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15 Email Templates for Affiliate Marketing (that Brands Need)


If you have ever launched an affiliate program, how do you communicate with your affiliate?

WhatsApp, Twitter, or Telegram?

Well, I am sure most of you will go with email. Indeed, it is one of the most popular, effective methods today,…

In this post, we already built email templates that will keep your affiliates engaged!

What is the email flow of an affiliate marketing program? 

Email sequences in the context of an affiliate program are pre-written series of emails that merchants send to their affiliates.

Well, another email flow?

Yeah, but not what you think… An email sequence in an affiliate program is different from that of a traditional email marketing campaign.

The main purpose of emailing to affiliates is not to sell, but to build a strong and engaged cooperation relationship.

Which means you do not have to be a copywriter to create one. It is just about writing informative letters regularly.

Simply explain, a pre-designed email flow keeps affiliates informed promptly.


Building a may not be simple, but definitely will bring unexpected payoffs. This is especially true in companies whose growth is attached to affiliates. There is software providing email automation services that you can consider, e.g. Klavyo

Why Email is Vital for Communication Between Affiliates and Merchants 

Let’s break down why email is the go-to tool for merchants and affiliates alike.

Easy Access, Anywhere, Anytime

Think about it – almost everyone (in every corner of the world) has an email account, right? And chances are, it’s Gmail. Whether you’re on your computer, phone, or tablet, checking your inbox is a breeze. 

Organized Conversations

Ever get lost in a long chat thread or miss an important message buried in a group chat? With email, that’s less likely to happen. You’ve got email sequences, templates, and threads to keep things organized!  

Supports Big-size File

Got a big file to share? No problem! Unlike some social platforms, email lets you send big files without breaking a sweat. Though the file volume of an email still has an upper limit, it is still a considerable amount.       

Easy to Set up Automation Flows 

With email automation, merchants can set up campaigns to send out emails automatically. That means less time spent on repetitive tasks and more time focusing on growing the affiliate program.

With all these points above, it’s no wonder email is the top choice for professional communication and collaboration. Sure, chat platforms and social media have their place, but when it comes to reliability and effectiveness, email takes the cake.

Before Sending Emails: Affiliates categorization  

Each affiliate group may need a different email flow.

The distinguishing email flow keeps affiliates relevant and engaged and strengthens affiliate-merchant relationships.  

For example: Suppose your brand operates an online store that sells a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, and home goods. You have affiliates who specialize in promoting products within each category, as well as affiliates who particularly focus on specific brands (so-called brand ambassadors).

You, in many cases, cannot offer the same interests to everyone. 

To be more clear, consider the following scenarios:

  • Electronics Affiliates: These affiliates receive emails featuring new electronic products, tech reviews, and promotions on gadgets.
  • Fashion Affiliates: These affiliates receive emails showcasing the latest clothing trends, style guides, and exclusive discounts on apparel and accessories.
  • Brand Ambassadors: Affiliates promoting your brand specifically will receive emails featuring product launches, brand updates, and marketing campaigns targeted at their audience.

By segmenting affiliates and customizing email content based on their interests and preferences, your affiliate program can be more effective. Please note that for small businesses or one that focuses only on a single product line, though email flow automation is not necessarily complicated and important, it is still potentially highly effective. 

15 Email Templates for Affiliate Marketing that Merchant Needs

These email templates will help you achieve your goals and grow your online business. In many cases, advertisers need to actively reach out to affiliates. But it is a different story, you can check out outreach email templates here.

Welcome Email 

This email template is designed to welcome new affiliates onboard and provide them with the necessary information.


Sign-up Confirmation Email 

This email is to confirm that an affiliate has successfully registered for the program. This email is a perfect alternative to the welcome email. 


Promotional Offer Email

This email is designed to inform affiliates about a new promotional offer or campaign.


Product Launch Email

This email is designed to notify affiliates about a new product launch.


Commission Increase Email

This email is designed to inform affiliates about an increase in commission rates.


Reminder Email

This email template is designed to remind affiliates about an upcoming promotion or deadline for your affiliate campaign. 


Performance Review Email

This email to designed to provide affiliates with insights into their performance.


Exclusive Content Email

This email is designed to offer affiliates exclusive content or resources.


Holiday Promotion Email 

This email is designed to inform affiliates about a special holiday promotion.


Feedback Request Email 

This email is designed to gather feedback from affiliates to improve the affiliate program.


Thank You Email

This email is designed to express gratitude to affiliates for their partnership and contributions. This email is for an affiliate who has been there with you for a year or has made an incredible contribution to your success.  


Affiliate Contest Announcement

This email is associated with a certain affiliate contest. An affiliate contest is a marketing campaign designed to incentivize your affiliate. 


Monthly Newsletter 

A monthly newsletter email simply announces new things about your affiliate program, products, or anything related. It is a good chance to showcase your brand’s uniqueness, and selling points and give affiliates strong industrial insights.


Cross-Promotion Opportunity

This email is designed specially to introduce people to into affiliate programs of your partner. An effective way to boost partner reputation and enhance affiliate’s earnings! 


Referral Program Promotion

A referral program typically brings a higher commission rate for brand attributors. So, many affiliates really keen on being a brand ambassador, too.  



These are some of the email templates that you can use for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Remember always to personalize your emails, test different subject lines and calls to action, and track your results. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to expand your business, but it requires strategy.

I hope these templates will help you achieve your goals and grow your online business. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reply to this email or contact me on my website. Thank you for reading and happy marketing!

I have been working in marketing for four years, passionate about creative writing and copy writing. Love to be alone at watersides, sip coffee, play games or read anything that is thought provoking.


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