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5 Affiliate Recruitment Email Templates that works!

Outreach email is a powerful way to start recruiting affiliates for your program.

Working with the right affiliates can make a big difference in a brand’s sales. Well, “big” means that in most cases, the Return-On-Investment rate is 1400%.

And the most powerful tools to build a strong, healthy relationship with an affiliate? 


But, it is challenging at the start. Sending cold emails to reach out to your potential brand ambassadors may stand very thin chances of making it.

In fact, you have to compete with hundreds of partnership emails from other brands every month. 

Your letter needs to be outstanding. 

That’s why we are making this post. Here we list out outreach email templates that help you impress and bond with your affiliate immediately.

What is an affiliate outreach email? 

An affiliate outreach email is a message a business sends to potential affiliates, inviting them to collaborate on promoting a product or service in exchange for a commission or other benefits.

Simply put, you’re saying, “Hey, we have this great item, and if you help us sell it to others, we’ll give you a cut of the profits or some  perks.”

An affiliate outreach email typically includes information about: 

  • Greeting and showing good faith.
  • Details of the  product or service being promoted
  • Details about the affiliate program (like commission rates or promotional materials available) 
  • Invitation to affiliate to join the program 

Outreach emails for partnership play a crucial role in growing your affiliate network. A good email may attract a good affiliate to join your program.

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What makes an outreach email persuasive? 

Several factors contribute to making an outreach email persuasive.

Subject Lines   

Subject lines are the first thing people see when they receive an email that can say how likely an email gets opened.  

Of course, a compelling subject line should entice them to open the email to find out more.  

Personalized Email  

But when it comes to reaching out to potential affiliates, personalization is super important.

A personalized email makes an affiliate feel more respected, and then a strong bond is created. 

It may include addressing the affiliate by name, and referencing how impressed you are when watching the affiliate’s content. 

This level of customization shows that you value the affiliates, making them more inclined to read the email and take action. 

Plus, talk about how your product or service could be a great fit for their audience. Showing something they rarely think of, such as that you know about their brand can make a big difference.

A helpful tip is to check out carefully their sponsored posts. Those are where you can understand your affiliate – especially their promotion preference. There are chance to find out if they have already worked with competitors in your niche.  

Call to Action (CTA)

Making sure your Call to Action (CTA) is just right is a big part of creating a compelling email. 

The CTA tells people to click on the affiliate landing page. So, getting it right means making it super clear and easy to see, using words that encourage action like “Let’s collab” or “Join Us”. 

An A/B testing will allow you to see what works best for your audience. A good CTA can make a difference in how many people do what you want them to after reading your email.


The Affiliate Landing Page 

An affiliate landing page is not a must-have step, but it is worth it. If you have one, it is a powerful way to increase the conversion rate.  

The affiliate landing page is where people end up after clicking CTA. It gives them more info about what you’re offering and encourages them to sign up. 

Make sure your landing page is well-organized and informative. 

Plus, a landing page may help the pass-by know about your program, resulting in passive recruitment for your affiliate program. 


Segmenting your potential affiliates

Segmenting your potential affiliates is a crucial step before hitting send on your outreach emails. Here’s how to categorize them for a more targeted approach:

  • Regular affiliates: Individuals interested in earning through referrals, like friends or acquaintances.
  • Influencers: Social media personalities with large followings on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. They may promote a variety of products. 
  • Niche-focused individuals: These individuals are deeply involved in your specific industry. They may have a smaller audience but high engagement. Typically, they are bloggers or social media influencers who resonate well with their audience.
  • Businesses: Though businesses are organizations, they are treated equally to other individuals in the affiliate program. Business as an affiliate is particularly common in industries with significant business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

Note: You can modify this grouping to suit your business model. 

While every affiliate matters, it’s particularly important to personalize communication for the 03 later groups, notably influencers and niche-focused individuals, to foster successful collaborations. 

05 Affiliate Recruitment Email templates that will work

Let’s explore the best affiliate recruitment templates for your affiliate program. 

Feel free to customize these sample letters according to your specific needs and target audience. Good luck with your affiliate recruitment efforts!

Template 1: Program Introduction

The program introduction template gives an affiliate overview of the program, building trust, and setting clear expectations. It is the most common recruitment content template and can be used in most cases. The program introduction template is simply letting people know about your program without feeling pressured to act.


Template 2: Personalized Invitation

A personalized invitation makes the recipient feel special and important, creating a strong personal connection. As a result, it leads to higher response rates and further discussion between both parties. 

The most difficult challenge is that you have to research the potential affiliates one by one. It takes a lot of effort and time. So, you might want to give this kind of email to some affiliates who need special attention. 


Template 3: Direct Offer

This template gets straight to the point, making it clear and urgent, and providing specific details and rewards of your affiliate program. 

Targeting affiliates like this may increase the likelihood of immediate action. Plus, this email template is suitable to be sent in-bulk. 

It is okay if you want to add something like “we are open food further negotiation…”. But hey, let me kindly remind you that you may need to attend a long discussion and spend another 10 minutes creating a personalized commission structure for that affiliate.   


Template 4: Exclusive Offer

The exclusive offer template will grab attention immediately. 

It brings curiosity, makes people feel they’re missing out, increases the perceived value, and enhances loyalty and engagement. 


Template 5: Testimonial Approach

The testimonial approach template showcases the positive experiences and success stories of existing. 

Do not forget to link to existing affiliates or, if possible, their testimonial post. This will boost significantly the program’s credibility and allow potential affiliates to join with confidence, hesitation-free. 


Wrapping it up 

As we conclude this article on affiliate recruitment email templates, here are some key takeaways to remember:

  • Catchy email subjects grab the attention 
  • Personalization is key to keeping potential affiliates reading 
  • A bold, clear Call to Action will increase the click-through rate.   
  • A clear and well-designed affiliate landing page not only supports your affiliate recruitment but also potentially attracts interested passersby. 
  • Don’t forget to follow up with those who express interest but haven’t yet joined your program. Persistence can often lead to successful partnerships. 
  • Be open to negotiating terms and arrangements to accommodate the needs of your affiliates and foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

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By incorporating these key elements into your affiliate recruitment emails, you can effectively attract and onboard quality affiliates to help grow your program and expand your reach.

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