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Savage X Fenty Affiliate Program 2024

Desire to start an affiliate marketing journey with fashion?

One name stands out – the Savage X Fenty Affiliate Program. If you’re on the lookout for a lucrative opportunity to make money and show your modern identity, look no further than Rihanna’s lingerie. 

This article will detail the Savage Fenty X Affiliate Program, especially its earning potential and unrivaled promotional opportunities.

Rihanna started Savage X Fenty, a lingerie brand, in 2018. They sell bras, underwear, sleepwear, and loungewear, making sure everyone feels included by featuring models of all shapes and sizes, representing various ethnicities. 

Currently, the Savage X Fentty Affiliate Program has over 2 million followers on Instagram. 


Savage X Fenty Affiliate Program REVIEW

The Savage X Fenty Affiliate Program gives good commission rates to people who promote their products. You can earn some money for each sale you bring in through your referral links.

They welcome business owners, micro-influencers, and affiliates. All of them can be partners of the Savage X Fenty Affiliate Program. Plus, if you are looking for a long-term gig with Savage X Fenty, consider their Ambassador program in the next part (they do accept micro-influencers!). 

Here is general information about the Savage X Fenty affiliate program: 

  • Join: FlexOffers, CJ Network. 
  • Commission rate: Flat commission, ranging from $12 – $15 for orders from VIP members.
  • Cookie duration: 01 days. 
  • Payment method: Monthly payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer. 

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Savage X Fenty Affiliate Program Sign-up

You can join the Savage X Fenty program via third-party networks, including FlexOffers, and CJ Network (available in Canada and the U.S.A. only). 

The steps are quite simple to get started with on these networks. 

  • Step 01: Create an account with Flex Offer/ CJ Network. Their website is user-friendly, so you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating it.
  • Step 02: Once your account is approved, head to the “Search Advertiser” section and type in “Fenty X Savage”.
  • Step 03: When Fenty X Savage appears, hit the “Join Program” button. You’ll then need to accept their terms of service as well as submit other information. 

That’s it! Now, you have to wait for the game to start. Flexoffers usually gets back to you via email in a couple of days to let you know if your application was successful 

Plus, you can check out here for less competitive affiliate programs from medium businesses.

Savage X Fenty Commission

Savage X Fenty Pay Commission for their affiliate program is not fixed. It depends on the network you are joining in, and also your location. 

Typically, the commission is a flat amount for each successful order. It reportedly ranged from $12 to $15 per successful order. If you join the program via FlexOffer, the commission is a fixed $12. 


However, this is a big catch: Commission is applicable for orders from VIP membership Activation only.  

This means that your promotional focus should be on VIP member conversion.

In other words, instead of simply showing the products to pass-by audiences and hoping for random successful orders, you need to also convince them to become VIP customers of Fenty x Savage. 

So what are the VIP benefits? The VIP membership costs $49.95 monthly. In turn, The brand’s Xclusive Xtra VIP Membership program allows customers to enjoy introductory offers of 2 for $29 Bras + 50% Off Sitewide + buy products at lower cost. 

Seems challenging, huh? However, your efforts will pay off.

$12 is a good share, to be honest, compared with the average price of Savage X Fenty products ($45 – $60). Assumingly, if your customer buys 02 products for each deal, your share will be equaled to a 7% – 13% commission rate. 

It is not a low rate. To be honest, the commission rate for fashion companies the size of Savage X Fenty often stays around 3-8%. For example, the Zara program offers a 4% commission rate.

In part 04, we will talk more deeply about its earning potential and give you some tips to keep your loyal audiences on board. 

Savage X Fenty Affiliate Program cookie duration 

Savage X Fenty offers a 1-day cookie duration for referral orders. 

24 hours seems to be pretty short. However, in the case of digital stores, customers tend to buy after their first consideration, or else they will forget the products forever. So it is still reasonable at some points. 

Other benefits 

Joining the Savage X Fenty affiliate program is a great way to earn extra income while promoting a brand that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment. As an affiliate, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A dedicated affiliate team who will support you and help you grow your business
  • Weekly and monthly brand newsletters that will keep you updated on the latest products, promotions, and trends
  • Seasonal bonus opportunities that will reward you for your performance and loyalty
  • They give you cool stuff like pictures, banners, and links to help you show off Savage X Fenty in the best way. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The project executed by the TechStyle Fashion Group, the program transcends conventional affiliate models. It empowers affiliates to not only earn commissions on sales but also become the brand’s official ambassadors

Savage X Fenty Ambassador program 

Savage X Fenty has an influencer marketing program called the Savage X Fenty Ambassador program. It is a perfect alternative for the Savage X Fenty Affiliate program.

The point is, anyone, whether you’re a big-shot celeb or just starting on social media, can join. So, it is definitely a feasible option for anyone who thinks about being their affiliate. 

How much does Savage X Fenty pay its ambassador? 

Unfortunately, there are no clues of how much Savage X Fenty pays their influencers. They’re keeping that info under wraps and it seems to vary depending on the reputation of each ambassador. 

But, let’s focus on the good side! 

You get paid for sharing content about Savage X Fenty, and they throw in some free products too. Also, they’ve got this affiliate program with high additional shares with a generous cookie duration. Here’s the deal:

  • You can earn a commission from the sales made by both new and existing customers and VIP membership subscriptions. 
  • And get this – you’ve got a whole 30 days for the cookie period. Much longer than that of their affiliate program!

How to join the Savage X Fenty Ambassador program? 

If you want in, just fill out an application on their website or drop them a message on Instagram. Easy peasy!

The page looks like this: 


In the first step, you only need to fill out your name, social account info, and your followers in the application. Savage Fenty team will respond to your email in a couple of business days. Once accepted, you need to provide personal information for future cooperation. 

Please note that your content must be aligned with the brand spirit. Some examples are Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Body Positivity… Furthermore, having a strong presence on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube is a big plus (if not a must) to get accepted into the program. 

Tips to promote Savage X Fenty

Instagram as a main playground

Savage Fenty’s affiliate program intersects with the powerful platform of Instagram, offering its influencers a unique opportunity. The earnings of Savage Fenty models on Instagram hinge on factors like content quality, follower count, and engagement rates, showcasing the dynamic potential for influencers.

Plus, do not just focus on certain lines of products only, add more aesthetic values with cosmetics or luxury products, which may create a much stronger audience impression.

Most of their affiliates and ambassadors are proactive on this platform. You can check out the content from models like @camiarboles, @kezziaah, or @quenblackwell for TikTok 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool to build trust and loyalty with your customers. Especially in case you are an affiliate – when you only earn from the VIP member of Fenty. Types are: 

  • Personalized offer: Not everyone is interested in black bras. Segment your email list based on their interests, preferences, and behavior. This way, you can send personalized and relevant messages that resonate with them.
  • Provide value: Don’t just send promotional emails that sell your products or services. Inspire your subscribers with tips, stories, and testimonials that keep you value proposition.
  • Be consistent: You should stick to email marketing to get customers’ future purchases. Marketing automation tools are helpful! You can send triggered emails based on specific actions or events, such as welcome or birthday emails.

Keep in touch with your community

Building a community on social media is a great way to connect with your customers and create loyal fans. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Know your audience. Find out what they care about. Use surveys, polls, and comments to learn more about them. 
  • Engage with your followers. Respond to their questions, feedback, and complaints. Ask them for their opinions, suggestions, and testimonials. Show them your deep understanding of the fashion industry. 
  • Encourage interaction. Create posts that invite your followers to participate in discussions, contests, quizzes, and challenges. Tag them, mention them, and feature them in your stories. Make them feel part of your community.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, the Savage X Fenty affiliate program is more than an opportunity; it’s a journey into financial success, brand elevation, and ethical affiliation. By embracing their products, affiliates reach out for exclusive benefits, lucrative commissions, and the chance to align their values with one of the most successful lingerie brands in the world. 

It is not simply an affiliate program; Savage Fenty simply offers a movement for fashion content creators to redefine their pathways. 

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