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Louis Vuitton Affiliate Progam: A warning and its alternatives!

Louis Vuitton is the top luxury fashion brand of this era, and becoming a part of the Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program is so desirable. If you are a marketer working in the fashion industry, you must be an LV’s follower.

But how about the Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program? Does it really work? Or just another internet scam?  

Here is our guide for you to become an affiliate of Louis Vuitton.  

Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program: A scam warning

If you are here, you may have heard a lot about the Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program.

But, unfortunately, there is no official Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program.

Any sites or TikTok video that claims you can make money by joining the Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program is fake.

If you click the link to join, they may navigate you to a scam site or a suspicious site.

For example, many affiliate links will direct you to INRDeals.

Then, you will be required to take suspicious actions. They may ask for your full name, website, email, and password. They also ask you to paste a product link on a Pinterest pin and sometimes, these links redirect buyers to Amazon pages instead or another affiliate program instead.

Probably, it is a lead-generation scheme. The bad guys will earn when they sell your data for a business.

Please note that INRDeals is a verified website based in India. This website has existed for over 10 years so the scam may be run by a third party who wants to take advantage of INRDeals loopholes.


You still can promote Louis Vuitton’s product   

Louis Vuitton does not have an official affiliate marketing program. 

It is bad news for some people. However, if you are interested in promoting Louis Vuitton products, there are ways available.

Some authorized retailers selling Louis Vuitton products might have their own affiliate programs.

There are many eCommerce Platforms that sell items from Louis Vuitton. Such platforms offer their own affiliate programs.

So technically, you can still promote Louis Vuitton products, it’s just that you’re in the retailer’s program.

Some alternative affiliate programs include those of Luxury Garage Sale, Farfetch, Fashionphile, and The Real Real, to name a few.

These programs allow qualified websites to earn a commission on sales generated via affiliate links. Make sure to research thoroughly these programs, as each of them offers different commission rates, affiliate tracking tools, and affiliate requirements.


1. Farfetch Affiliate Program

JOIN NOW: FARFETCH – The Global Destination For Modern Luxury

Farfetch is the largest global e-commerce platform specializing in high-end fashion, connecting consumers with over 3000 bands available from everywhere in the world. Farfetch’s Affiliate Marketing program has its commission rate depending on particular products, and terms, and fluctuates over time, with the highest rate of up to 13% commission for each successful order. Farfetch has a user-friendly interface that facilitates both affiliates and customers. 

Farfetch affiliate program commission is Up to 13% Per Sale, and the cookie duration is 30 days. Here are some strengths and weaknesses of the Farfetch affiliate program in 2023: 


  • Free to join
  • High commission (normally 7% to 10%)
  • Commission on all approved global sales 
  • Support a variety of currencies
  • Farfetch scale – global reputation, exceptional customer service, and a huge quantity of good


  • Farfetch does not accept everyone. 
  • High competition between affiliates – as Farfetch is the largest platform for luxury products. 
  • No recurring commissions – commission only available for the first sale but not consequent sales. 
  • No order tracking tool available for affiliate

Unfortunately, you cannot directly promote Louis Vuitton products through Farfetch’s affiliate program. While Farfetch features Louis Vuitton items within their marketplace, their current program prohibits directly promoting specific brands, including Louis Vuitton. This means including dedicated landing pages, blog posts, or social media content solely focused on Louis Vuitton wouldn’t be allowed.

Here are some suggestions on the content strategy:

  • Promote Farfetch: Highlight Farfetch’s luxury fashion products, including Louis Vuitton, focusing on the shopping experience and potential discounts. You still earn commissions when users buy Louis Vuitton products via your affiliate link.
  • Broad Content: Create content targeted at a specific audience interested in luxury fashion or relevant trends. You can mention specific Louis Vuitton items within this context, but ensure the content focuses on broader themes and incorporates multiple brands from Farfetch. This way, even if users purchase non-LV items, you’d still earn a commission.

If you worry that luxury products could be a bit challenging, we suggest less expensive products, including SHEIN’s.

2. Luxury Garage Sale

JOIN NOW: Affiliates – Luxury Garage Sale

Luxury Garage Sale is a renowned online marketplace, specializing in pre-owned luxury goods. The company offers a wide range of products from some of the top brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Luxury Garage Sale definitely the best choice if you want to join the Louis Vuitton affiliate program in the USA. 

If you are interested in joining the Luxury Garage Sale affiliate program, you can earn a commission of 5% per sale generated by your unique affiliate link. The program’s cookie duration is 30 days.


  • Free to join.
  • Niche Market:  The program caters to a specific segment of fashion enthusiasts, allowing affiliates to target a niche audience.
  • Over 14,000 products with the average value per order is $740.
  • No minimum sales volume is required to earn commissions. 
  • Fixed commission rate: fixed 5% commission for sales, and 3% for product costs above $5,000.


  • Single-tier commission: You cannot recruit other ambassadors. 
  • Payment method: Bank transfer only. 
  • The program is available in the USA only.
  • Lower average commission rate compared to other affiliate programs.

3. YOOX 

JOIN NOW: YOOX affiliate program

YOOX is an online fashion retailer that offers a wide range of end-of-season clothing and accessories, as well as exclusive capsule collections from the world’s most prestigious designers. During this time, you will participate in Yoox affiliate work through a third-party partner of YOOX.

If you are interested in joining the YOOX affiliate program, you can earn a commission of up to 11% per sale generated by your unique affiliate link. The cookie duration for this program is 30 days. Here are some strengths and weaknesses of the YOOX affiliate program:


  • Free to join
  • Competitive commission on monthly sales.
  • No minimum sales volume is required to earn commissions.
  • Wide range of products for affiliates.
  • Monthly payments are made within 30 days of the end of the month.


  • Lower average commission rate compared to other affiliate programs.
  • Limited promotional materials are available for affiliates.
  • Single-tier commission: You cannot recruit other ambassadors. 

4. Net-a-Porter


Net-a-Porter is a luxury fashion, beauty, and lifestyle retailer that offers products from over 800 of the world’s top brands. With a great collection of clothing and accessories, Net-a-Porter is a popular choice for women and fashion lovers. Net-a-Porter affiliate program allows you to earn a commission of 6% per sale. The cookie duration of Net-a-Porter’s program is 30 days.


  • Free to join.
  • Wide range of products to promote
  • Available at the global scale
  • No minimum sales volume is required to earn commissions.
  • Commission rates from 6%.


  • Commission rates for sale items are lower than regular items.
  • Payment method: Bank transfer only. 
  •  Single-tier commission: Ambassadors earn commissions only on their accepted sales. 


While Louis Vuitton may not have an affiliate program, this top brand offers a world of its own, with exclusive products or even pre-owned items. You can join the luxury fashion world with many options recommended above. Exciting opportunities are waiting for you.  

Plus, we offer a platform for new affiliates to connect with qualified merchants all over the world and earn 20% commission on average. There are thousands of medium businesses desiring to thrive and need your help.

Each of these options offers different opportunities and choices that satisfy marketers. Before joining any of those, make sure to research their terms, commissions, and promotional tools to find the best fit for your audience and niche. Are you ready to start lucrative affiliate marketing with reputable luxury fashion platforms right now? 

Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program: FAQs

Q1. Is there any Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program?

A1. Louis Vuitton does not offer an official affiliate program. However, you can join many free programs from an E-commerce platform that lists LV’s products, such as Farfetch. Such programs prefer ambassadors with high relevance in the luxury fashion niche.

Q2. The commission rate for promoting Louis Vuitton products?

A2. It varies depending on the products you promote, typically from 5% to 10%. It depends on the e-commerce platform you affiliate with.

Q3. Can I use any possible promotional method?

A3. There are restrictions. Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program has specific guidelines on promotional methods, such as restrictions on political and religious-related content. 

Q4. All products are eligible for commissions?

A4. Not every one of them. You can check those products in the program guidelines.  

Q5. How long does it take to get paid?

A5. Commissions are typically paid every 30 days, depending on the program you are in.

Q6. What are the rewards for offering Louis Vuitton products?

A6. By promoting Louis Vuitton Products, you are rewarded not only with a commission but also coupons and other incentives based on performance. The awards may change depending on the platform you affiliate with.

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