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Top 9 Best Dropshipping Apps For Shopify

If you are planning to become a dropshipper, choosing the right dropshipping app will be the stepping stone to success. According to Statista, the dropshipping field is continuing to grow. From 2023 to 2024, the market size is expected to grow 23,7%, from $234.42B to 301.11B.

You can join the dropshipping world by reading this blog post. Here, we’ll show you:

  • Potential to do dropshipping with Shopify
  • Steps to join the dropshipping business
  • List of 7 best dropshipping apps

Can You Do Dropshipping With Shopify?

Definitely yes. Using Shopify is a great way to start your dropshipping journey. By pursuing dropshipping, you can take advantage of low startup costs, and can easily manage various product lines while holding no inventory.

Some of its advantages can include:

  • Low start-up costs as you don’t need to buy inventory at all.
  • Ability to sell a wide selection of products with no worries about unsold inventory.
  • Location flexibility as long as you can communicate with suppliers and customers.
  • Easy start when you don’t have to manage or pay for a warehouse; monitor inventory; pack and ship orders; track inventory for accounting; or handle returns and inbound shipments.
  • Easier to conduct trial sales before committing to buying inventory.
  • Easier to scale up and expand your reach on popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

What are types of apps you need for dropshipping?

Dropshipping business can start immediately with the following types of apps:

  • Product sourcing apps: these apps help you find products to sell and import them into your store.
  • Order fulfillment apps: these apps automate smaller steps in order process, such as forward order to suppliers, tracking packing process, shipping situations & other post purchase follow-up.
  • Inventory management apps: these apps help you keep track of stock levels and manage inventory across different suppliers.
  • Marketing apps: these apps help you promote your store, attract customers, and increase sales.
  • Customer support: these apps assist with managing customer inquiries and live chat.
  • Review and UGC Apps: these apps help you collect and display customer reviews and user-generated content.
  • Reporting apps: these apps provide insights into your store’s performance.
  • SEO apps: it simply improve your store’s search engine ranking & User experience

A shortlist of best 7 dropshipping apps on Shopify

Let’s jump into this list of the best 7 dropshipping apps on Shopify. These are all popular among Shopify owners for their useful assistance. 

App nameKnown forPricing
Product sourcingOrder fulfillmentInventory managementStore buildMarketingSupport & live chatReview and UGCSEO
AutoDSA.I workflow automation$26.90 – $66.90XXXX
SpocketUS/EU-based suppliersFree – $99.99XXX
ModalystGood for fashion store$0 – $90XXX
PageFlyDrag-and-drop page builder$0 – $99X
BixGrowFind affiliates for store$0 – $15X
KlaviyoEmail marketing$0 – $20X
GorgiasA helpdesk solution$10 – $900X
Yopto Collect & display customer reviews $0 – $119X
SEO WizardOptimizeX

1. AutoDS: AI Dropshipping & POD – automated dropshipping


AutoDS is the software application for streamlining no-start-up-cost businesses such as dropshipping and POD (print-on-demand). Integrating with different platforms like Shopify, this app allows product importing, fulfilling orders automatically, and efficient inventory management.

  • App rate: 4.9 / 5.0
  • Pros
    • Time-saving automation: Repetitive tasks are automatically done, which is time-and-effort saving.
    • Comprehensive product research: Easy to identify profitable products.
    • Wide supplier network: Ability to access multiple suppliers which provides a wide range of product lines.
    • Reliable order fulfillment: Order processing and tracking updates are timely and ensured accurate.
  • Cons
    • Learning curve: It takes time to fully understand and effectively utilize extensive features and automation options.
    • Subscription cost: It may demand higher subscription fees compared to others as it offers valuable offers.

AutoDS is a time-saving and productivity app with automation, seamless product imports, and efficient operation functions. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes e-commerce management easy for businesses. This app is highly recommended to fellow online retailers.

2. Spocket


With Spocket, you can find and directly import products from US – EU suppliers into your own Shopify store.

  • App rate: 4.7 / 5.0
  • Pros
    • Dropship provides speedier shipping and a large selection of US and European products.
    • Get significant savings or wholesale prices with no minimum order.
    • Branded Invoicing can help you build a strong brand and increase customer loyalty.
    • Completely automate your AliExpress dropshipping.
    • Get answers with 24-hour VIP customer service.
  • Cons
    • Free plan limits product listings. Beginners may find paid programs pricey, lowering profit profits.
    • Spocket uses third-party providers. Quality, inventory, and shipment periods may be beyond of your control.  Select vendors wisely.
    • Suppliers have been reported for misleading product descriptions.  Double-check product data before listing.
    • Spocket uses US/EU vendors for speedier shipping, although some products may come from overseas, causing lengthier delivery times. Customer shipping expectations should be explicit.

Spocket is a fantastic app, that has smooth integration, a clean user-friendly interface, and helpful out-of-stock notifications. Moreover, its staff provides great customer support too. This app is highly recommended for those who are quite new to dropshipping.

3. Modalyst


Modalyst allows you to import products from various dropshipping suppliers, including AliExpress.

  • App rate: 4.0/5.0
  • Pros
    • Extensive supplier selection.
    • Ability to customize product descriptions for better branding.
    • Print on demand. Marketplace for items
    • Product marketplace with warehousing and fulfillment from both US and international locations. 
  • Cons
    • Many dropshipping suppliers are overseas, which can delay deliveries. This may affect client satisfaction.
    • Dropshipping providers can run out of stock, causing order fulfillment troubles for your store.
    • Modalyst charges 5% for app purchases.

Modalyst is a lifesaver to several drop shippers with its effortless Shopify integration, automated updates, and easy product management. Using Modalyst may help drop shippers save time and effort.

4. PageFly


PageFly is a landing page builder app for Shopify. It allows you to create high-converting landing pages using a drag-and-drop interface, without needing coding knowledge.

  • App rate: 4.9/5.0
  • Pros
    • Easy to use, even for beginners
    • Saves time with pre-made templates
    • Improves conversion rates with effective landing page design
    • Create SEO-friendly pages that won’t slow down your store
    • The design is responsive to mobile and tablet displays. It is customized for each screen size and is compatible with all themes.
  • Cons
    • Might have a learning curve for complex page designs
    • The free plan has limited features. Paid plans are required for full functionality.
    • Takes more design and layout knowledge than pre-built Shopify themes. This can test beginners.
    • Can customize appearance and layout, but not fundamental functions like product listings or the theme’s shopping cart.
    • With many customization possibilities, PageFly landing pages can load slowly, which can hinder conversions.

PageFly Landing Page Builder app is incredibly user-friendly, allowing users to create professional-quality landing pages without coding. It is highly recommended to anyone looking to efficiently enhance their online presence and drive business growth.

5. BixGrow: Affiliate Marketing


BixGrow helps Shopify store owners develop affiliate programs and manage affiliate connections. BixGrow can help drop shippers grow their affiliate marketing reach, but it doesn’t do dropshipping. 

However, linking dropshipping with affiliate marketing can be effective. Affiliates can offer suitable products to their audience and split earnings and marketing expenditures. With a fashion blogger promoting phone cases and earning commission, a drop shipper may fulfill orders without inventory. 

  • App rate: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Pros
    • Streamline marketing campaigns within one platform
    • Several tracking options: affiliate links, coupons, and related emails
    • Integrate the Shopify affiliate program and access from the toolbar
    • Increase affiliate and influencer recruitment with MLM and marketplace platforms like Goaffpro, Uppromote, Affiliatly, Loyalty & Rewards, and Affiliate App.
  • Cons
    • BixGrow lacks dropshipping capabilities like product sourcing, inventory management, and automated order fulfillment.
    • BixGrow helps you use other people’s audiences but doesn’t generate traffic to your store. You’ll need separate marketing methods to entice customers.

BixGrow provides the cleanest, most intuitive affiliate marketing service, with a helpful dashboard, coupons, and great benefits for stores and affiliates. This is a great app for those who barely start to drop shipping.

6. SEO Image Optimizer Wizard


SEO Image Optimizer Wizard – as its name, helps to do the optimization work for product images, such as file compressing, alt text adding and overall image improving align with SEO benchmark. 

  • App rate: 4.9 / 5.0
  • Pros
    • Improves website performance
    • Saves time with alt text and title automatically generation
    • Improve search engine ranking with image
  • Cons
    • In the free plan, it might have limited features and optimized quantity

The SEO Image Optimizer Wizard is an amazing tool. Its intuitive interface, efficient optimization, and fantastic customer support make it a game-changer for improving search engine rankings and driving more traffic.

7. Klaviyo


Klaviyo is a specially designed app for e-commerce businesses as it offers self-creating segmented email campaigns, email sequence automation, and abandoned carts recovery.

  • App rate: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Pros
    • Powerfully publish targeted campaigns with automatic tasks for efficiency
    • Win back lost sales by recovering abandoned carts
    • Easy to manage data with seamless Shopify integration
  • Cons
    • The free plan limits features and contact list size
    • Paid plans offer complex functions, which might be a learning curve for some users

Klaviyo is an excellent email marketing platform with powerful segmentation and learning capabilities. With a little practice, it is set up in no time. Once you have your templates, each week is easy to just produce your content and send it to your hearts content. Klaviyo makes building newsletters and segmenting my subscriber base easy.

8. Gorgias


Gorgias is indeed a necessary help desk app for your dropshipping business. It helps you manage customer service efficiently, which is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • App rate: 4.4 / 5.0
  • Pros
    • Seamlessly integrates with over 100 apps.
    • Sort and organize conversation with smart automation and AI ticket.
    • Channels integrated: email, chat, voice, TikTok, Instagram.
    • Manage orders with ease, including edit, refund, duplicate, and cancel orders.
  • Cons
    • Some bugs are reported in their mobile phone app.
    • Customer support team may need some improvements in response speed

In dropshipping industry, customer demands often high and volatile. Gorgias helps you address this by centralizing and automating your support operations. All personalized interactions data then would be visualized, providing valuable insights through analytics.

9. Yopto


Yotpo is another essential app for a dropshipping business. It is particularly designed for managing customer reviews, user-generated content (UGC), and enhancing your store’s social proof. Here’s how Yotpo basic information.

  • App rate: 4.8/ 5.0
  • Pros
    • Automatically issue post-purchase request reviews to customers (via emails or widget)
    • UGC showcases & customer reviews showcases on your product page.
    • Integrate with Instagram
    • Rewards customer for their reviews & content
    • Show your review on Google Seller Ratings and Google Shopping Ads
  • Cons
    • The set up phase can be pretty stressful for low-tech merchants due to the apps capability to integrate with various channels.
    • The degree of customization available may not fully meet the specific branding

Overall, using Yotpo app for your drop shipping business can build trust with potential buyers. Customer testimonials in a product page can typically increase the conversion rate by crazy 270%.

A using tip: due to the nature of drop shipping model, building a strong, condense customer base is not really necessary for all shops . Therefore, features like rewards for referrals & UGC content might not play a vital role.

By leveraging customer reviews and user-generated content, you can create a more compelling and trustworthy shopping experience, ultimately driving higher conversions and customer loyalty.

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In conclusion, the top 7 Shopify dropshipping apps reviewed offer diverse features to streamline ecommerce operations. From automation to user-friendly interfaces, there are options to suit various business needs. The right app can be a game-changer, empowering growth by automating workflows and providing insights. Evaluating your requirements is key to selecting the ideal dropshipping solution to unlock efficiency and profitability for your Shopify store.

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