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10+ Best Shopify Affiliate Apps [2024]

Affiliate marketing is popular for e-commerce businesses, with more than 80% of brands using this strategy to reach customers, build brand awareness, and drive sales. However, launching affiliate marketing programs is not as easy as it seems.

Hence, in this article, we provide you with the 10 best Shopify affiliate apps to help online shop owners succeed. 

Major key takeaways: 

  • Benefits of an affiliate program
  • How do affiliates help your Shopify store?  
  • What are free Shopify apps for affiliate marketing?

Benefits of an affiliate program

Generally, an affiliate program is a marketing strategy where affiliates use unique links or codes to promote a merchant’s products, then they earn a commission for each sale. This method brings advantages for both businesses and affiliates by increasing sales and offering a potential income source. 

Several benefits go with affiliate programs, including: 

  • Increased reach: Affiliates are valuable bridges to connect businesses and potential customers. Because they have their niche trusted communities, providing significant growth in brand recognition and boosting sales incredibly. Studies have shown that businesses utilizing affiliate marketing experience an average of 51% growth in brand awareness and a 27% increase in sales.
  • Cost-effective: Affiliate program is performance-based while affiliates only earn if they have actual conversions. Thus, what businesses pay directly comes in results, making it an efficient method for engaging potential customers. The study by Forrester Consulting revealed that businesses earn an average of $6.85 for every $1 spent on affiliate marketing.
  • SEO benefits: All content created by affiliates is linked back to your store, helping enhance your search engine ranking through quality backlinks. It can increase organic traffic to your online store and boost your visibility to customers. 
  • Scalability: Affiliate program allows businesses of all sizes to expand easily. Affiliates can join without needing to handle products or customer service, and businesses can grow their operations by simply adding more affiliates.

A Shortlist of best Shopify affiliate apps

Shopify affiliates program provides various affiliate marketing apps to help merchants launch and manage their marketing campaigns effectively. Exploring these ambassadors of the  best Shopify affiliate apps:

1. BixGrow

BixGrow is a robust affiliate marketing app that helps businesses set up and manage their affiliate programs effortlessly. By providing an easy-to-use interface, it simplifies the process of choosing influencers, tracking their performance, and paying out their commissions. 


User feedback on BixGrow

  • Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
  • Total Reviews: 1000+ reviews 

Key features of BixGrow 

  • Provide advanced affiliate tracking and management of affiliate tools.
  • Offer customizable commission structures to encourage affiliates more effectively.
  • Provide comprehensive insights into affiliates’ performance to adjust and manage suitable marketing strategies.
  • Recruit affiliate & influencer with Multi-level Marketing (MLM) & marketplace.

Principally, BixGrow can help Shopify owners build an effective affiliate marketing campaign with its free plan amazing features. While the free plan is a great beginning, bigger businesses should consider advanced packages with only $9/month to $15/month to enhance referral sales and brand advocates. 

You can definitely use the BixGrow free trial to compare it with other affiliate apps in the same segments.  

2. Shopify Collabs 

Shopify Collabs is built as a tool to help Shopify store owners connect with creators seamlessly. This app integrates directly with Shopify stores, allowing businesses to explore and choose the best affiliate marketing apps that fit their needs and objectives. 


User feedback on Shopify Collabs 

  • Overall Rating: 2.6 out of 5 stars 
  • Total Reviews: 100+ reviews 

Key features of Shopify Collabs

  • Integrate with Shopify stores to help set up and management easier for store owners.
  • Provide tools to find and connect with potential affiliates seamlessly to promote sales.
  • Track and report affiliates’ performance by providing detailed analytics and insights for each campaign. 
  • Allow merchants to create and manage multiple campaigns and set different commission rates.

Shopify Collabs is developed by the Shopify team, allowing businesses to choose a wide range of affiliate options. However, the commission processing fee on automatic payment may be applied at +2.9%, requiring careful consideration for merchants. Besides, businesses may face some limitations in terms of affiliates’ responsibility when collaborating with them. 

3. Simple Affiliate 

Simple Affiliate is a comprehensive platform that integrates with customer accounts and allows affiliates to register and sign in directly to your store. By leveraging the power of affiliate marketing, Simple Affiliate enables Shopify store owners to tap into new customer segments and boost their brand visibility without incurring high advertising costs.


User feedback on Simple Affiliate 

  • Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars 
  • Total Reviews: 70+ reviews 

Key features of Simple Affiliate: 

  • Integrate with the Shopify store, and support store owners to set up and manage affiliate programs quickly.
  • Use auto-pay to solve the tax burden for Shopify store owners.
  • Receive bespoke post support to help with anything you need.
  • Offer detailed analytics and reporting features that track the performance of your affiliates.

In short, Simple Affiliate is a robust app for Shopify merchants aiming to improve their affiliate marketing. It provides a free plan which suitable for small businesses, and paid plans with higher tiers start from $19/month to $69/month with a 7-day free trial. Despite these potential benefits, this app may seem to lack advanced features to grow a booming affiliate program.


Using GOAFFPRO, your influencers will be given a portal to register and become affiliates in a minute. This app can help businesses grow their affiliates’ programs effectively by simplifying the process of managing affiliates, tracking their performance, and optimizing payment payouts. 


User feedback on GOAFFPRO

  • Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars 
  • Total Reviews: 1000+ reviews 

Key features of GOAFFPRO

  • Offer unlimited affiliates for Shopify owners.
  • Provide portals for affiliates to get their referral links and track their performance.
  • Support the mobile app version and push notifications for mobiles to engage affiliates with the marketing programs (Android & Apple systems). 
  • Integrate with Shopify stores seamlessly for easy setup and management of marketing programs.

In general, GOAFFPRO is a great app for tracking and managing affiliate marketing with tons of options to create new and customizable codes. Goaffpro offers both a free plan and paid plan, starting at $29 per month, with a 15-day free trial, a reasonable price for beginners. Unfortunately, this app might be complicated for users a bit complicated so it may take a while to get used to it. 

5. LeadDyno

LeadDyno is one of the powerful tools for affiliate programs to help increase sales and raise brand awareness through affiliates. Shopify owners can launch, and manage their store affiliates easily with the support of LeadDyno to enhance their marketing efforts. 



User feedback on LeadDyno

  • Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars 
  • Total Reviews: 500+ reviews

Key features of LeadDyno

  • Integrate with Shopify store to control affiliate program quickly.
  • Provide real-time tracking of affiliate sales and performance, ensuring accurate and timely data.
  • Offer the customizable affiliate portal where affiliates can access their links, marketing materials, and performance reports.
  • Provide unlimited transactions.

LeadDyno is an incredible Shopify affiliate app for online store owners to leverage and boost sales. It offers merchants 4 paid plans with packages starting from $49/month. To experience the unlimited advanced features, you will have to pay $749/month, a high price for small businesses and low-budget owners. 

6. Snowball

If you want to leverage the existing customers and social networks to drive more sales, Snowball is what you are looking for. This app helps Shopify owners encourage affiliates to share their experiences with social networks and boost word-of-mouth marketing strategies. 


User feedback on LeadDyno

  • Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars 
  • Total Reviews: 100+ reviews 

Key features of Snowball

  • Convert customers into affiliates by encouraging them to share referral links for rewards.
  • Integrate with Shopify and other top services such as Klaviyo, PageFly, etc. to set up and manage marketing campaigns.
  • Offer 700+ payout options for affiliates.
  • Eliminate affiliate code leaks & coupon abuse.

Snowball is super easy to set up the affiliate programs even for new users. However, the pricing plans it offers are seemingly inappropriate for tight-budget businesses. It ranges from $99/month to $499/month, far beyond other affiliate programs on Shopify. 

7. Affiliatly

Affiliatly is an affiliate marketing app designed for Shopify stores that are user-friendly and make it easy for Shopify owners to create and manage affiliate programs. Targeting businesses of all sizes, this includes a variety of tools to attract affiliates, monitor their progress, and handle commissions smoothly.


User feedback on Affiliatly

  • Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 
  • Total Reviews: 100+ reviews 

Key features of Affiliatly

  • No coding necessary, connect with Shopify instantly.
  • Make it easy by including personal dashboard login links.
  • Track your affiliates with in-app analytics and minute stats.
  • Keep an eye on clicks and commissions as they happen, also integrate third-party tracking.

Affiliatly makes it easy to recruit affiliates, track their performance, and manage commissions seamlessly. The price of Affiliatly starts at just $16 per month, making it a good deal for businesses. Nevertheless, the unlimited Pro plan as compared to other affiliate marketing applications may be expensive at $129/month, not a good choice for tight-budget merchants. 

8. Omnistar Affiliate Software

With Omnistar Affiliate Software, Shopify owners are allowed to reward affiliates with a percentage of the order total, discounts on future purchases, or any custom incentive. Omnistar provides all the tools necessary to recruit affiliates and brand advocates, equipping them with everything they need to successfully promote sales.


User feedback on Omnistar Affiliate Software

  • Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars 
  • Total Reviews: 30+ reviews 

Key features of Omnistar Affiliate Software

  • Provide code tracking for affiliates to promote on social networks.
  • Commission payout through PayPal.
  • Find your merchant ambassadors from loyal customers by using a bonus survey.
  • Offer a multi-tier referral program.

Omnistar Affiliate Software pricing starts at $47/month with 15-day free trial, providing a robust set of tools suitable for growing businesses. However, one potential drawback is that the affiliate tracking system might be disrupted sometimes, affecting to the performance of you marketing campaign.

9. Tapfiliate

One of the affiliate programs for influencers is Tapfiliate, a rising star in the affiliate marketing field. Known for its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Tapfiliate simplifies the process of recruiting affiliates, tracking their performance, and managing payouts. By leveraging this app, businesses can effectively drive sales and expand their brand’s reach through affiliate marketing.


User feedback on Tapfiliate

  • Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 
  • Total Reviews: 4 reviews 

Key features of Tapfiliate

  • Transform customers into affiliates effortlessly by automatic recruitment.
  • Create affiliate pages and tracking links that match your brand.
  • Automatically track affiliate-driven conversions with in-depth reports.
  • Set dynamic commissions and offer performance-based bonuses to drive sales.

Tapfiliate is an excellent choice for Shopify merchants looking to harness the power of affiliate marketing. It offers a 14-day free trial, with paid plans starting at $89/month, and up to $499/month for the highest tier. These prices can be relatively high for small businesses or startups with limited budgets, potentially making it less accessible to new or smaller eCommerce ventures. 

10. Short.ly Links – Affiliate Links 

Short.ly Links—Affiliate Links is a powerful marketing affiliate tool integrated with Shopify, designed to optimize and track affiliate marketing efforts effectively. By leveraging shortened URLs and advanced tracking capabilities, it empowers businesses to maximize their affiliate marketing ROI and enhance their online presence.


User feedback on Tapfiliate

  • Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars 
  • Total Reviews: 100+ reviews 

Key features of Short.ly Links—Affiliate Links 

  • Generate concise links to boost click-through rates and drive traffic.
  • Tailor links to capture specific data points for precise analysis.
  • Real-time monitoring of campaign performance for actionable insights.
  • Seamless management of affiliate marketing within the Shopify dashboard.

Short.ly Links—Affiliate Links offers flexible pricing plans tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Pricing typically scales based on usage and additional features required, with options for monthly subscriptions or pay-as-you-go models. Paid plans start from $7.95 & $19.95, depending on Shopify Plan. However, this app may seem to have robust features to curate affiliate links, but it may lack some affiliate program customizable features like other comprehensive solutions. 

What are free Shopify apps for affiliate marketing?

There are many free affiliate marketing apps that Shopify store owners can choose to apply to their stores. In the list of 10 apps we introduced above, there are some outstanding free apps such as BixGrow, Goaffpro, and Affililiaty. 

BixGrow offers a free plan that covers basic affiliate marketing needs, making it an excellent option for those just starting with affiliate marketing on Shopify. Similarly, Goaffpro provides a free plan that includes essential tools for managing your affiliate program, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Affililiaty rounds out the list with its free plan, which offers basic affiliate marketing functionality suitable for small businesses and startups. 

While these free plans offer valuable features to kickstart your affiliate marketing program, businesses looking to maximize their affiliate marketing ROI and scale their operations may find it beneficial to explore the paid subscription options offered by these apps.

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Wrap it up!

To sum up, whether you’re just starting out or looking to optimize an existing affiliate program with free trial affiliate program apps, these 10 apps above offer a range of features to suit your expectations. Explore these recommended best Shopify affiliate apps and choose the best aligns with your needs and budget to boost your Shopify store affiliate marketing campaign.

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