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Zara Affiliate Program: They don’t have one!

Zara currently has no official Affiliate Program, but you can join their Ambassador Program instead! Furthermore, there are many online programs offering Zara’s products.

About Zara 

Zara is a popular Spanish fashion retailer that sells affordable high-quality clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty, and perfumes. Zara has over 10,000 stores around the world and a website that operates in the United States, United Kingdom, and Spain.


Zara Affiliate Program: Real or Fake?   

The internet got hyped about Zara having an Affiliate Program. So, does Zara have its own affiliate program?

Unfortunately, Zara currently has no official Affiliate Program. However, you can promote Zara through the Zara Ambassador program and several third-party affiliate programs. 

Zara DO has an Ambassador program designed exclusively for social media influencers – who are called Zara Ambassadors. This program target solely online trendsetter and fashionista rather than pure affiliates who have a variety of marketing skill. So basically, you can earn commissions as a partner of Zara using your online authoritativeness.  

Furthermore, there are currently many third-party e-commerce platforms allowing you to promote products from Zara through their affiliate program. They are available in the U.S., Canada, India and most of the world. However, be wary and carry out thorough research when participating in any program as recently there are many scams that run under the names of big brands.  

Zara Ambassador Program: Overall

Zara offers a program for ambassadors, who are influencers or content creators who collaborate with this fashion brand. 

To become a Zara ambassador, you need to express your creativity and unique style by creating original and engaging content with Zara products. They can also experiment with different categories and trends to suit their niche and audience.

Some of the income potentials and exclusive benefits of being a Zara ambassador are:

  • Commission: Zara ambassadors can earn up to 4% commission rate on sales generated through their affiliate links. 
  • Marketing materials: Zara ambassadors have access to ad creatives and resources for Zara ambassadors through the Captiv8 network.
  • Performance Tracking Tools: Zara ambassadors can keep track of their performance using tools powered by Captiv8

A Zara Ambassador will get the following exclusive benefits:

  • Early Access: Ambassadors get early access to new collections and trends before they are released to the public. 
  • Free products: Zara ambassadors can receive free products from Zara for promotional purposes 
  • Exposure: Ambassadors can increase their presence and reach by appearing on exclusive online and offline events. They can also get featured on Zara’s official social media accounts and website, which have millions of followers and visitors. 

Influencer marketing is the favorite strategy of fashion unicorn brands. They often offer high commission rates and tons of exclusive benefits for their ambassadors. You can check out Kim Karshadian’s shapewear brand SKIMS.

How to Become a Zara Ambassador  

Your registration process is powered by the leading influencer marketing platform Captiv8 which connects brands with creators. Here are some key points to notice when signing up: 

  • You can directly apply on their page to become a Zara ambassador. 
  • Create an account: The site allows users to create an account by providing their first name, last name, email, and password. Alternatively, users can log in with their existing account.
  • Check out Terms and Privacy boxes: The site has a link to its terms and conditions and privacy policy, which outline the rules and regulations for using the site and how the site collects and uses personal data.
  • Filling out details on your social media accounts. 

Besides, there are many ways to passively apply for the Zara Ambassador Program. 


Yes, Zara representatives usually headhunt and reach out to influencers who fit their criteria. They are truly talent hunters. 

You can apply the following tactics: finding some Zara products, creating original and engaging content, having a consistent style and aesthetic, growing a loyal and active following, and tagging Zara in posts. 

Most importantly, proactively interact with Zara’s social media posts. What I mean by active is, well, literally comment in their anyposts.  

Zara ambassadors are influencers or content creators who collaborate with the fashion brand Zara. They are usually headhunted and contacted by Zara representatives who offer them exclusive benefits and opportunities to promote Zara products on their platforms.

Zara Ambassadors to learn from 

There are celebs and macro influencers who collaborate with Zara and promote their products on their social media platforms. They usually have a large amount of followers with content revolving around fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. 

However, if you are a newbie, we suggest you to following followers with a medium amount of followers. 

Their content are simply good examples for you to learn.

  • @rosa: (Recommend) A beauty and fashion micro-influencer. She shares other tips on her 60,000 followers Instagram account on how to become an influencer, grow your online presence, how to edit your photos. She has a video on how to become a Zara ambassador on YouTube. A good source to learn!  
  • @soonlolita: She is a fashion blogger from Buenos Aires who posts about her outfits, lifestyle, and travels. She often features Zara products in her looks and tags them on her Instagram account, which has over 50K followers. She also has a blog where she writes more about her fashion tips and experiences.
  • @toni: She is a fashion and home decor influencer who has a YouTube channel with 362K subscribers. She frequently promotes Zara products on her channel and includes them in her videos, such as hauls, try-ons, lookbooks, and home tours.  

Alternatives for Zara

It is indeed challenging to become a Zara ambassador due to their requirement for harsh competition.

However, as mentioned, there are some third-party ecommerce platforms that sell Zara products and have their own affiliate programs. 

They will likely accept candidates who have credible websites, blogs, or other channels. 

Here is our handpicking list: 

  • RewardStyle: RewardStyle is another influencer network that enables content creators to earn money from their fashion and lifestyle content. RewardStyle affiliates can earn up to 15% commission on sales and access various tools and platforms, such as LIKEtoKNOW.it, to promote Zara products.
  • Lyst: Lyst is a global fashion search platform that connects shoppers with over 12,000 brands and retailers, including Zara. Lyst affiliates can earn up to 10% commission on sales and access a range of marketing tools and resources.
  • ShopStyle Collective: ShopStyle Collective is a leading influencer network that helps content creators monetize their fashion and lifestyle content. ShopStyle Collective affiliates can earn up to 20% commission on sales and access exclusive offers and promotions from over 4,500 brands and retailers, including Zara.

These are just some examples. Many sites are allowing you to promote Zara products via their affiliate program. If you want to look for affiliate programs with 20% commission rate, reach out to our program directory.

Please go to their official page for more information. I hope this helps!


Although Zara does not offer an official affiliate program, it’s still a brand with a strong global reputation with a loyal fan base around the world. 

As an affiliate marketer, you should have thorough research about regulations, and affiliate rules that apply to your niche, including the FTC guidelines. By being professional and ethical in your marketing strategy, you can increase your chances of success in the fashion affiliate industry.

We hope you found this post about the Zara Affiliate Program useful and that you have a deeper insight into this program while choosing a suitable affiliate program.      

Finally, good luck and happy affiliate marketing!

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