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Walmart affiliate program: A comprehensive review (2024)

Welcome to the ultimate Walmart Affiliate Program review –  to check if it is worth it and tips on making money by selling Walmart products as an affiliate. 

Walmart is the biggest brick-and-mortar chain store in the world, and it keeps growing. 

And yes, Walmart has a program where you can earn money as an affiliate. In this post, we will check if it is worth it and tips on making money by selling Walmart products as an affiliate, comparing it with industry giants like Amazon Associates and Target’s affiliate program.

Let’s go! 

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Walmart affiliate program overall

The Walmart Affiliate Program allows their affiliate to make commissions by placing banner ads or text links on their website. 

With purchases on Walmart.com made via those links, affiliates earn money.

Well, who are they looking for? 

Bloggers, website owners, and social media influencers. 

  • Website: Walmart.com, the online version of Walmart.
  • Type of program: Pay Per Sales (PPS), where you get money for every sale made through your link.
  • Commission rate: You can earn between 1% to 4% of the sale price as your commission.
  • Cookie duration: When someone clicks your link, you get credit for any purchases they make within 3 days.
  • Entry fee: It’s free to sign up and join the Walmart.com affiliate program.
  • Regions available: You can join and promote products to people in the United States and Canada.
  • Hosting network: Walmart.com works with Impact Radius, a company that helps manage their affiliate program.
  • Payment threshold: You can get paid once you’ve earned at least $50 in commissions.
  • Payment method: You can choose to get paid directly into your bank account or receive Walmart gift cards.
  • Affiliate support and services: Walmart.com provides support through Impact Radius, offering tools and help for affiliates to track their sales and performance.

You can see details on their affiliate gateway!

Requirement to join the Walmart program

As of October 31, 2022, Walmart has 10,586 stores in 24 countries. The company operates in South Africa, Canada, Central America, Chile, China, India, and Mexico. 

Though they have stores and accept affiliates from anywhere in the world, only sales made in the U.S. and Canada online stores are commissionable. As a result, the Walmart team tends to accept only affiliates who are North American-based.  

So, to join their program, your site needs to meet some requirements: 

  • Your site must be active at the time of the appliance 
  • Your website must be friendly to all ages. 
  • The majority of your traffic has to come from North America

So, you must have at least one active website – which means the content is updated on a regular basis.

Well, they are looking for bloggers, website owners, and social media influencers.  So, having an active and legitimate social media with a decent amount of followers can be a big plus. 

Affiliate programs commonly enforce family-friendly content guidelines, barring explicit material related to adultery content, drugs, gambling, or even trading and crypto themes. 

Enrolling in the Walmart affiliate program is a straightforward process, typically resulting in application approvals within 1-2 days. However, if your application is under consideration, the waiting might be up to several weeks.

So, you really need to be serious with your application.

Walmart.com has opted for Impact Radius as its chosen Affiliate Service Provider. Through Impact Radius, affiliates gain access to a streamlined interface that consolidates tracking for sales, impressions, click-throughs, and commissions, offering a user-friendly experience.

The product directory

Walmart’s online store offers a wide range of products, including groceries, electronics, clothing, and more. 

However, there may be some limitations on the products that you can promote. In other words, some products may not be eligible for commission.  

The commission rate for most products ranges from 1% to 4%. Commission rates change over time, so make sure to check out their term regularly to get the exact information. 

What is the big catch? 

Well, not all products available in Walmart’s physical stores may be available online, and vice versa. Sometimes, the product is exclusive to either the online or physical store. 

If you are looking for a specific product, to make a review video – for example, I recommend checking the availability of products in your local Walmart store. 

What is the second big catch? 

Well, some product categories are not commissionable, and some items in commissionable categories are not commissionable. So make sure to check out “SKU exclusions” carefully or connect to your direct affiliate manager to choose the right items. 


Walmart Affiliate Commission structures 

Walmart, just like any large retailer, focuses on scale-up to be massive, but not focus on narrow profit margins of single products. This characteristic also extends to their affiliate program: they offer lower commission rates compared to other affiliate programs. 

Their low commission rate (1% – 4%) and limited international shipping may not be ideal for everyone. Say, the Amazon Associate program offers a 1% – 20% commission rate. 

Media and gaming; electronics; cameras and supplies; wireless devices; toys1%
Video Games, Consoles & Accessories2%
Furniture, Jewelry, Mattresses3%
Electronics, Home & Appliances, Health & Beauty, Toys & Baby, Grocery & Household, Outdoor & Garden, Pets, Sports & Fitness4%

Important points to remember:

  • The above are base rates, and promotional periods might offer higher commissions.
  • Exclusions apply to certain brands and categories within these groups.
  • The commission is calculated on the net sale amount, excluding taxes and shipping costs.

Even though the affiliate won’t make much money from an order, you can save on the effort of building trust among their audience. Because Walmart is the largest and most trusted brick-and-mortar retailer in the United States, customers don’t question too much about product quality.

Walmart affiliates enjoy a 3-day cookie duration – average for affiliate programs from retailers. However, it is last-click attribution, which means if the customer clicks on another affiliate link before making a purchase, credit will be attributed to the last affiliate. 

Affiliate commissions are sent into the affiliate’s bank account approximately two months following the sale, as long as the commission reaches the minimum threshold of $50. Once this threshold is met, affiliates have the option to receive their earnings: 

  • Through direct deposit 
  • Opt for a payout in the form of a Walmart gift card. 

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Walmart program earning potential 

Let’s explore a hypothetical example, featuring a product from the Home and Kitchen category at Walmart, maintaining a 2% commission rate and a 1% conversion rate.

Suppose you’re promoting a kitchen appliance priced at $150.

Commission Calculation: 2% of $150 = $3.00 each sales 

Assumingly you manage to get 5,000 traffic monthly. 

Number of Visitors Needed: 5,000 x 1% conversion rate = 50 referrals

The total money gain: 50 referrals x $3.00 each sales = $150 

So, a 5,000 monthly traffic can be translated into a $150 profit.  

In this manner, you need to attract approximately 30,000 traffic to reach your first $1,000 with the Walmart affiliate program. 

This example is calculated with assumed commission rates, product prices, and conversion rates in the Walmart affiliate program. While the potential for earnings may vary significantly, the challenge lies in driving significant traffic to your content, emphasizing the need for effective marketing strategies and a targeted audience to maximize success.

Walmart affiliate program vs Amazon Associate Program 

Here are some aspects to compare between the affiliate programs of Amazon and Walmart: 

Commission Rate 1-4%1-20% (typically under 8%) 
Cookie duration3 days24 hours (extended to 90 days if a customer added an item to the cart)  
Product Selection 75 million350 million+
Marketing Tools Provides basic tools like banners, text links, and data feeds.Offers a wider range of advanced tools like product APIs, reporting dashboards, and customizable widgets.
Approval ProcessApplication required, not guaranteed acceptanceEasier application process with higher acceptance rates
Other aspects Competitive pricing (Everyday Low Prices). Super-specific product  categories Very complex commission structure.

Comparing Walmart and Amazon affiliate programs, Walmart’s got a 3-day cookie duration. Meanwhile, Amazon wins on commission options and better support.  Walmart has some wins here as having a default 3 days cookie period is better and will lead to more sales.

Commission Rates

Walmart offers a straightforward commission structure ranging from 1-4%. In contrast, Amazon’s commission rates span a broader spectrum, typically staying under 8% but reaching up to an impressive 20%.

Cookie Duration

Walmart provides a 3-day cookie duration, while Amazon operates on a 24-hour window. However, Amazon extends this period to 90 days if a customer adds an item to the cart, ensuring a more extended opportunity for affiliates.

Product Selection

Walmart boasts an extensive product selection with 75 million items, emphasizing competitive pricing through its “Everyday Low Prices” strategy. On the other hand, Amazon takes the lead with a colossal inventory exceeding 350 million products, providing a vast array of choices.

Marketing Tools

Walmart equips affiliates with basic tools like banners, text links, and data feeds. In contrast, Amazon stands out by offering a comprehensive suite of advanced tools such as product APIs, reporting dashboards, and customizable widgets, empowering affiliates with more sophisticated marketing capabilities.

Approval Process

Applying for Walmart’s affiliate program requires an application, and acceptance is not guaranteed.

 On the flip side, Amazon boasts a more accessible application process with higher acceptance rates – a smoother onboarding experience for affiliates.

Other Aspects

Walmart is known for its competitive pricing strategy, ensuring customers benefit from Everyday Low Prices. Additionally, Walmart focuses on super-specific product categories to cater to diverse consumer needs. 

For Amazon, its commission structure, though offering a vast choice for affiliates,  might be a bit complex. 

Effective promotional models for affiliates


Just some killer strategies to make your journey with Walmart’s affiliates more effective. 

Consider using comparison tools and widgets to showcase competitive pricing. Let your audience see that Walmart isn’t just about Everyday Low Prices; it’s about being the go-to for the best bang for their buck.

Highlight limited-time deals and promotions to incentivize purchases. People love good deals. Just a showcase of heart-pounding, limited-time offers that make customers click ‘Buy’ without a second thought. 

Offer valuable content beyond just product links, like buying guides or gift ideas.  Don’t be the one-trick pony. Your audience isn’t just looking for products; they want an experience. Be the affiliate that delivers more than good products.

Trust building is the key. Just, be honest with your product recommendations. If it’s fantastic, shout it from the digital rooftops. If it falls short, say so. The audience highly respects the transparency, and that respect turns into trust – what keeps them coming back.

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Walmart Affiliate Program: Pros & Cons

The Walmart Affiliate Program provides an opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn commissions by promoting products available on Walmart’s official eCommerce platform. Let’s wrap it up with pros – cons table: 

Pros of the Walmart Affiliate Program:

  • Vast product selection: Promote millions of products across diverse categories.
  • Competitive pricing: Leverage Walmart’s “Everyday Low Prices” to attract customers.
  • Decent commission structure: Earn 1-4% commission on qualifying purchases.
  • Marketing tools and resources: Access banners, text links, data feeds, and reporting tools.
  • Established brand recognition: Benefit from Walmart’s brand trust and reputation.
  • Straightforward Signup Process: Getting started with the Walmart affiliate program is relatively easy, and approvals are usually done within 24 hours.
  • Accurate Tracking: A trusted affiliate network platform manages the Walmart offer, ensuring precise tracking for all clicks from your website.

Cons of the Walmart Affiliate Program:

  • Regular commission structure: Earn 1-4% commission on qualifying purchases.
  • Lower commission rates: Compared to some other affiliate programs in specific niches.
  • Short Cookie window: 3-day cookie window, meaning conversions outside that window won’t earn a commission.
  • Competition: High competition between affiliates due to Walmart’s popularity.
  • Restrictions on certain products: Exclusions apply to some categories and brands.

While Walmart’s brand recognition and product variety are advantageous, the low commission rate may not be ideal for everyone. If you value higher commissions per referral, you might explore other affiliate programs.

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