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10 Best Shoe Affiliate Programs 2024 

Looking for a way to monetize your fashion blog or website? We suggest shoe affiliate programs!

Shoes are a popular and profitable niche, with a variety of styles, brands, and prices to suit any audience. In this article, we’ll share 7 of the best shoe affiliate programs – ranging from sneakers to dance shoes – for 2024, and give you some tips on how to promote them effectively.

The shoe industry is too big itself but among sports accessories. If you are an adventure content creator, tapping into both categories is the best.

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Zappos Associates Program

 Zappos offers an affiliate program called the Zappos.com Associates Program. As an associate, you can promote Zappos through various methods, including text links and banner ads.

Zappos.com carries hundreds of traditional names, including Adidas, Nike, and Puma,… It is your choice to promote what you love!

It is free to become a Zappos associate. Their affiliate program was hosted on Commission Junction – which will facilitate you to get a detailed affiliate data dashboard.



PUMA is a leading sports brand known for its innovative products and stylish designs.

With that leopard, Puma shoes are easily recognizable by people everywhere in the world. 

Yes, everywhere, since Puma has a great scale and an enormous market share in the shoe industry.   

This company was founded in the mid-1900s by Rudolf Dassler. Since then, you have seen the leopard logo on the feet of your middle-aged neighbors, on TV, and even on Olympic athletes’ feet. 

They did reach every corner of this planet. 

Becoming a partner of this global 75-year-old brand, you will get a commission rate of 5%. Tracking and reporting provided by CJ affiliate (very easy to use).

They apply an Incentive-based commission structure, which means the commission will depend on your sales accepted. 

Check out here. 

Nike Affiliate Program

Full review article: Nike Affiliate Program – comprehensive review

We don’t need to introduce this brand – they make the most popular shoes, with worldwide coverage. 

If you don’t know about Nike, probably you have just joined the internet for a while. 

More than that, Nike is renowned for their collaboration with other first-class brands like Supreme, Sacai, Gucci, and Off-white,…..

And don’t forget, of course, their collaborations with A-ranked designers and stars around the world including Travis Scott, Riccardo Tisci, G-Dragon, and Kanye West… 

This strategy brought fame and contracts worth billions of dollars as well as an enormous customer base to the brand.

Nike shoe advertising on your blog is probably a remarkable milestone for an independent affiliate because this brand has high strict standards for their partner.

You will gain tons of authority if you are a Nike affiliate.

These sneakers are so popular that there’s an entire industry surrounding classic Nike shoes.

It can be said that Nike has contributed greatly to shaping the current sneaker industry. There’s even a part of the shoe industry that survives relying on shoes based on or inspired by Nike’s classic design.

The commission rate for Nike’s program can be up to 11%, but the highest amount is 7% if you are in the USA. 


Adidas Affiliate Program

Adidas is a German-based athletic shoe and sportswear company. It is the EU’s largest sportswear company, with revenues second only to Nike worldwide.

Another German brand. 

“Why are German shoes so efficient?

Because they always have a “sole” purpose and never “heel” around!”

Sorry about my ChatGPT joke. Just want to say how much I highly evaluate German’s quality. 

If you are looking for a stylish, young, and modern option, Nike is your choice. But if you value product performance as well as its practicality, Adidas is an easy-to-decide option.  

Don’t misunderstand, there are Adidas shoes that are aesthetically pleasing. I just want to emphasize that Adidas’ quality is something that has been affirmed by people.

Deciding to buy a pair of Adidas, you will decide what will stick with you for the next 5 years. Unless you are a professional runner, of course.

Become an Adidas Affiliate marketer, you can earn on sales you generate, with a commission of up to 10%. Furthermore, you will be given shared clothing, shoes, and accessories deals with friends & family



Shoes.com has an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions by promoting their wide range of sneakers, boots, crocs, casual shoes, dress shoes, sandals, and slippers.

The products at Shoes.com are diverse and high quality, as the platform is a traditional, consolidated, and reputable trade ground for buyers and brands. It is now acquired by Walmart!

Valuable info for affiliate promotion: Shoes.com does offer free shipping nationwide and a 365-day return policy!

As an affiliate, you will earn 2% commission on every sale generated through their affiliate links.

Note: Last year, Designer Brands Inc. (DSW) acquired the Shoes.com domain. The Shoes.com website now redirects visitors to DSW’s e-commerce store.


Yami Dance Shoes

Yami Dance Shoes dance sells, well, dance shoes.   

Dance shoe is exactly a niche having not too many competitors. Yami is considered to dominate a niche, with its valuable market share and huge competition.

Yami’s dance shoes are well-known for their exceptional hock-absorbing heels and multiple padding layers that effectively reduce pressure on the heel and lower back pain for users. 

Customers can also get free shipping on orders over $120 nationwide. 

Side note: they don’t offer everyday footwear, so make sure that your content is designed specifically for only the target audience.  

As an affiliate, you will get a generous 10% commission on all sales generated, which translates to $6 to $12 per sale. 

Absolutely an enticing choice for affiliate marketers.

And remember, people never stop loving dancing. 


Indestructible Shoes

Indestructible Shoes specializes in men’s workshops. The team of experts at Indestructible Shoes has shattered the stereotypes about ugly and uncomfortable work shoes.

It is outstanding with its modern design, high-tech allow weather, cut, and slip resistance while promoting safety. 

Definitely a shield for the foot.

Indestructible Shoes destroy prejudice on the ever-ugliness of workboots. The brand brings male workers a completely fresh, modern, and certainly aesthetically pleasing look.

The audience for this type of shoe does not necessarily belong to the manual labor segment. As long as they like durability, because these shoes are stubborn.

As of right now, you can choose from four different collections across several styles.

Their products are also very affordable and the average purchase value is around $66.

To be honest, this one is an easy-to-start program that both new and experienced affiliates can implement in various industries. 


New Balance Affiliate Program

New Balance offers premium shoes for men, women, and children who are passionate about fitness.

Don’t forget the dads. 

Their dad-shoes-brand made a big comeback in the very last years of the 2010s and dominated the style scene.  

New Balance differentiates itself from other competitors in the market by offering a unique combination of durability, comfort, and style. 

Commissions start at 2% but expect to earn more. They apply a performance-based commission structure. It increases if you show exceptional performance. 

The average order value is usually around $120 or more. The cookie duration is 30 days. 

The most attractive aspect is that you’ll get a commission every time a customer places a purchase through your referral link, not only the first one. 

But, in turn, please be aware that commissions do not apply to gift cards and specific product lines that are excluded from the program. 


Reebok Affiliate Program

What sets Reebok apart is its strong heritage and authenticity in sports, fitness, and women’s categories. 

Shoes from Reebok are a part of women’s life till now.  

Reebok is now a part of Adidas, but they are a powerhouse, a brand itself. Reebok is an excellent brand to be linked with. 

Reebok’s level of coolness shows in its sustainability effort, especially its focus on sustainability in its manufacturing and production processes. 

This appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.

Collaborations: Reebok frequently collaborates with other brands and designers to create limited-edition products, making them unique in the market.

You can keep 7% of each successful referred order within 30 days since affiliate links clicked. Affiliate links and coupons are available as well. 

Join their shoe affiliate program here!

Vans Affiliate Program

Vans manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories for action sports, art, music, and street culture enthusiasts.

They have a rich history of being associated with skateboarding, surfing, BMX, and other action sports.

What are their core values?

Creativity, individuality, and self-expression. The company has stayed true to these values since its start till now when already becoming a pioneer.

Vans offers an affiliate program that allows passionate fashionistas. Each time a visitor clicks through to Vans.com and makes a purchase, the affiliate is rewarded with a commission.

The commission rate is 1.6% per sale, and the cookie duration is 30 days. Start affiliate marketing with Vans today!

Why choose a shoe affiliate program?

There are many ways to start your affiliate career pathway. And a shoe affiliate program is a really good choice, for both beginner and experienced marketers, to be honest.

1. High demand

Everybody needs shoes, and some of them get crazy about shoes. 

Estimatedly, footwear market revenue worldwide reached 381 billion USD in 2022, a bit more than the GDP of Hong Kong, and is anticipated to grow 30% each year.  

Isn’t it a lucrative piece of cake?

2. Wide range of products

Currently, there are nearly 300 well-known globally out there – yes, globally, not to mention local brands. 

There are tons of choices for affiliates, ranging from average segment to luxury. 

Furthermore, we often forget how large this field is. People wrap the industry of shoes into dress shoes and sneakers. They are indeed prevailing types, but there are other niche-in-niches that I can name some: sandals, dancing shoes, high heels, and athletic shoes,…

3. High Commission

By joining shoe affiliate programs, you have the potential to earn big, as the brand offers generous commissions. 

The commission often ranges from 7% to 15%. 

Furthermore, becoming an ambassador of an international brand really strengthens your authority in your area of influence. 

4. Marketing materials 

An affiliate program often allows access to a huge amount of marketing materials, varying from videos, images, and banners to promotional content. Those resources are designed flawlessly for commercial purposes, right to the point, and there is no risk of harming the original images of the advertiser.

As an affiliate, the only things you need are a following community and your platform to connect people.   


So we walked you through our 8 handpicked suggestions of affiliate programs for shoes. 

To be fair, shoe affiliate programs are a golden gateway for marketers. It has a wide range of products, with smaller niches and ever-high demand.

Tap into this gold mine and witness a growth hack on your own income.  

Anyway, we have to remind you that you need to do research thoroughly to select credible, transparent programs is a must. There are regulations in the industry on its own. 

Affiliate marketing will pay off if you spend time approaching it seriously and deliberately.

I have been working in marketing for four years, passionate about creative writing and copy writing. Love to be alone at watersides, sip coffee, play games or read anything that is thought provoking.


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