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15 Best Affiliate Programs in Kenya (2024)

Looking for a way to earn money online with Affiliate Programs in Kenya? Well, explore our list of best 15 Kenya affiliate programs and get paid for every sale you generate.

1. Travelstart


Travelstart has worked with Impact Radius to bring you a top-notch travel affiliate program in Africa and the Middle East. It’s a sweet deal with support, cool marketing stuff, and some pretty good commission payments. 

The Travelstart Affiliate Program in Kenya is a cool way to make money by telling people about Travelstart’s awesome travel services. 

Imagine it is a market, and the products you sell there are flights, hotels, car rentals, and package holidays.  

So, how do you earn commission? 

The more people booking through your link, the more money you make. You get KES 400 for every local booking and KES 1200 for international ones.

And guess what? Anyone can join as long as they agree to their policies. Once you’re in, they’ve got your back with a personal affiliate manager, different banners and links to use, reports about your bookings and earnings, and you can chat with your manager whenever you need. It’s like having a travel buddy on the money-making journey!

So, if you’re into travel and want to make some money, this program’s got you covered! 

  • Join: Travelstart Affiliate Program  
  • Payment: Paid at the end of each month.
  • Commission Rate: It depends. You earn KES 400 per domestic booking and KES 1200 per international booking.
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Method: The Travelstart Affiliate Program pays commissions directly into your bank account within the first 10 working days of the month. It is on a monthly basis.  

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2. Enda Sports


Hey, join the Enda Sports Affiliate Program in Kenya! Partner up, use your site or socials, and earn commissions for every sale you drive their way. Easy peasy!

What is Enda Sport about?

Enda Sports crafts running shoes honoring natural midfoot strikes, embracing Kenyan running heritage. They’re more than shoes – they’re part of a local spirituality. Made in Kenya, climate-neutral, and donating 2% to local initiatives.

Their products are imbued with modernism. With a B-Corp certification, Enda Sports focuses on performance, sustainability, and social credit. Sports programs are always sought after!

Please note that although Enda Sports products deliver a Kenyan flavor, their customer base comes from all over the globe. Around 80% of their sales come from the United States, 8% from Europe, and 12% from Kenya. 

Now, you can join their affiliate program! Enda Program is now available on the top affiliate Network ShareASale. 

  • Join: Become an Enda Affiliate
  • Commission Rate: Competitive. 
  • Cookie Duration: Not public. 
  • Payment Method: PayPal or Bank Transfer via ShareASale 

3. Hostinger


Hostinger is another web hosting provider in Kenya. 

Hostinger has an affiliate program that lets you earn money by telling others about their services. Here’s the deal – you get a whopping 60% of the money whenever someone buys something through your special link.

Now, to get started, you’ve got to have a good website that lots of people visit. Once you’re in, Hostinger gives you this dashboard where you can track how well you’re doing and make your promotions even better.

And guess what? Hostinger doesn’t leave you hanging. They give you fancy banners, cool e-books, and other stuff to help you promote. Plus, you get your own personal manager to help you out and answer any questions. It’s like having a teammate on your way to success!

  • Join: Hostinger Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 60%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: PayPal and bank transfer. The minimum payout is $100 for PayPal and $500 for bank transfers. 

4. WarriorPlus


Looking for top-notch digital products in Kenya? Well, here we go WarriorPlus, a go-to destination for Kenyans seeking the best in digital goodies, whether it’s for personal use or business.

Think of WarriorPlus like ClickBank but with a strong focus on digital products. It’s like a haven for digital warriors, offering the latest technologies. And in this internet era, it’s not just a treasure trove for tech enthusiasts but also a goldmine for affiliate marketers looking to earn some extra cash.

What is a big benefit? 

Well, to join this program, you don’t need approval from vendors to get started. With over 1.6 million digital partners, WarriorPlus simply offers everything for their affiliate to choose.

What is a bigger benefit? 

WarriorPlus lets you choose your preferred digital currency for payments. If that’s not your style, no worries – they also pay through PayPal.

What is an even bigger benefit? 

You can ask WarriorPlus to send you your commission daily, as long as you meet their threshold! 

  • URL: WarriorPlus | WarriorPlus
  • Commission: From 30% to 50%, depending on what you promote. 
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Payment threshold: $15

5. Jumia


Jumia is a big player in e-commerce, logistics, retail, payment, marketplace, and the internet industry. This African giant is the owner of Jumia Mall, the largest online shopping destination on the continent. 

Imagine having a bunch of popular shopping sites all conveniently in one place – that’s Jumia Mall for you.

The Jumia Affiliate Program, or Jumia KOL, is a good deal where content creators, influencers, and affiliates get paid for every sale they bring to Jumia.

Jumia offers a vast array of products and services, making it a goldmine for Kenyans and Africans to promote and earn some extra cash. Besides, Shein offers you a global program that can help you earn from no Africa but anywhere in the world.

They pay you every month, either through MPESA or your bank, with commissions ranging from 2% to 13%, depending on the product category, orders, and new customers.

6. Truehost Cloud


Truehost is a prominent web-hosting company in Kenya. 

And, the Truehost Cloud Affiliate Program is like a partnership between you and Truehost Cloud. 

You just need to make an account on Truehost Cloud and join the affiliate team. Once they say yes, they’ll give you a special link for the affiliate program. Share that link, and you’ll start making money – 10% commission regularly. 

This means for each more month that your friends pay, you will get a part of the purchase, lasting forever! 

People have already got lots of money this way, and the best part is, you don’t have to pay taxes on it. They send your money through Paypal, Bank, or Mobile Money. And don’t worry if you’re new to this – Truehost Cloud will teach you how to make more money. 

  • Join: Login – Truehost Cloud
  • Commission: 10% commission regularly. 
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Payment: Paypal, Bank, or Mobile Money

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7. DomainRacer Web Hosting


Even though DomainRacer is based in India, it’s making a big splash in the African market, offering super-speedy web hosting solutions at unbelievably low prices.

When it comes to top-tier web hosting affiliate programs in Kenya, DomainRacer is the standout choice. They’ve got it all – web hosting, domain registration, and a website builder. 

What’s more exciting? 

Well, their affiliate program is a showstopper with an outstanding 70% commission for every successful transaction. Compare that to other programs capping at 50% or maxing out at 30%. Now, that’s tempting!

But wait, there’s more! How about scoring a sweet $200 bonus for bringing in your 50 first leads? That’s pretty awesome!

Promoting DomainRacer is a walk in the park. Write engaging blogs, create meaningful YouTube videos, or just spread the word on social media. Stick a unique referral link or DomainRacer’s promo banners in these channels, and you’re good to go! 

  • Join: DomainRacer Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate:  30% to 70% per sale with bonuses
  • Payment threshold: $100
  • Cookie Duration: Up to 90 days.  

8. Kenya Web Experts


Alright, check it out – Kenya Website Experts is a company in Kenya that helps people with hosting and registering domains for their websites. Cool, right? Now, here’s the scoop on their affiliate program:

So, they’re giving you a shot to earn some cash – 15% of the money whenever someone buys something through your special link. 

What can you promote? 

Well, there are various web hosting options: basic, advanced, cloud, windows, SSL/TLS, VPS, and dedicated servers available.

Optimally, if you’re the social media whiz or the blog maestro, this is your jam. You can use your social media accounts or your blog to let people know about Kenya Website Experts, and every time someone signs up because of you, you get a piece of the action.

Getting started is just like a piece of cake. Just find a place where you can spread the word about this program to potential customers!! 

And get this – if you’re into tech stuff and run a blog in that niche, this affiliate program could be your golden ticket to some sweet passive income. 

9. Kilimall


Kilimall is a cool online shopping place in Kenya with lots of stuff for everyone. You can find gadgets, fashion, and more – they’ve got it all.

What’s neat is they give you good deals and discounts. So, when you shop on Kilimall, it’s not just fun but also easy on your wallet.

And guess what? They’re all about making things easy for you. They deliver your stuff fast, and you can pay in different ways – whatever works best for you.

Now, here’s the extra exciting part. If you tell your friends about Kilimall and they buy something within a week of clicking your special link, you get some extra cash! It’s like a reward for being awesome. The more they buy, the more they earn, up to 8% of what they spend. How cool is that? So, not only can you shop, but you can also make money – it’s a win-win!

10. Dancom Tours and Travel


The Dancom Tours and Travel Affiliate Program in Kenya cooperates with ShareASale, a popular affiliate network. Let me break it down for you:

First off, they’re pretty generous with the money part. You can snag a sweet 6% commission for every sale made through your link. So, if people book trips because of you, you’re getting a nice piece of the pie.

Now, about Dancom Tours – they’re a travel company based in Kenya. They’re not just local; they specialize in trips to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and Egypt. That’s a whole bunch of exciting places! 

  • Join: Affiliate Program Partnership 
  • Commission: The standard commission rate is 6%.  
  • Payment method: Bank transfer
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

11. E-Mart


The E-Mart Kenya Affiliate Program is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to earn money by promoting E-Mart Kenya or specific products through their website. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works. 

If someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 7 days, you’ll receive a percentage of the sale price as your commission. The standard commission rate is a solid 5%. Here are the key points of the E-Mart Kenya Affiliate Program: 

12. KLM


KLM Kenya is part of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, one of the world’s oldest and the biggest airline in the Netherlands. They’ve been around for a long time and are a major player in Europe.

Now, they offer a cooperation for affiliates called the KLM Affiliate Program. It’s like a job where you can earn money by telling people about KLM’s flights. Here’s the scoop:

  • Join: Affiliate programme – KLM Kenya
  • Commission Rate: Up to 1.6% of long-distance flights through your promotion.
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days. 
  • Payment Method: Bank transfer 

14. Sage Kenya


So, Sage Kenya, part of the big Sage family, deals in software solutions worldwide. Now, they’ve got this affiliate gig for you.

Here’s the lowdown:

You can make 15% off every sale using your special link that directs people to Sage.com. Plus, earn $5 for every free trial your link gets.

The cookies duration is 30 days, which means even if your referral buys something within a month of clicking your link, you still cash in! 

Think big! You can join the global program, promoting Sage wherever you operate. They’ve got your back with a support team, text links, banners, and detailed performance reports.

Guess what? It’s free and easy to join. Visit their site, apply, and start earning. A sweet deal to make money while helping folks find top-notch software solutions. Check it out!

  • Join: Sage Kenya Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rate: Sales – 7%, Free trials – £5
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days 
  • Payment Method: Commission paid directly into your bank account, in your preferred currency.  

 15. Smart World


Smart World Kenya, based in Nairobi, is a tech powerhouse. It is your go-to online shop for affordable phones, laptops, accessories, and more.  

From website design to software and mobile app development, plus digital marketing and IT support – they’ve got it all. Training and consulting services? Yup, they do that too. Absolutely a top-notch tech solution!

They’ve got this cool affiliate program. Share their goodies on your site, and earn commissions. Sweet deal!

Affiliate Marketing in Kenya: FAQs

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing in Kenya?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing in Kenya. The process is simple. Sign up with an affiliate program. Promote products. Earn commissions on sales. Use local platforms. Be patient. Success takes time.

What Are the Best Platforms for Affiliate Marketing in Kenya?

Many platforms are great. Amazon Associates, ShareASale, and CJ Affiliate are popular. They offer a wide range of products. Choose the ones that fit your niche. Research their terms and conditions. Start promoting and earning.

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing in the USA from Kenya?

Absolutely, you can. The internet knows no borders. Join US-based affiliate programs. Promote their products online. Reach American audiences. Follow program guidelines. Stay informed on US regulations. Hard work and smart marketing will pay off

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