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Gymshark Affiliate Program: Review & how to join

Hello there! Here is our review of Gymshark Affiliate Program

Are you a fitness lover, sports enthusiast, influencer, or social media content creator? You can convert your passion for fitness into cash with Gymshark’s Affiliate Program. In this simple guide, I will highlight the benefits of this fitness program, explain how it works, and share tips on how to earn money by promoting Gymshark.


1. Does Gymshark have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, Gymshark has an Affiliate Program, which was previously known as the Gymshark Athlete program. enabled affiliates to earn commissions on sales generated through their referrals to Gymshark’s products, has been launched in Rakuten Advertising. 

Besides the affiliate program, Gymshark does offer a Gymshark Athlete affiliate program which is an exclusive, invitation-only program that sponsors fitness influencers whose values and content align with those of the company. Athletes & influencers become Gymshark ambassador and get a unique referral code. They then share this link via social media, blogs, or direct messages. When a customer makes a purchase with the code on Gymshark.com, it will be count a successful referral.

2. Gymshark Affiliate Program Overall  

Promote Gymshark Products: Share their fitness gear using your special link. Here is the overall information about Gymshark affiliate programs:

  • URL: Rakuten Advertising
  • Commission rate: Up to 4% per sale, depending on products and regions.
  • Promo Tools: Get banners and links to make your posts more attractive.
  • Cookie Duration: You earn money if someone clicks your link and buys within 7-10 days. 
  • Regular Pay: Get paid monthly, with a minimum of $50 each time, through various payment methods.
  • Payment Method: Get paid monthly through ACH, PayPal, or check.
  • Affiliate performance tracker: Rakuten Advertising helps you keep track of your sales and earnings easily.

2.1. Gymshark commission rate

The Gymshark affiliate program works on a Cost-per-sale (CPS) model. You get a commission for every eligible purchase made through your special link. The commission rate reaches 4% but changes in some certain cases. For example, if your referral comes from a returning customer, you get a lower commission (2-3%).

2.2. Gymshark cookie duration 

To make shopping better for customers, the Gymshark affiliate cookie typically lasts for 7 to 10 days depending on where does affiliate promotes products. The cookie window lasts to 10 days when the audiences are U.S.A based – this number is shortened into a week in the U.K. If someone clicks your link and buys something within this time, you still earn a commission.

2.3. Gymshark Payment threshold

The program offers a fixed commission structure, and you get paid monthly when you reach a minimum of $50. You can get paid through ACH, PayPal, or checks. 

3. Gymshark affiliate program: how to sign up? 

Gymshark uses Rakuten Advertising as its affiliate software to accurately track sales and commissions. This helps you keep track of your progress. To get started, you’ll need to create a Rakuten account. The process is straightforward – you’ll simply need to provide your business name, tax identification number, address, and phone number. 

Once you’ve created your Rakuten account, select the Gymshark program that applies to your region, and wait for a response. You’ll need to provide additional information such as a web address or social account during the information fulfillment stage.


It typically takes 2-3 business days to get approved. Once approved, you can start promoting Gymshark.

4. Reasons to Join Gymshark’s Affiliate Program?

Are you interested in earning money with Gymshark? There are several reasons to become an affiliate of this reputable fitness brand. 

  • Work with top Brands: Partnering with Gymshark will allow you to team up with a well-known fitness brand and make money through your affiliation. Plus, you get to collaborate with a brand highly respected another influencer in the fitness community,
  • Earning Potentials: Turn your fitness passion into a steady income. By promoting Gymshark products and encouraging sales through your special affiliate link, you can earn a commission for each qualifying purchase made by customers you refer.
  • Gymshark Affiliate Program equips you with diverse promotional materials to enhance your marketing efforts. From captivating image banners to compelling text link ads, these materials are crafted to help you effectively showcase Gymshark products and attract potential customers. 

If you’re interested in fitness apparel affiliate programs, influencer marketing, or affiliate commission rates, becoming a Gymshark affiliate is an excellent opportunity for you to earn money while promoting a brand that aligns with your interests and values

5. Gymshark affiliate program reviews

Though Gymshark has one of the most renowned sports affiliate programs out there, the market is fortunately filled with alternative options. Some other products may offer superior products at more competitive prices, such as Nike, Lululemon, and Under Armour– you name it. 

Possibly, you should consider a satisfactory return on investment (ROI) rate for your niches before joining a suitable affiliate program. Because each affiliate program focuses on 

When I first signed up for the Gymshark affiliate program, I was excited to promote their products since I had been a customer for years. In my personal experience, I found it challenging to earn a substantial income with the Gymshark affiliate program due to the high competition among other influencers promoting their products. This is not to say that it’s not a good program, but it may not be the best fit for everyone. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and consider your niche before deciding which affiliate program to join.

On the other hand, I earned better from other affiliate programs like Nike and Under Armour. Their commission rates are much more generous, and I have been able to earn a steady income promoting their products. It just goes to show that it’s essential to do your research and find the right affiliate program that aligns with your niche and goals.

6. Alternative option: Gymshark referral program

In addition to affiliate program, Gymshark offers a robust referral program through gymshark.com. This program allows existing customers to refer friends and family, rewarding both parties with a £10/$10 discount off their next order when the referred friend makes a qualifying purchase of £50/$50 or more.

The Gymshark referral program is designed for simplicity and rewards. However, there are some limits as below:

  • This program is available for customers in UK, US, Canada & Australia.
  • With no limit to the number of referrals you can make
  • This program is exclusive to referred friends who are new customers

Different from Gymshark affiliate program which rewards cash per purchase, its referral program rewards discounts code.

How to Use Gymshark Referral Links

When you make a purchase on gymshark.com or through the Gymshark app, you can easily share your unique referral link via email, text, or social media. After friends entering their email address, they will get a £10/$10 discount on their first order of £50/$50 or more. Once your friend completes their purchase using your referral link, you’ll receive a £10/$10 Gymshark code via email, valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

How to Use Your Gymshark Referral Codes

Each Gymshark referral code issued to customers has a 60-day expiration period starting from the date of issuance.

Also, it’s important to note that only one code can be applied per transaction at checkout. If you’ve already applied a different promotional code, you won’t be able to use a referral code in addition to it. Gymshark’s system does not allow stacking of multiple codes, ensuring fair use of discounts and promotions.

7. Conclusion

Want to turn your fitness love into cash? Gymshark’s Affiliate Program is a good choice. With great features, easy payments, and a partnership with Rakuten Advertising, it’s a fantastic chance for fitness enthusiasts. Don’t wait, sign up now and start your Gymshark affiliate journey!

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