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Grow your affiliate network & Streamline management with BixGrow’s effective and flexible affiliate programs.

Why choose BixGrow to run an Affiliate program?


BixGrow provides you with various options to track referral orders, allowing affiliates to work conveniently on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, website, or other marketing channels.

Flexible commission structures

Merchants can apply different commission rates or disable tracking if orders meet special conditions. For example:

Fully customizable affiliate portal

Affiliate Portal is where merchants work with affiliates, from the sign-up to the promotion phase.

Payouts made simple

01-click PayPal payouts

Settle all bills with a single click using PayPal integration.


Clear and comprehensive bills are available to both parties before payouts.

Automatic refund/exchange updates

Stay worry-free as refund or exchange amounts are auto-updated, saving your manual work.

Invoice download

Invoices are available to download once payouts are made.

Recruit affiliates in multiple ways

Whether you want to reach out to new affiliates or convert existing customers, our app has you covered.

Give your affiliates a boost to earn more

Whether you want to reach out to new affiliates or convert existing customers, our app has you covered.

How it works

Take a closer look at how the affiliate program works!

Step 1. Create a program

Kickstart the process by setting up your affiliate program. This includes defining the commission structure you’re providing to affiliates, along with customer discount offerings for successful conversions.

Step 2. Invite an affiliate

Reach out to potential affiliates and influencers in your industry. Encourage them to register through the designated sign-up page.
Additionally, consider converting contented existing customers by activating post-purchase invitations.

Step 3. Get the first referral order

Let your affiliate promote products using affiliate links or coupons. When customers purchase through these promotional assets, affiliates will earn a commission.

Step 4. Keep track of conversions & reward affiliates

All conversions can be recorded instantly. You can manually or auto-approve them.

Once orders are approved, you can generate the bill and pay affiliates either with cash or coupons.


Install BixGrow today and start collaborating with affiliates, influencers, and loyal customers.


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