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09 Best Affiliate Programs in the Philippines (2024)

Affiliate marketing in the Philippines is thriving.  

Many big companies in these countries offer affiliate programs that an earning opportunities for individuals and businesses. 

This comprehensive guide will explore the 07 best and most credible affiliate programs in the Philippines.

Can you do affiliate marketing in the Philippines?  

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing in the Philippines. It is a legitimate way to earn money online in the Philippines. 

But more interestingly, this industry is thriving. 

To be more specific, the affiliate marketing industry in the Philippines is expected to reach $1.5 billion by 2024, accounting for 15% of all online sales in the country. Right now, over 80% of brands in the Philippines have an affiliate program. 

For beginners looking to dip their toes into affiliate marketing, there are numerous programs available. These programs typically offer attractive commission rates ranging from 10% to 20%, making them an ideal starting point.

Ready to get started? Check out the recommended affiliate program below to kickstart your journey in affiliate marketing!

1. Shopee

Shopee, a giant in the online marketplace, offers a robust affiliate program in the Philippines. They are the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and now are reaching South American countries.  


1.1. Shopee affiliate program details

Shopee offers an in-house affiliate program called the Shopee Ambassador Program. You get to share cool products from Shopee on your social media, and when your followers buy through the special links you share, you get a share! 

Shopee’s extensive reach makes it an ideal platform for affiliate marketers aiming for a broad audience. 

And the best part? 

Except for some basic requirements (e.g. politically sensitive content, violence,…), there is no strict contract with Shopee about content. You have the freedom to be creative and make awesome promotional stuff.

Here is information about the Shopee affiliate program

  • Commission rates: You can make commissions ranging from 3% to 10% for each transaction. 
  • Cookie Duration: The cookie duration is 30 days on desktop/mobile and 7 days on the Shopee mobile app. 
  • Payment Details: Affiliates are monthly paid via Bank Transfer or Shopee Pay. Once approved, the payment will be sent within 60 days. Some transactions might get chargebacks and taxable commissions must be invoiced. 

1.2. Shopee affiliate sign up 

To be eligible for the Shopee Affiliate program, individuals need to meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a minimum of 1,000 followers on a prominent social media platform such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • Have posted at least once within the last 2 weeks on any social media platform.
  • Reside in the Philippines. 

All you need to do to apply is enter the Shopee affiliate registration page and fill out the application.

The response will be in your Gmail box within 30 business days. Don’t forget to check your spam email folder, just in case.  

Please note that each user can only create 01 affiliate account. Any efforts to create more than 01 account system will result in a prohibition to access the platform. 

Shopee Affiliate Portals: Shopee Affiliate Program  

2. Nike

Nike, a giant American company, creates and sells sports gear like shoes, clothes, and accessories globally. In the Philippines, Nike offers a variety of products for men, women, and kids. 


2.1. Nike affiliate program details

Nike does run an affiliate program that lets you earn up to 10% commission when you refer someone who makes a purchase. This program includes perks like exclusive content, sneak peeks at new products, and newsletters with Nike updates. 

Nike’s affiliate program in the Philippines is managed through Rakuten Marketing. If you’re interested, you can check out more details on their official Nike Help page and various affiliate program review sources. 

  • Commission rates: The commission rates range from 3,5% to 10%, depending on the product category. 
  • Cookie Duration: Your affiliate links stay active for 30 days
  • Payment Details: The payment method for the Nike Affiliate Program in the Philippines is either direct deposit or PayPal. The commission is paid for all approved sales on the day 15th of every month. 

2.2. Nike affiliate sign up ? 

Nike’s affiliate program in the Philippines is managed through Rakuten Marketing. If you’re interested, you can check out more details on their official Nike Help page and various affiliate program review sources. 


  • Location: You must be based in the Philippines.
  • Online presence: You need a website, blog, social media channel, or other online platform with consistent traffic.
  • Content: Your platform should have content relevant to sports, fitness, or lifestyle that aligns with Nike’s brand image.
  • Legality: Your business or website must operate legally and ethically.

Though Nike does not deploy an in-house affiliate program, they cooperate with multiple affiliate networks. The Nike affiliate program in the Philippines is available through Rakuten Marketing

Plus, depending on your main audience base, you can access the program by various means including Awin, FlexOffer, or Commission Junction.

You can also promote Nike via an affiliate program from many e-commerce platforms. For example, Involve Asia. 

Wait for approval: Nike carefully reviews applications to ensure alignment with their brand values and program requirements. The approval process will take a few days. 

Nike Philippines Affiliate Portal (Rakuten): How Can I Become a Nike Affiliate? 

3. Lazada

Lazada is the leading shopping online platform in Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines. It holds the largest market share in the Philippines e-commerce landscape, exceeding 40% in 2022. 

They sell all sorts of products, like gadgets, clothes, home & kitchen products,… from popular brands like Nivea and Pantene.


3.1. Lazada Affiliate Program Details 

Lazada is deploying an affiliate program called LazAffiliates. The program offers affiliates up to 10% commission for every generated order. 

Known for its quick validation process and excellent customer support, Lazada’s affiliate program is a standout choice for those looking to monetize their websites and channels.

  • Commission rates: Typically ranging from 2% to 10%, depending on the product. 
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days for website traffic and 7 days for Lazada mobile app traffic
  • Payment Details: Payments are made bi-weekly through bank transfers, PayPal, or GCash if you have a verified account. The payout threshold is PHP 1,200 per month. For local bank transfers within the Philippines, Lazada charges PHP 25, while the fee for international bank transfers is USD/EUR/GBP 100. There are applicable taxes on your affiliate income, and if receiving payments outside the Philippines, Lazada may deduct withholding taxes before paying the net amount.

Plus, please note that the referral is only attributed to you when the last link the person clicks before buying is your Lazada affiliate link (so-called last-click attribution). 

Other cases will not be considered eligible. 

3.2. Lazada affiliate sign up  

Unfortunately, you can’t use your Lazada buyer account to create an affiliate account because they serve different purposes and require distinct information. 

Lazada is free to join. The sign-up process is quick and easy as follows: 

  • Go to the Lazada affiliate page (link below) 
  • Click “Register” and fill out the form using a different email than your Lazada buyer account.
  • Check out your email box and click the signup confirmation email from Lazada.
  • Complete your profile with details about your website, social media, and audience. And then accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Review your info and click “Submit Application.”
  • Wait for approval; Lazada will notify you within 5-7 working days. 

While Lazada doesn’t publicly announce specific requirements for affiliates, they do not accept anyone. To improve your chances of acceptance, consider implementing the following tips: 

  • Having a website or social media account with active traffic/ followers
  • Be truthful and transparent in your application, especially about your content 
  • Ensure your content and promotions comply with Lazada’s guidelines

Lazada Affiliate Portal: LazAffiliates

4. Amazon

Amazon, the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, offers a vast array of 12 million products and generates an impressive $17 million in hourly sales. 


4.1. Amazon Associates program details 

Amazon provides enticing opportunities for affiliate marketers through its program called Amazon Associates.  Their program has well-established reliability with nearly 1 million affiliates worldwide

While Amazon Associates doesn’t have a program specifically tailored for the Philippines, Filipinos can participate in the regular Amazon Associates program. All you need is to set up a US bank account to receive your affiliate commissions. 

 Now, let’s dive into the program details: 

  • Commission rate: 1 – 20% based on category products
  • Cookie Duration: 24 hours. The cookie would be extended to 90 days if the product is added to the customer’s cart. 
  • Payment details: the program offers diverse payment options including cheques, direct deposit, checks, or Amazon gift cards. Please  

Important things to keep in mind: When joining the Amazon affiliate program with a U.S. bank account, it’s crucial to adhere to U.S. regulations and Amazon’s specific terms and conditions applicable in the U.S. Additionally, it’s important to fulfill your tax obligations in the Philippines. 

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4.2. Amazon affiliate sign up 

Here’s how you can become an Amazon Associate if you’re based in the Philippines:


  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must have a website, blog, social media channel, or mobile app where you can promote Amazon products.
  • Your website or content cannot violate Amazon’s policies, which prohibit promoting sexually explicit materials, violence, illegal activities, or discrimination.

Steps to become an Amazon Associate:

  • Sign up for Amazon Associates: Visit the Amazon Associates website and click “Sign up.” You can use your existing Amazon account or create a new one.
  • Provide your website and personal information: Fill out the application form, including details about your website, traffic, and promotional methods.
  • Review and agree to the terms and conditions: Carefully read and agree to the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement.
  • Start promoting Amazon products: Once approved, you’ll get access to tools and resources to help you create affiliate links and promote products on your website or platform.

5. Involve Asia

Involve Asia has been connected to advertisers and partners since 2014. Founded in Malaysia, Involve Asia has become a trusted platform for performance-based marketing. 


5.1. Involve Asia affiliate program details 

It effectively links merchants and affiliates, with renowned partners such as Shopee and Lazada and more than 500 brands in ASEAN. 

And with Involve provide analytics regularly to let you see which products are doing the best. You can use this info to make more money by promoting more or choosing brands that pay you more – all within 15 days of making a sale. How cool is that? 

  • Commission rates: Fixed commission structure
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment details: Monthly via Paypal /Bank transfer /Other. The payment threshold is MYR 80 (or $20) for Wire and MYR 400 (or $100) for PayPal. 

5.2. Involve Asia affiliate sign up 

Becoming an Involve Asia affiliate is easy! Just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Involve Asia sign-up page.
  • Fill in the form with your details, like your company name, email, and password. Don’t forget to share the link to your website, blog, or social media page.
  • Check the box agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, then hit “Create Account.”
  • Now, wait for an account manager to accept your application. This usually takes about 2 to 3 working days.
  • Once approved, you’ll get an email from Involve Asia. Congrats, you’re now an official Involve Asia affiliate!
  • Time to start earning. You can create your affiliate links and make money online. Involve Asia offers various payment methods, including direct bank transfer, PayPal, and more. It’s that simple!

Involve Asia Affiliate Portal: Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings with Involve 

6. Zalora

Zalora is a leading online fashion, beauty, and lifestyle destination in Asia, part of the Global Fashion Group (GFG). It has established a strong presence throughout the region, particularly in Southeast Asia, enjoying over 59 million visits per month.  


6.1. Zalora Affiliate Partner Program details 

Zalora provides Filipino affiliates with the Zalora Affiliate Partner Program with a chance to earn extra commission. Zalora’s affiliate program offers different sizes of creatives, vouchers, onsite deals, and a product feed to promote their products.

  • Commission Rate: Zalora offers a commission of 6% for new customers and 4% for returning customers.   
  • Cookie duration: The cookie lifetime is 7 days. 
  • Payment Details: Commissions are paid via bank transfer or PayPal. The minimum payout threshold is $100.

Zalora is actively engaged in social media and influencer marketing, so if you are confident with your online presence, try out with their influencer program.  

6.2. Zalora affiliate sign up 

Zalora let their affiliate programs be hosted on 03 affiliate networks: Involve Asia, Optimise Media, and AccessTrade. However, only the Optimise Media network accepts Filipino affiliate marketers. 

So, to start, you must sign up for an account on Optimise Media. Then, search for the Zalora Affiliate Program within the network platform and submit an application form. 

Be prepared to provide information about your website/social media presence, audience demographics, and previous affiliate marketing experience (if any).

Zalora Affiliate Portal: Affiliate Partner Program | ZALORA Malaysia | Register Now! 


SHEIN was found in China in 2008. Now, it’s phenomenal in the Philippines, especially among younger people. They offer  600,000 clothes items that are trendy and affordable, including accessories, and home stuff for women, men, and kids.  

Just like Lazada, they do launch a handy mobile app that makes shopping easy on your phone.


7.1. SHEIN affiliate program details 

Unfortunately, as of today (2024), SHEIN itself doesn’t directly offer a specific affiliate program for only the Philippines. However, you can involved in promoting the global SHEIN in-house program that is available globally.  

The SHEIN Affiliate Program is looking for content creators, bloggers, and website owners to earn commissions by promoting SHEIN products.  

Here are the program details: 

  • Commission Rates: SHEIN’s commission rate in the Philippines varies depending on the product category and affiliate’s performance. It typically ranges from 5% to 10%. The commission rate could be up to 20% for some products (available in the SHEIN in-house affiliate program only). 
  • Cookie Duration: The cookie duration is generally 30 days, meaning you earn a commission if a customer purchases within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link.
  • Payment details: You get paid every two weeks via PayPal or Bank transfer, with payments processed within 30 days after each period ends. Affiliate income is taxable, and you can check your payment history and download invoices from your SHEIN affiliate dashboard. Plus, commissions are in USD, and currency conversion fees may apply depending on your chosen payment method.

Note: Commission rates and cookie duration are subject to change. Always refer to the official SHEIN Affiliate Program website for the latest information.

Additional Information: Due to its global popularity, SHEIN is now launching different affiliate programs in different regions of the world. The SHEIN program is not only in-house-based but also hosted on various affiliate networks – which are worth considering if your main audience base is not the Philippines. 

7.2. SHEIN affiliate sign up 

There are two ways to become a part of the SHEIN Affiliate Program: you can either apply through a third-party affiliate platform or directly on the SHEIN homepage.

To join via affiliate networks, you need an account on one of the affiliate platforms: (including Admitad, ShareASale, Ascend, DCM Network, and CJ Affiliate). Keep in mind that these networks operate in different regions and offer varying commission rates, so carefully review their terms before making a choice.

However, the commission rates offered by these networks are usually lower than what you’d get from the SHEIN in-house team. Here is the step-by-step guide: 

  • Create an SHEIN Affiliate Account: If you haven’t already, create a SHEIN account. You’ll need this to access the affiliate program dashboard and manage your campaigns.
  • Fill Out the Application Form: On the affiliate program page, click “Join Now” and complete the application form. Provide accurate information about your website, social media channels, and target audience.
  • Wait for Approval: Once you submit your application, SHEIN will review it and notify you of their decision within 3-5 business days.

Join SHEIN Affiliate Program: SHEIN

8. Under Armour  

Under Armour, based in Baltimore, Maryland, is a major American sportswear and apparel company established in 1996. Founded by Kevin Plank, who was inspired during his football days, the brand has become globally recognized for its innovative performance apparel, footwear, and accessories.


8.1. Under Armour affiliate program details 

The Under Armour Philippines affiliate program allows website owners and content creators to earn commissions by linking to UnderArmour.com.ph and driving sales. 

The Under Armour program is hosted by Optimise Medium. Here’s a breakdown of the program’s key details:

  • Commission rate: Up to 5% 
  • Cookie duration: 30-day, meaning you’ll earn commission on any sales made within 30 days of a user clicking on your affiliate link.
  • Payment details: You can get paid in any currency of your choice via a local or international bank account or digital wallet. The payout will be sent to your account once a month after all referrals are validated. 

As Under Armour has a large amount of loyal customer in the U.S. and E.U., they are extending their affiliate programs in these markets. These programs are also accessible through affiliate networks like FlexOffer and Awin. This is especially beneficial if you have a significant following from America or Europe.

8.2. Under Armour affiliate sign-up

To be eligible for the  Under Armour Affiliate program, individuals need to meet the following requirements:

  • Ensure you are a Philippine resident.
  • Have an active website, blog, or social media account focused on fitness, sports, or lifestyle.

You can apply for the Under Armour Philippines Affiliate Program on their Philippines affiliate page. 

The review process typically takes 3-5 business days, with approval notifications sent via email. 

Upon approval, you’ll receive login details for the Optimise Medium platform, where you can access affiliate links, banners, marketing materials, and performance reports to track clicks, conversions, and earnings.

Under Armour Affiliate Portal  Under Armour | Affiliates

9. ClickBank

ClickBank is a worldwide online shopping platform and an affiliate affiliate network founded in 1998.

ClickBank is a big boy in the affiliate marketing game, focusing mainly on digital products. ClickBank handles the order processing and directs the funds from each transaction to the relevant parties involved in a purchase.


9.1. ClickBank Affiliate Program Details 

The ClickBank affiliate program offers a fixed commission structure with a varied commission rate and cookie duration. 

The commission rate and cookie duration vary depending on the product categories.

However, the official page reveals that the average affiliate commission rate is 75% – seems a bit exaggerated huh? 

Anyway, ClickBank is still a big boy. It offers over 20,000 digital products in various niches (health, fitness, finance, etc) and works with 6 million active affiliates and 200,000 vendors. It is now ranked #11 on SimilarWeb’s top affiliate networks list  

  • Commission rate: Varies, but can reach to 75%. Recurring commissions allowed. 
  • Cookie Duration: Typically 60 days
  • Payment Details: Bi-weekly payouts via various methods (check, direct deposit, etc.).

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9.2 ClickBank affiliate sign-up

ClickBank affiliate program requires no upfront costs to participate. To join their program, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a website or marketing channel.
  • Comply with ClickBank’s terms and conditions

To get started, you gotta sign up for a ClickBank account. Once you’re in, explore the marketplace to pick products you’d like to promote. After that, you create a referral link, also called a hop link, for the product. Share that link with your audience, and you’re good to go!

ClickBank Affiliate Portal: Affiliates – ClickBank 

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Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, the Philippines has lots of opportunities for you. In the world of affiliate marketing, success is all about using your skills, working hard, and having a good plan. 

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