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Top 7 Must-Have Product Recommendation Apps on Shopify [2024]

According to Monetate, product recommendations can increase revenue by up to 300%, improve conversions by 150%, and help boost AOV (average order value) by 50%.

Using specific and personalized product recommendation apps can help Shopify merchant engage customers at a deeper level & encourage them to purchase more from your store. 

Here are top 7 most popular tools that help you with product recommendations.

The power of product recommendation


What are the product recommendations? Product recommendation is suggesting products to customers based on various factors such as their preferences, browsing history, purchase history, demographic information, and behavior patterns.

Product recommendations can bring many benefits to your e-commerce:

  • Increase sales and AOV: By showing customers relevant products that suit their preferences and needs, you can encourage them to buy more and increase sales. At first, visitors only need to buy one product; after seeing other suitable ones, they may want to purchase another, therefore increasing the store’s AOV.
  • Understand customer: Using the recommendation engine can help you gain valuable customer insight, help you target the right key audience for your marketing campaign.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: you can give customers a personalized shopping experience by making it easier to find products they like and need. 

Product recommendation may sound simple, but it has a powerful impact on your store’s profit and reputation.

Ways to recommend products?

  1. Frequently Bought Together: Show items that others bought with the viewed product.
  2. New Arrivals: Highlight the latest additions to your store.
  3. Trending Products: Display what’s popular among shoppers now.
  4. Recently Viewed: Remind customers of items they looked at before.
  5. Related Products: Suggest items similar to what they’re viewing.
  6. AI-Based Recommendations: Offer personalized suggestions base on customer behaviors on store.

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What Shopify recommendation apps can do?

Barilliance report on “personalized product recommendation tactics for profits” shows that 31% of revenue is attributed to recommendations. Shopify product recommendation apps can make the recommendation widget much more exciting and beneficial for both customers and store owners

  • Customizable widgets: Popular apps on Shopify often have many fun and informative layouts and widgets to display your product recommendation. It’s exciting for customers and aesthetically matching to your storefront page.
  • Auto personalized recommendation: the apps often use artificial intelligence/ trigger condition and to analyze customer behavior and preferences, providing personalized product recommendations that match each customer’s needs and increase the chance of purchases. 
  • Diverse recommendation types: There are a variety of ways to display your recommendation to pique a customer’s interest, such as “frequently bought together”, “new arrivals” and more that I mentioned above.
  • Gather customer data & give analysis: Some apps let you access customer insights and data to improve your marketing or retargeting campaign.

Let’s find out what the best Shopify product recommendation apps are so you can easily boost your store’s performance.

1. Wiser Product Recommendations – Upsell, Frequently Bought Together & Customer Journey Insights


With a 25% increase in monthly sales and a 30% increase in customer engagement, Wiser is no doubt one of the most personalized recommendation apps. 

User Feedback on Wiser: 4.9 stars from 652 reviews

Key Features: 

  • AI-based frequently bought-together bundles 
  • Advanced cart drawer
  • Post-purchase upsell offers & checkout upsell 


  • Free: Free to install
  • 0 – 100 orders: $9/month
  • 101 – 300 orders: $19/month
  • 301 – 500 orders: $49/month

Wiser provides multiple product recommendation widgets that help you set up upsell and cross-sell experiences across your store, such as “frequently bought together”, “thank you page recommendation”, “inspired by browsing pattern”, etc. Its AI-based automated recommendations ensure that customers are provided with accurate products. 

Moreover, you can easily set up personalized recommendation widgets on your Shopify store with Wiser app to bring your customers back to products they have their eye on. 

2. Glood Product Recommendations – Boost Conversions & Average Order Value


AI-powered recommendations are the future of eCommerce as they are changing the game to level up online shopper experiences. Engage your customers, drive more sales, and scale up your store with Glood’s data-powered personalization tools. 

User Feedback on Glood: 4.8 stars from 214 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Personalized product recommendations with AI
  • Checkout funnels, bundles, and smart popups
  • Customizable widgets


  • 100% Free Forever: Free
  • Basic: $19.99/month
  • Pro: $69.99/ month
  • Plus: $299.99/month

Glood’s efficiency has been proven by store owners, they have seen a 3-5 times increase in conversion rate and report that 23% of store revenue is attributed to the app. 

Glood’s AI-enhanced marketing tools, like super-charged web push notifications and discount notifications, help you engage visitors to boost the store’s sales and traffic effortlessly. 

3. Shop Quiz – interactive product recommendation and video quizzes


Advise and delight your customers by engaging them with a personal shopping experience on your e-commerce store with personalized recommendations Shopify app – Shop Quiz.

User Feedback on Shop Quiz: 4.9 stars from 287 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Video quizzes
  • Collect actionable data automatically
  • Customizable quiz design


  • Free: Free
  • Basic: $39/month
  • Pro: $99/ month

With more than 26.9 million quizzes completed, 13.2 thousand active shops worldwide, and $880 million in revenue for merchants, it’s not hard to understand why Shop Quiz always makes it to the list of the most beloved product recommendation apps for Shopify store owners. 

Quizzes let you collect actionable data by asking your customers targeted questions, and then sending captured leads to your mailing list or CRM. You can use these customer profile data to create more personalized, higher ROI marketing campaigns

4. Perzonalization AI‑Suggestions – AI-powered product recommendations


Perzonalization is a great and affordable personalized recommendation app with the best support team for your e-commerce business. 

User Feedback on Perzonalization: 4.4 stars from 38 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Accurate product recommendations
  • Incomplete purchases and cart abandonment email reminders
  • Analytics and insights dashboard


  • Free Usage: Free
  • Starter Usage: $9.99/month
  • Basic Usage: $19.99/ month
  • Growth Usage: $39.99/ month

Perzonalization works smoothly on many e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, OpenCart, or Magento. The app also meshes well with different channels like mobile, website, or email. 

With the help of an AI-powered personalization approach, Perzonalization segments visitors in real-time, it can capture behavioral changes in minutes and provide accurate recommendations.

5. Salesup Recommended Product – Footer Banners


Salesup can help merchants boost revenue, increase the number of orders, and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

User Feedback on Salesup: 4.8 stars from 100 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Recently viewed products are shown in the footer.
  • Customizable banner design.
  • Quick view


  • Free 

Salesup is a free personalized recommendation Shopify app that shows advertising banners for recently viewed, trending, discounted, and best-selling products. Best-selling items can be an effective Shopify product recommendation strategy thanks to social proof, user experience, increased sales, and brand awareness.

Salesup app is easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about setting up complicated ads. With just 1 click, the banner ad will show automatically and increase sales. 

6. Innonic Upsell Recommendations – Free product recommendation app


With Innonic Upsell Recommendations, you can create and show customers automated product Upsells and Cross-sells at various sections of your Shopify store

User Feedback on Usell Recommendations: 4.5 stars from 344 reviews

Key Features: 

  • AI-supported, personalized recommendations
  • Unlimited Upsell
  • Automated Upsell & Cross-Sell


  • Free 

Use the widgets on your homepage, product pages, or cart page, and customize it freely with the easy-to-use editor. You can use the Upsell Recommendations app without any limitations or risks to seamlessly increase your store revenue and average order value.You can easily customize the settings with many advanced design options to suit your e-commerce store.

The app is powered by complex algorithms that take into account a variety of factors, including the customer’s browsing and purchasing history, as well as the behavior of similar customers to give users accurate recommendations. 

7. Dialogue AI CRO & A/B testing – Personalized shopping experience


Reports show that 89% of digital businesses invest in personalization, including big names like Coca-Cola, Netflix, Sephora, Fabletics, USAA, and Wells Fargo. 72% of consumers say that they prefer to engage with personalized content. Dialogue is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) focused app, which is specified in A/B testing and product recommendations, to provide personalized content. 

User Feedback on Dialogue: 5.0 stars from 40 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Dynamic recommendations
  • Shoppable Stories & Videos
  • A/B testing


  • Free: Free
  • Growth: $99/month
  • Scale: $249/ month
  • Onboarding: $499/ month

 Using 1:1 personalization, segmentation, and A/B testing, Dialogue can gain accurate and specific customer insights to help you with personalized campaigns, personalized banners, and segmented content. 

The best cocktail for effective and optimized user experiences in digital marketing is the combination of A/B testing and CRO, Dialogue can greatly increase your AOV and overall store performance.

See more apps listicle?

Product Recommendation – the best strategy to increase AOV

Dotdigital’s report shows that product display can influence online shopping behaviors, approximately 71% of eCommerce sites offer product recommendations. The number is even higher in Nordic countries: 90% of shoppers have reported finding recommendations on the homepage of eCommerce sites. Utilize all the best product recommendation apps to deliver the best shopping experiences and enhance your store’s profit.

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