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Canva Affiliate Program – review and how to be a Canvassador

The Canva Affiliate Program is the golden gateway for individuals seeking to monetize their online presence and passion for design. By promoting Canva Pro memberships, you can turn your enthusiasm into a new source of income. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will review the program’s mechanics, commission rates, and application process, and explore effective strategies for success as a Canva affiliate.

1. About Canva 

Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. It allows users to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more using thousands of free templates and AI-powered features. Canva is headquartered in Australia and had over 70 million active users in 2021. 

However, according to a blog post by The Social Shepherd, Canva has been growing at a rate of 30% year-over-year.

Or in short, the customer base of Canva is super potential. 

2. Canva Affiliate Program

Canva has an affiliate program called Empower Canvassador. The program is targeted toward serious content creators. You can earn a commission by promoting Canva on your website, blog, or social media. 

So, the Canva Affiliate Program is all about promoting Canva Pro memberships – the premium version of Canva for designers, marketers, and businesses. 

Affiliates receive a unique affiliate link, and for every successful referral that results in a Canva Pro membership, commissions range from 15% to 80%. Their commission cap is $36 per referral.

To join this awesome program, you just need to apply through the Impact affiliate network. Once joined, affiliates will get access to a bunch of helpful marketing materials– like banners, images, and special links. These tools make it easier for you to shout about Canva and make some extra cash. Easy, right?

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3. Commission Rates and Payout

Different commission rates match with different subscription plans.

Please note that you cannot earn commissions for promoting other Canva plans (e.g. Canva Enterprise or Canva for Education). The commission in the Canva affiliate marketing program only applies to the Canva Pro plan. The table below outlines the commission rates for each subscription tier:

Subscription TierCommission RateEarning 
Canva Pro Monthly
($12.99/ month)
80%Two first months, translate into $20.8 for the first 02 months. 
Canva Pro Annual ($119.99/year)         15%One-time only which equals $18 for each successful referral. 

Cookie duration: The Canva program cookie duration is 30 days. 

Payment method: the payout can be received via PayPal, direct bank deposit, or wire transfer. 

Minimum payout threshold: $10.  It is a breathable deal for affiliates as they just need to get 01 or 02 successful referrals to get their payout.  

The Canva Affiliate program stands out for its speedy payment process. And what’s more? You can cash out just 15 days after confirming your payout. 

4. Sign up to the Canva Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of Canva has become super hyped lately, and the Canva team is overwhelmed with applications. As a result, the acceptance rate has dropped significantly (from ~50%) to only 2%. 

1 versus 50. 

But is it true that your chance that slim?  Please note that the amount of Canva content on the internet is not that high. This is probably because the program got super hyped, and many affiliates are simply trying out the program, rather than creating content that is valuable with the products. 

4.1. Requirement to join the Canva affiliate program

If you are interested in joining Canva’s affiliate program, you might be wondering what kind of criteria they have for their partners.

So, unfortunately, the Canva Team is not very clear about the requirements. 

They only state that they are looking for people who are influential in the design space, who teach design skills, or who have a design-related website with a large following. Having a website is preferable, but not mandatory. 

Besides, having a Canva account is a must to make your unique content. You absolutely can start with a free account to join their affiliate program. 

When applying:

  • Provide detailed information about your website or marketing channels, including audience demographics and traffic statistics.
  • Highlight your experience in graphic design or knowledge of the industry.
  • Demonstrate how you will effectively promote Canva to the right audience and drive conversions.
  • Creating a standout application that fits the Canva spirit. 

Make sure to give every necessary information to help the Canva Team have a clear vision about your business. Though they claimed that you should be ready to wait 6 to 08 weeks for the response, you usually only need to wait about 3 days. 

4.2. Step-by-step guide to become a Canva affiliate

Canva Affiliate will log in to the program via Impact Networks. If you’re new to the Impact networks, you’ll have to create an account first. 

Here’s how to join the program:

  • Click the “apply now” button on the Canva affiliate page and kick things off with the affiliate application form.
  • Fill out the form as thoroughly as you can. They’ll ask about the type of partner you are (like content, influencer, or email), so they can figure out the best affiliate role for you.
  • After applying, you’ll hear back in 48-72 hours about whether you make it. Remember, Canvas looking for worthy Pro affiliates, so it’s not guaranteed.
  • Once approved, Canva will set you up with everything you need to start promoting and earning. They’ll give you your affiliate link, log in details for your Impact dashboard, and all the instructions you need. It’s that simple!

The application process is straightforward. However, in the past few years, Canva has changed its focus from all types of affiliates to content creators laser-focused. So if you have a content-rich marketing tendency, be confident to connect with Canva!

5. Canva Affiliate Program review

As a Canva affiliate, you can earn commissions by promoting Canva Pro, the premium version of Canva that offers more features and benefits. But is it worth it? Here are some pros and cons of being a Canva affiliate that you should know before signing up.

The good sides:   

  • Earning Potential: Earn up to $36 for each new Canva Pro subscriber
  • Marketing Materials: Access a wide range of marketing materials to enhance your promotional efforts.
  • Commission Rates: Canva rates range from 15% to 80%, depending on the type of subscription.
  • Flexible Payments: Receive payments conveniently via PayPal or wire transfer, with a reasonable minimum payout threshold of $10.
  • Targeted Traffic Equals High Earnings: With the right audience and a strong conversion rate, the potential for high earnings becomes a reality.

The big catches: 

  • High competitiveness: Only 43% of applicants are cut. So, if your site or channel isn’t pulling in the traffic or isn’t all about design, it might be a bit tricky to get in.
  • No Recurring Commission: Unlike some other affiliate programs that pay you every time your referrals renew or upgrade their subscriptions, Canva only pays you once for each referral. This means that you will not earn any passive income from your referrals in the long term.
  • Limited to Canva Pro: The Canva affiliate marketing program is only available with the Canva Pro plan (which is designed to particularly focus on individuals). So, you will miss a chance to promote Canva to business and earn big 

6. How to make money with the Canva Affiliate Program?  

To make money with the Canva affiliate program, you need to sign up for a free account and apply to become an affiliate. Once you are approved, you will get a unique referral link that you can use to direct your readers to Canva. You will earn a commission every time someone signs up for a paid Canva plan using your link. 

So, how much you can make? 

Imagine you have a blog with Canva affiliate links that gets 20,000 views monthly. Now, let’s assume a more conservative conversion rate.

Canva Pro’s monthly plan costs $13, and the yearly plan is $120. You earn a commission of $10.4 (80% of $13) for the monthly plan and $18 (15% of $120) for the yearly plan. 

Say if your ads conversion rate is 0,5% for both monthly and yearly plans, you will earn $2800. 

Anyway, a 0.5% conversion rate is probably a modest number compared to reports about Canva’s growth. The rate could be much higher according to Dave Nick

Remember, the key is having targeted traffic. Even if your conversion rate is more modest, you can still earn a significant payout as a Canva affiliate with consistent and targeted traffic to your content.

The worst part is that you cannot earn recurring commissions with your referrals, because customers often stay for more than a year with Canva. That means you may have to find more leads rather than enjoy a passive income stream by promoting Canva.

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How to approach your audiences?

There are multiple approaches available. 

Canva is a cool tool for digital design, helping people create graphics, posters, presentations, and more.

  • Design Video Tutorials: To make money as a Canva affiliate, share its features and how-to’s. YouTube is a great channel for this, especially for tutorials. Keep in mind, though, that Canva-related keywords on YouTube can be competitive. Craft engaging tutorials showcasing the power of Canva Pro. 
  • Targeted Blog Posts and Articles: Create content to resonate with potential Canva Pro users. If you have a website, make it your main promotion hub. Unlike social media, you’re not competing with tons of other content once people land on your site. Write articles about design tips using Canva, similar to what you’d do on YouTube. Easy peasy!
  • Email Marketing: Reach niche audiences through strategic email campaigns.
  • Social Media Mastery: Instagram and Pinterest are fab for Canva promotion too, being visual and popular among designers. If you’re not a designer but want to promote on social media, try Facebook groups where people often seek design advice.
  • Strategic Website Ads: Utilize banners and ads to pitch the Canva Pro subscription.

The Empower Canvassador Program is a gateway for partners to market the platform and simultaneously earn lucrative rewards. Affiliates can leverage a diverse range of channels, including blogs, vlogs, websites, social media, and videos, to promote Canva effectively.

7. Wrapping it up 

You’ve conquered our in-depth guide to the Canva Affiliate Program. Now, armed with the ins and outs of how it all works, from payouts to smart promotion tactics, you’re all set to kick off your journey as a Canva affiliate.

Just to wrap things up: Canva’s affiliate gig is a golden opportunity to earn commissions by shouting out Canva Pro memberships. With smart targeting and savvy promo moves, you could be raking in some serious income. Happy affiliating! 

8. FAQs

Q1: What is the Canva affiliate program

A1: The Canva affiliate program is a way for bloggers and influencers to earn commissions by promoting Canva to their audience. As a Canva affiliate, you will get access to a dashboard where you can track your referrals, earnings, and payouts. You will also get access to exclusive resources, such as banners, logos, and landing pages, to help you promote Canva effectively.

Q2: How to make money with the Canva affiliate program

A: The Canva affiliate program is a great way to earn commissions by promoting Canva’s products and services to your audience. As a Canva affiliate, you can earn up to $20.8 for each new Canva Pro subscriber who signs up with your unique referral link. You can also earn bonuses for reaching certain milestones, such as referring a certain number of users or generating a certain amount of revenue.

Q3: How to promote Canva to your audience?

A3: There are many ways to promote Canva to your audience, depending on your niche and content strategy. Here are some ideas:
– Write a blog post about how you use Canva to create graphics for your blog or social media.
– Create a tutorial or video showing how to use Canva’s features and templates.
– Share your own designs made with Canva on your blog or social media and link back to Canva.
– Create a lead magnet or freebie that requires Canva to access or use.
– Add a banner or logo of Canva on your sidebar or footer.
– Include your referral link in your email signature or newsletter.
– Create a landing page dedicated to Canva and drive traffic to it.
The key is to provide value to your audience and show them how Canva can help them achieve their goals. 

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