewelry or high-end fashion fields – that is the best. If not, it is not too late to build your authority today.   

The article also highlights the fact that watches are a timeless accessory that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. 

How to find sustainable watch affiliate programs?   

Let’s be honest – we all secretly (or not) wish we could buy every beautiful item come across. 

Of course, that’s not feasible in most cases (unless you are Elon Musk) 

That’s where watch affiliate programs come into the game. You are now the one who can bring the best watch for customers.

Your niche and your audience

The affiliate program, at best, will match your niche and audience’s interests, preferences, and budget. 

For example, if you are a sports/ adventure content creator, you should promote urban-inspired brands that offer qualitative, durable to the environment, and a bit fresh products to facilitate physical activities. 

Quality over quantity

The first rule of the game:  Don’t jump headfirst into the most profitable watch. 

It’s like buying a watch without checking if it tells time – not a bright idea, right?

Make sure that you do your research thoroughly. 

Check out their reputation, commission rate, track record, and product you will promote. Partner up with a brand, you guys share your passion, customer base, and profit as well. 

Commission rate and cookie duration

Yes, the affiliate program that offers the most competitive commission rate and a long cookie duration is definitely an important part. 

The longer the referral window is, the more chance to earn a commission.

Marketing Strategy

The more marketing resource and supports from the brand, the lighter burden you have to carry. 

A good affiliate program should provide you with adequate resources. The most typical: banners, links, product feeds, landing pages, coupons, etc. 

Your part is a promotion plan. It depends on how you influence your audiences and the platform where you have influence. 

A marketing source that aligns with your content-tree is the best choice. Just imagine how much can you get if you sell luxury watches if your blog is highly specialized in fishing? 

To Wrap It Up

Choosing a suitable watch affiliate program is like selecting the perfect watch for your wrist.

You need to feel associated with it, to see its similarities and differences to your style and demands.  

So, take your time, do your research, and choose wisely. 

Remember, it’s not just about making money; it’s about sharing your passion for watches with the world.

In the end, I have to remind you that the ideal watch affiliate program will be the one that aligns with your niche. 

From this, you can get competitive commissions, worthy payout, and support from your audiences due to your devotion and high-quality suggestions.  

Happy affiliate marketing, fellows!

I have been working in marketing for four years, passionate about creative writing and copy writing. Love to be alone at watersides, sip coffee, play games or read anything that is thought provoking.


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