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07 Best Shopify Review apps [2024]

With the best Shopify review apps in your hands, you can enhance your store’s credibility, attract more customers, and ultimately drive higher conversions. Turn hesitant visitors into buyers with genuine customer feedback and ratings with the essential tools in this article

Why are reviews essential for your Shopify store?

In an online world where customers can’t physically see or touch products, reviews are a vital source of information to help them decide to purchase anything. 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions (Podium, 2021) – which means a good review section will impact the conversion rate positively 

  • Builds credibility and trust: Authentic feedback can establish your store’s reputation and reliability.
  • Influences purchase decisions: Serve as social proof to encourage potential buyers to trust your products and make a purchase.
  • Enhances SEO: Reviews improve search engine rankings naturally (SEO)
  • Boosts conversion rates: Positive feedback and ratings are a great way to convince hesitant shoppers, improving sales times. 

How do Shopify review apps help your businesses? 

All Shopify store owners know the importance of reviews, but how can you gather genuine reviews and how should you present them effectively? The best Shopify review apps can help you turn that difficult task into an easy one!  

  • Post-purchase review requests: After someone buys a product from your store, this feature sends them a request (usually via email, popups, or SMS) asking them to leave a review. 
  • Automatically imported rating: If you sell on multiple platforms (like Amazon, eBay, or others), this feature can automatically import reviews and ratings from those sites to your Shopify store. No more tedious copy-and-paste tasks! 
  • Multichannel integration: Whether a customer buys from your website, social media, or a physical store, multichannel integration allows their reviews to be collected and managed in one centralized place – your Shopify store! 
  • Review dashboard: This feature gives you a deep look into the reviews you’re receiving. It helps you understand trends, like which products are getting the best or worst reviews and can show you patterns over time.  
  • Product performance reviews: This feature focuses on gathering and displaying reviews for specific products. It helps you see how well each product is doing based on customer feedback, so you can quickly identify which items are popular and which might need improvements. You  

1. Judge.me – best free product review app for Shopify

With more than 408,559+ users worldwide, Judge.me is one of the most popular and useful Shopify apps, with many helpful features for free. 


User Feedback on Judge.me: 5.0 stars from 28,782 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Install for free
  • Unlimited email review requests with photos and videos
  • Customizable widget texts, colors, and themes


PlanForever FreeAwesome

Thousands of e-commerce merchants use Judge.me to boost store trust and sales without having to pay a dime. The free plan offers many good quality features, such as unlimited review requests, SEO snippets, or manual social push.

 When you want to scale up your Shopify app even more, you can get the “awesome” plan at the lowest price ($15/month), which gives you the best features like custom form, cross-shop syndication, or Google Shopping. Judge.me has never raised its price and never will. You’ll never pay more than US$15 a month to use all the amazing features. Increase conversions by displaying reviews in user-friendly and customizable widgets with the best rating app. 

2. Loox – Automatically collect product reviews with photos and videos

Statista report shows that 82% of customers will not buy a product that has no review. Collect product reviews on auto-pilot with Loox – one of the best Shopify apps for reviews on the internet.


User Feedback on Loox: 4.9 stars from 19,093 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Automatically collecting reviews
  • One-click referral program. 
  • Diverse widgets and layouts


Price$9.99/month$34.99/ month$299.99/ month

Loox is an official Google reviews partner and has proven to be at the top of all Shopify review apps lists. With 91% increase in conversions, 48% open rates for email, and 25% of reviewers providing a photo or video – Loox is the essential tool to scale up your business. 

The setup process is a breeze, you can get the app running in just one minute, and no maintenance is needed. After setting up, Loox can automatically gain ratings and reviews for your store. 

Loox also offers customers discount codes for their next purchase to encourage high-quality reviews packed with photos and videos. Moreover, you can freely design and create beautiful review pages. 

3. Stamped Product Reviews & UGC – capture and showcase high-converting reviews

Stamped Product Reviews & UGC is known as one of the best free review apps for Shopify with its fully customizable features to fit your store. 


User Feedback on Stamped Reviews: 4.7 stars from 6331 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Search Rich Snippets for SEO
  • Google Integration
  • Customizable widgets, banners, templates, and emails


PriceFree$23/month$59/ month$149/month

Stamped Reviews has a useful free plan (the Lite plan) with more than 10 display widgets, rich snippets, and social sharing. The app integrates smoothly with Shopify and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, etc) 

This best free review app for Shopify integrates well with Shopify, offering various widgets and boosting conversion rates by providing customer reviews as social proof. It’s easy to install and facilitates straightforward email automation, providing valuable customer ratings. All the amazing features secure Stamped Reviews’s spot in the Hall of Fame of the best Shopify apps for reviews. 

4. Reviews Importer For Dropship – cross-platform reviews app for drop shippers

You can automatically collect reviews from other marketplaces and social media like Amazon, Etsy, or AliExpress with Reviews Importer For Dropship by Trustify.


User Feedback on Stamped Reviews: 4.9 stars from 517 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Import product reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, and CSV file
  • Customizable widgets. 
  • Show ratings in Google search


PriceFree$5.99/ month$11.99/ month

Reviews Importer allows you to automate your review invitations for service and product reviews and add multiple website widgets. The free plan offers unlimited review requests and automatically imports ratings from AliExpress, CSV. After being integrated with Shopify, the app will always be on to collect more verified reviews and give you better insight into what your customers think. 

5. Ali Reviews – Best customer review apps help you import reviews in bulk

BrandMentions 2021 report on customer behavior clearly states that buyers will likely skip through any product with no review. Ali Reviews uses advanced AI technology to help Shopify merchants easily import reviews from AliExpress & Amazon. Currently, it is ranked 3rd in terms of number of reviews among various Shopify review apps.


User Feedback on Ali Reviews: 4.9 stars from 14,305 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Bulk import photo reviews 
  • AI auto-suggests top sources for instant review importation.
  • Pre-made email templates


PriceFree$9.90/month$19.90/ month$49.90/month

Ali Reviews is known as one of the best free review apps for Shopify because of its automatic review importation from many sources, saving merchants a lot of time and effort. It also has the ability to differentiate between unverified and verified reviews, making sure that your store only receives top-notch and genuine ratings.

One can’t be the best Shopify app for reviews without a superb customer support team. The team is praised for their quick response and helpful troubleshooting.

6. Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC – Reviews, Surveys, Quizzes, Referrals & Loyalty all in one place

Okendo can help you turn casual shoppers into superfans and brand advocates with creative ways to engage customers.


User Feedback on Okendo: 4.8 stars from 867 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Customizable review formats
  • Automatically save customer data 
  • Surveys and quizzes programs.



The maximum revenue of merchants who use Okendo is 15 times bigger than before. With their referral program, you can easily scale word-of-mouth effect to build a stronger connection with your customer base and drive sales off the roof. 

Furthermore, you can easily create engaging product recommendation pages by using Okendo’s “quizzes for rewards” program. 

7. Yotpo Product Reviews & UGC – Best Shopify apps for reviews and marketers

Yotpo is the best Shopify reviews app, It offers advanced solutions for email and SMS marketing, loyalty and referrals, subscriptions, reviews, and visual UGC. 


User Feedback on Yotpo: 4.8 stars from 6899 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Effortless syncing of reviews to and from the Shop app
  •  Search with Google Seller Ratings and Google Shopping Ads
  • Customizable Review Widgets 



Yotpo was founded in 2011 by Tomer Tagrin and Omri Cohen. Their goal is to help e-commerce brands create better shopper experiences in every way possible. With their affordable price, brands of all sizes can increase trust and sales through social proof, build loyal customer advocates, boost recurring revenue, and engage shoppers on key channels. 

Yotpo is now the leading provider of solutions that power the whole customer journey.

Genuine reviews play an extremely important role in the success of e-commerce. It enhances conversion rates and makes brands stand out in the competitive online marketplace. The best Shopify apps for reviews are the tools you need to boost your online store. 

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