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Farfetch Affiliate Program: A Comprehensive Review (2024)

Want to make some extra cash from your fashion blog and social media? The Farfetch Affiliate Program is your golden ticket.  

Say goodbye to average earnings and hello to an opportunity that could help you make a significant income. 

Let’s delve into the Farfetch Affiliate Program to see if it’s your next affiliate marketing destination. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

1. Farfetch Affiliate Program

1.1. Farfetch Affiliate Program Overview

As the world’s largest luxury selection platform, Farfetch offers a curated collection from top-notch brands and boutiques globally, spanning locations such as Tokyo, Toronto, Milan, and Miami.

Farfetch presents a global affiliate program, designed exclusively for creative and trendsetting websites and blogs worldwide.

But first of all, the program looking for content creators who are laser-focused on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and design.

Daily product feeds supporting various currencies, competitions, giveaways, and regular newsletters featuring new products, boutiques, features, and offers. With express shipping to over 190 countries, your order will swiftly your target audience.

We detail a summary of the Farfetch Affiliate Program . If you are interested, there are more tips to explore below

– 7% affiliate commission
– 30-day cookie duration
– Top-quality products
– Support from Farfetch 
– Farfetch is globally reputable
– You must apply via email
– Highly competitive 
– Challenging for inexperienced affiliates 

1.2. Commission rate 

Farfetch offers a juicy 7% commission on every sale you refer. It is a reasonable amount compared to the common commission of luxury products (typically ranges from 4% to 9%). 

Commissions on approved global sales (excluding returns and cancellations),

1.3. Cookie duration

The cookie duration is 30 Days. It is not too long or too short compared with other affiliate programs in the same segment.   

1.4. Sign up   

The brand collaborates exclusively with the finest partners.

And, as they offer diverse range of pieces from established luxury brands to emerging designers, it accepted distinctive model with a wide array of exclusive styles.

o become a part of the Farfetch affiliate program, visit their website.

To join the Farfetch Affiliate Program, you should directly enter Farfetch’s affiliate page. Farfetch had its affiliate program hosted by a third party, but you need to email them for direct qualification.

1.5. Payment options 

Farfetch Affiliate Program pays for its affiliates through PayPal, or direct Electronic Bank Transfer every month.  

1.6. Farfetch Support Center

Farfetch provides its affiliates with irresistible offers, promotions, and eye-catching banners.

These offers are created by highly-skilled designers and you can craft compelling content. 

Besides, you’re never alone because there is a Farfetch support team by your side. They are extremely knowledgeable in their niche, offering personalized assistance. 

This support team doesn’t also troubleshoot your problems, even technical ones, and resolve them in a moment. 

So, just be confident. 

2. Farfetch Affiliate Program: What to promote? 

FARFETCH Affiliate Program allows affiliates to promote luxury clothing, footwear, and accessories from over 3,000 brands and boutiques. 

You can find products from Dolce & Gabana, Balenciaga, Nike, etc in limited-edition collections and also pre-owned products. Farfetch is an excellent alternative for popular brands that don’t offer an affiliate program, such as Louis Vuitton.

Plus, you can promote both men’s and women’s products are available.

So, basically, this platform provides products from global rank designers and boutiques.

Farfetch offers a wide range of choices for affiliates, allowing a wide range variety of content to fit in. Impressive, right? 

However, the Farfetch Affiliate Program has some requirements to qualify candidates. For example, you have 10.000 followers on social media, and your content has to be fashion-relevant and high-quality. 

Such standards are not really challenging to the experienced, but take time for newbies to achieve. However, your efforts will pay off as this program is very potential.  


3. How much you can earn with the Farfetch Affiliate Program? 

Farfetch’s average order value (AOV) was $620 in 2018. With a 7% commission, affiliates can get $43.4 for each referral.

Assuming that you aim at $1000, you need 23 referrals. If your content offers a 1% conversion rate, you’d only need 2300 people reading it. 

Please note that Farfetch AOV could be much higher now – because my data is 5 years old already. 

2300 traffic or a 1% conversion rate is not too tough. In fact, an advanced marketer can reach up to tens of thousands of traffic from their site.

Being a partner of one of the most lucrative affiliate programs out there, your path to success is quite promising. 2300 monthly traffic sounds really achievable, right? At this point, you can check out your pages or followers to have an estimation of your earnings.

Please note that Farfetch AOV could be much higher now – because my data is 5 years old already. 

Though, 2300 traffic is still a big deal to the beginner. We will leave you some notes below.

4. Crafting Your Promotion Strategy

Farfetch’s current market share is monetizable but also a tough nut to crack due to fierce competition. You know, high-end fashion is human’s timeless concern. Focus on these key steps:

Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience is pivotal to success. 

With Farfetch, your target audience might be a bit exceptional. They are not only willing but also financially capable of investing in high-end fashion.

Highly-invested Visual Materials 

Fashion is appearance – it is simply all about visuals. What are the most effective platforms for visual content?

Yes, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

It is a must to showcase Farfetch products and emphasize how luxurious, and trendy they are..

Your Authority

For newcomers to the affiliate marketing world, your priority is clear – building authority in your niche.  

You can start posting informative posts surrounding first-class clothes and accessories. Your content needs to be completely neat, easy to understand, and perfectly tailored to your customers.  

Besides, a comprehensive understanding of the products you promote are must. Make sure that you will be able to do research thoroughly. 

Trust Building

Building trust is an essential part of affiliate marketing. If they believe you (and, of course, the products) there is a chance for a second purchase. 

70% of online shoppers look for product reviews before purchasing. I can be sure of the number of clothes, and especially luxury clothes. 

Right here, trust is power.  

When promoting Farfetch affiliate marketing, it’s best when you already have an established audience base. You are selling thousands of products, anyway, and no one wants to pay that big for someone they do not know. 

It is okay if you don’t. Check out our suggestions and tips for newbies right below!

5. Tips for Farfetch affiliates wannabe

Wondering if you should join the Farfetch affiliates program?  

In a word – yes! Farfetch’s affiliate program ticks all the right boxes. But hold on, before you dive headfirst into this program, you need a bit of a tactical approach. 

Here are some tips you should consider. 

Where to find the audience 

Farfetch has a global reach, with a presence in over 190 countries with the U.S. accounting for the biggest share. 

But, well, I can say that the fashion market is saturated in the US. If your audience primarily comes from the US, you might find it a bit more challenging to promote Farfetch.

Farfetch’s second largest customer bases come from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).  

So, if your audience is EMEA-based, especially the Middle East, you’re in luck. 

There is a lot of room for fashion there and people in those places simply have a high demand for luxury items. 

However, remember that Farfetch is in competition with many local brands and might need more search volume for fashion-related keywords. So, you’ll need to get creative.

Instead of focusing on “Farfetch clothes” reviews, explore keywords like “Luxury travel accessories for adventurers”. 

This might be highly competitive in English, but it’s a goldmine in other languages. If you have a website in Arabic, Italy, or any other language, you have a buffet of keywords with decent search volume and less competition.

The customer’s voice 

Share honest feedback and allow your audience to envision themselves in these charming pieces of clothing.  

Such opinions could appear in comment sections, on shares, or even in their direct messages to you. Even if it is positive or negative, don’t waste it!    

Each review highlights the different features, benefits, and occasions that make the product stand out. Utilizing customer testimonials is definitely a sustainable way to promote your clothing line in a blog post.

Furthermore, it is a big step to build community. Public truthful feedback, from the influencer or even the customer great impact on a potential customer. It simply smashes all the suspicion and skepticism that those customers have in mind. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to join the Farfetch Affiliate Program and start turning your affiliate marketing dreams into reality. Unleash your earning potential today!

6. Conclusion  

So, that’s all about Farfetch Affiliate Progam. 

Make sure to do research comprehensively, analyze your audience, choose your strategy wisely, and watch your affiliate earnings soar. With the right strategy and commitment, you can unlock a new passive stream of revenue for yourself. 

Among tons of fashion products out there, the Farfetch program is outstanding with its high-quality allures. Don’t miss this opportunity. Unlock your affiliate marketing success with Farfetch right now! 

I have been working in marketing for four years, passionate about creative writing and copy writing. Love to be alone at watersides, sip coffee, play games or read anything that is thought provoking.


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