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Chewy Affiliate Program: A Comprehensive reivew

Do you love to post about your pets, have followers on social media, and want to find a way to monetize it? Let’s come to be a Chewy ambassador!

Let’s check out the Chewy affiliate program. They have an offer to partner up with the USA’s leading online retailer of pet products.  

Read on to find out how!


Chewy Affiliate Program: Overview

The American expenditure for pets is never down. It is multiply by five in the last 20 years, to approximately 140 billion U.S dollars. If you own a dog, a cat, or any other pets, you come across Chewy.  Right now, Chewy is the largest pet retailer in the country of the USA.  

And they do have an affiliate program!

Chewy has an affiliate program that offers a 4% commission on both new and existing customer orders. Let’s briefly summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the Chewy Affiliate Program.


– 4% commission for a pet affiliate program.
– A generous 15-day cookie duration gives you ample time to earn commissions from referrals.
– A wide selection of products to choose from.
– Chewy is well-known in the pet products industry.
– Affiliate banners, automated product feeds, and frequent affiliate newsletters


– Limited to the US market.
– The pet affiliate niche is highly competitive.
– Excellent service with 2 days shipping and customer benefits.

To become a Chewy affiliate, you can sign up for the Chewy program via Partnerize.com. Plus, you can also join them directly via the paw-tner application on their website.(however, this affiliate portal seems to be deactivated temporarily.

You also can look out for 20% commission affiliate programs on our platform.

Chewy Affiliate Program Review

The Chewy Affiliate Program provides a huge opportunity for pet enthusiasts to monetize their passion. 

Presently, this program can be accessed through the Partnerize network, but other affiliate portals ( like CJ Affiliate Network) are not available anymore. 

So far, we recommend for affiliates with influence in the USA only.

In fact, besides the USA, Chewy has extended its affiliate program to countries including Canada, Australia, the UK,… Not sure about how it works as Chewy has not yet offered international shipping. 

Product Portfolio

Chewy offers an extensive range of pet products, catering to a wide variety of pets, including dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and farm animals… 

Their product categories encompass food, toys, feeders, furniture, pharmaceuticals, and accessories. 

In essence, Chewy provides a comprehensive inventory of products for every animal living around humans.

So, there is a vast array of niches and opportunities for affiliate marketers to promote Chewy. 

Cookie Duration

Chewy Affiliate Program accepts 15 days for referral windows. 

This extended tracking window provides affiliates with a higher chance to earn commissions – as many customers don’t make an immediate purchase.

Payout and Tracking Methods 

When you start a partnership with Chewy, you will provide your bank details. 

There are two payment options for affiliates: directly through a bank deposit or through a check in the mail

You can get your payout from Partnerize every 30 days, and the minimum amount of $50 to get the payout accepted. 

Chewy Commission Rate Earning

In 2023, the Chewy Affiliate Program offers affiliates a 4% commission on all products, not to mention other products like gifts and coupons.

Given that the average transaction value (2022) hovers around $81, affiliates will receive an amount of ~$3.2 for each referral. 

This means you need 312 orders to earn your first $1000. With the 2% conversion rate, you need 15.600 traffic to your website. 

15.600 is not an easy number for a blog, to be honest. 

It is harder to get that number with a lower conversion rate. With 1% CR, the traffic needed is over 30.000.  

Luckily, pet content has a huge potential because, you know, everybody loves those furry friends. Thereby, we will get you some content orientation to promote Chewy products. 

Chewy Affiliate Program Alternatives 

Amazon Associates

With Amazon Associates, you earn a 3% commission on pet product sales, with a 24-hour window. Chewy Affiliate Program offers a 4% commission and a 15-day cookie duration. 

It may seem an obvious win for the Chewy program. However, the winner isn’t straightforward. 

Amazon attracts a diverse range of shoppers, and they purchase multiple products during a single visit. So, even with a lower commission rate, Amazon’s overall order value can be higher than Chewy’s.

Amazon also offers top-notch services with exclusive products, such as in Amazon Audible Affiliate Program focusing on book enthusiasts.

We recommend experimenting with both programs to see which one resonates better with your audience and is more beneficial. 

Chewy referral program

Chewy has a referral program that allows you to earn up to $20 off your 1st Autoship. To participate, you can visit the Referred Friend page on Chewy.com and share your unique referral link with friends and family. Once your friend makes their first purchase, you will receive a $20 credit on your account.

How to make money with the Chewy Affiliate Program?  

Promoting pet products, especially through the Chewy Affiliate Program, requires a tailored approach.  

In this part, we will offer some MUSTs and SHOULDs to help you perform better and monetize the Chewy Affiliate Program. 


Pet Owner Laser-focus

Chewy affiliate program has reached across the USA, providing the ultimate shopping experience for pet owners here.  However, there is no clear evidence saying that Chewy supports shipping in the international market. So it is not promising for affiliates to target customers outside of the USA.

Marketing Platform

Which platform concentrates the most on pet content?

Social media. Yes, you do know it. 

Just like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram – those are the platforms you need to consider. 

People choose social media and pets to destress themself from daily work. So, pet content on social media works. 

Keep in mind that the competition is fierce in this space. Not only pet influencers but also many pet parents are sharing content just by enthusiasm.

That doesn’t mean that other media, such as forums or blogs, aren’t effective. But the first thing that comes to the human mind is social media, which is designed to be recreational. 

If your blogs provide specialized valuable information, such as tips for disease prevention for pets. 


There are two ways to plan your content. 

The first approach is focusing on products. Make sure that your niche is aligned with pet-related content. Create valuable product reviews, offer pet care tips, and share personal experiences with Chewy’s products.

The second approach is more focused on audience interaction. We all know pet content usually offers a high chance of being viral.

Your task here is to attract as many as possible your viewer. 

In this manner, the promoted products seem not to be the purpose of the content. They are embedded under your video – as a sub-part and insignificant. 

The key is that with a high number of viewers, some will click on the referral link and be concerned about the products – even if the video did not refer them directly. 

It is worthy compensation for the sacrifice of irrelevant content.

You can start with dogs and cats. They are human’s closest friends – there are a billion people who love cats and dogs out there. 

Pets are associated with positive emotions, so try to create provoking, inspiring content. 

Funny, happy, or touching are all good. 

There are other niches to explore such as reptiles, birds, fish, and farm animals. Chewy provides products serving these groups of animals. Also, there are sustainable volumes of audiences for these kinds of content. 

You should prioritize visual content, like videos, and then images. Pets are cute not only because of their appearance but also their behaviors.  

The big no-nos are text or a wall of words. It is only acceptable when you are delivering highly specialized knowledge, such as animal pharmaceutical information. Keep it simple, visual, and engaging. Your followers will thank you for it!

And, keep in mind, Chewy’s program accepts almost everyone, as long as you can provide proofs that you can provide a healthy, sustainable promotion. It could be a social media account with helpful information about dog breeds, or a whole website about pets. 

Chewy Affiliate Program: FAQs

1. What is the Chewy affiliate program?

Chewy does offer an affiliate program called the paw-tner application on its website. Chewy offers a 4% commission on both new and existing customer orders.

2. Is it free to join the Chewy Affiliate program?

There is no cost required. However, as a minimum, you may need to have your pet-relevant website or social media account. 

3. Does Chewy’s Affiliate Program accept anyone?

Chewy is open for everybody. However, they may refuse sites that do not meet their quality and content standards.

4. Commission Rates and Cookie Durations of the Chewy affiliate program? 

Chewy offers a commission rate of 4% for each referral order. The cookie duration under the Chewy affiliate program is 15 days. 

5. How does Chewy pay? 

Affiliates have options to get payout through check or bank deposit. Partnerize provides a real-time report about your activities. 

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