Turn happy customers into brand advocates

Encourage happy customers to refer products with their friends, family and colleagues through simple sign-ups and rewards.

Why choose BixGrow to run your Referral program?

A triple-win solution

With each successful referral conversion, advocates receive discounts for their next purchases, while their friends also enjoy discounts.

Invite customers to join the referral program with flexibility

Multiple display options

Convert customers seamlessly using a custom page, widget, or post-purchase popup.

Simple and customizable

Easily control the appearance, and content of your invitation to match your brand.

Streamlined referral process

Simplifying the referral process accelerates conversion of referral orders, boosts customer acquisition, and increase retention rate.

No portal needed

Advocates promptly receive email updates on referral links and rewards.

Auto-reward system

When referral orders are recorded, the system will generate coupons, and assign to advocates via email.

Signup in 01-click

After providing their name and email, advocates’ accounts are swiftly created. Instantly, they access their referral links to share.

Anti-fraud protection

Ensuring customers cannot earn rewards through self-purchases.

How it works

A dive deep into how a referral program works!

Step 1. Set up rewards

Specify discount amount that advocates and their friends will receive.

Step 2. Convert customers into advocates

Activate your program and display invitations on a custom page, widget, or post-purchase pop-up. Advocates then effortlessly sign up and obtain referral links for sharing.

Step 3. Keep track of conversions

Referral orders can be approved immediately or within a few days, based on your preference. When they are approved, advocates will receive a coupon via email. Everything is automatic, no extra effort on your part!


Install BixGrow today and start collaborating with affiliates, influencers, and loyal customers.


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