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10+ Shopify automation apps to automate store workflow

Shopify automation apps can help merchants reduce manual effort and drive sales by automating marketing, inventory management, order processing, customer engagement, and so much more. 

Statista report on “retailers’ stores using automation technology worldwide in 2019” shows that 72% of e-commerce stores that use automation apps have seen an increase in sales. Let’s find out what the top-notch workflow management apps are. 

What workflow can your Shopify store automate?  

If you know the best workflow automation tools, many aspects of managing your store can be fully automated, from marketing to customer service, from sales to product management. 

  • Marketing: Marketing is the key part of any business’s success. With advanced technology, marketing campaigns can be automatically created and edited. Some common PR methods are SMS/Email, affiliates and referrals, Google/Social Media Ads, etc. 
  • Order Processing: There are Shopify automation apps that are designed to help automatically manage and process your orders. From shipping label creation and order confirmation to order status updates – all can be done in a minute without any manual error.
  • Inventory management: Using free workflow automation Shopify automation apps, you can effortlessly sort, update, or edit your inventory on auto-pilot. Those apps can check your storage regularly, remind you when the stock level is low, or even automatically place orders to replenish stock.
  • Customer engagement and support: Quick and efficient customer support can directly affect your store performance; you can use chatbots to respond to common customer inquiries instantly.
  • Reviews and UGCs: Customers will likely skip over a product with no review, so your traffic will just go wasted if you don’t have any ratings for it. Utilize automation apps to request and display reviews and other UGCs from buyers to showcase social proof. 
  • Workflow automation: Online store owners have tons of mundane things to do daily: set up advertising campaigns, check and edit inventory, answer customer’s messages, print and manage orders, etc. All of these daily and repetitive tasks can be customized and automated by using workflow apps. You can create a specific sequence of actions that suits your needs to run your store smoothly without any mistakes. 

Mechanic – best workflow automation software overall

If you would like to replace many existing apps with just one, there’s an all-in-one Mechanic app – one of the most diverse workflow Shopify automation apps. 


User Feedback on Mechanic: 4.9 stars from 158 reviews

Key Features: 

  • 350+ pre-built automation gadgets
  • Mechanic’s community of freelancers


  • Basic Shopify: $16/month
  • Shopify: $29/month
  • Advanced Shopify: $99/month
  • Shopify Plus: $199/month

Mechanic is known to be an amazing app with a full suite of powerful features, built to aid businesses on their road to success. If you’re a Shopify merchant, you can easily draw from Mechanic’s library of 290+ automation tasks and let your store start working on auto-pilot. 

If you’re a Shopify partner or agency, you can create enterprise-grade custom gadgets to suit all your needs.

Mechanic has 300 Shopify automation apps and you can even design and create custom-made functionality

Postscript SMS Marketing – create and execute SMS programs automatically

According to Drips survey on “Smartphone user’s behavior in 2020,” SMS remains the top 2 popular ways of communicating. Postscript gives you free workflow automation tools to advertise your store via SMS and manage customer feedback. 


User Feedback on Postscript SMS Marketing: 4.9 stars from 1953 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Customizable SMS campaign
  • Personalized automation flows
  • Data Analytics


  • Starter: Free to install
  • Growth: $199/month
  • Professional: $500/ month 

Postscript is one of the best workflow automation software programs because it gives the merchant a 30-day free trial where you will be able to build two unique keywords, set up automations, send out marketing campaigns, create segments, leverage integrations, and respond to customers. With Postscript’s simple process, you can create and manage your SMS marketing campaign in a few minutes.

Shopify Flow – customize your store and automate your tasks with ease


Shopify Flow is the original free workflow automation tool that Shopify designed, packed with useful features to help merchants manage their stores on auto-pilot.

User Feedback on Shopify Flow: 3.8 stars from 70 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Hundreds of existing automation templates 
  • Personalized automation flows
  • Seamlessly work with tags, meta fields, fulfillment, B2B, Slack, and Google Sheets

Shopify Flow is one of the extremely beneficial Shopify automation apps that allow merchants to automate a huge part of the stores, and it is being developed and enhanced frequently with many new helpful updates.

Moreover, Shopify Flow is very beginner-friendly with its low-code editor; making it easy to build unique automation tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s inventory management, fraud prevention, or order fulfillment, Flow has you covered.

Arigato – essential Shopify automation apps with world-class support

Arigato Workflow Automation helps businesses automate and optimize their processes, leading to increased efficiency, accuracy, and scalability.

User Feedback on Arigato Workflow Automation: 4.8 stars from 196 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Scheduled Workflows
  • On-demand Automations
  • Low-code


  • Basic: $15/month
  • Shopify: $25/month
  • Advanced: $40/month
  • Plus: $100/month

Automate Shopify stores to help merchants save time and reduce manual errors. Arigato offers customized automation that can be triggered by specific events such as new orders, updated products, customer actions, or scheduled times.

Even if you have no coding experience, with the drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built templates, you can easily create an automated process that suits your specific business. 

NS Live Chat, Inbox & Helpdesk NestDesk – Multichannel customer service

Zendesk reports on customer behavior show that 82% of customers will only return to online stores or services if customer support is fast enough to respond. NestDesk helps you automate customer support with live chat, helpdesk, chatbot, and more; it simplifies your process and drives more sales.

User Feedback on NS Live Chat, Inbox & Helpdesk: 4.9 stars from 93 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Manage & respond to Facebook Messenger & Live Chat messages from one place
  • Chatbot & saved responses
  • Saved customer profiles


  • Free: Free
  • Basic: $5.99/month
  • Advanced: $14.99/month
  • Professionals: $34.99/month

NestDesk centralizes all customer communications from various channels (e.g., email, chat, social media) into a single inbox, making it easier for store owners to manage and respond to messages. You can automate repetitive tasks such as ticket assignments and follow-ups to improve efficiency and use Chatbox to reply automatically to customer inquiries.

NestDesk is one of the best free workflow automations for customer service, Its free plan offers tons of useful features like unlimited conversations, live chat customization, and a convenient mobile app. 

BixGrow – automated affiliate program

BixGrow earned its fame as one of the top popular Shopify automation apps because it can help you automate your marketing efforts. 


User Feedback on BixGrow: 5.0 stars from 1057 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Create and manage referral programs automatically based on your customizations. 
  • Recruit affiliates & influencers with MLM 
  • Flexible commission plans


  • Starter: Free
  • Scale: $9/month
  • Pro: $15/month

With BixGrow- Shopify automation apps, you can easily set up and manage affiliate and referral programs tailored to your business needs. After your initial setup and customization, you can let BixGrow do the job accordingly, without any errors. 

Leveraging affiliates and referrals expands your marketing reach without requiring a significant investment in advertising. 

Hextom: Workflow Automation – Your virtual assistant with retail workflow management

Time is your most valuable and limited resource, so let Hextom help automate your most time-consuming daily routines and workflows.

User Feedback on Hextom: 4.7 stars from 140 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Build automation without any coding 
  • Auto notify vendors about new orders, changes in orders, etc
  • Automatically schedule based tasks


  • Starter: Free
  • Growth: $9.99/month
  • Basic: $19.99/month
  • Professionals: $49.99/month

Using this free workflow automation software, you can increase your daily workflow’s efficiency by automating repetitive tasks such as fraud order detection, vendor notification, hiding out-of-stock products, etc. You can schedule-based tasks such as daily sales reporting – just set it up and forget about it. 

Hextom will take daily operations off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on growing your sales and scaling your business to the next level.

Seguno email marketing – Create and automate emails in a heartbeat

PorchMedia surveys on marketing show that the average expected ROI is $42 for every $1 you spend on email marketing. Let Seguno help you create amazing email campaigns to scale up your business. 

User Feedback on Seguno: 4.8 stars from 1128 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Use directly in the Shopify admin 
  • Many pre-built automations
  • Built-in deliverability assistance and spam protection


  • Starter: Free
  • Standard: $35/month

Seguno offers a pricing model that is based on the number of subscribers, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. It also provides a free tier for smaller stores with up to 250 subscribers. Seguno works smoothly with Shopify Flow, Shopify POS, Mailchimp, Product Reviews, All Email Popup Apps, Canva, Facebook Leads, and Postscript SMS Marketing

With Seguno Shopify workflow automation, email marketing can be quick, effective, and time-saving. 

PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label – Rates, labels & tracking automatically

Shipping is an essential part of any business, and automating the shipping operations workflow can reduce your workload significantly. PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label is particularly useful for businesses that ship products through various shipping companies, offering a centralized platform to handle diverse shipping needs.

User Feedback on PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label: 4.9 stars from 438 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Automatically select the cheapest carrier & service shipping selection. 
  • Merchants’ tracking dashboard & customers’s live tracking notifications. 
  • Works with many postal operators


  • Starter: $9/month
  • Popular: $29/month
  • Premium: $49/month
  • Unlimited: $99/month

PH (PluginHive) lets Shopify users generate shipping labels for different carriers from a single interface and ensures that labels comply with each carrier’s specific requirements and standards. PH helps increase shop workflow management’s efficiency, save time, and reduce manual entry errors.
PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label integrates smoothly with e-commerce platforms, ERP systems, and many shipping carriers. 

Zapier – unlocks the power of automation for e-commerce


Zapier simplifies integrating apps and services, allowing users to create automated tasks known as “Zaps” that help handle repetitive actions and streamline business processes.

User Feedback on Zapier: 4.9 stars from 143 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Create multi-step Zaps that automate many tasks at once without using code
  • Schedule Zaps to run at a specific time
  • Many pre-built templates


  • Professional: $29.99/month
  • Team: $103.50/month

A “Zap” in Zapier is an automated workflow that connects two or more apps to perform a series of actions based on a trigger. For example, when a new email arrives in Gmail (trigger), Zapier can automatically save the attachment to Dropbox and alert you in Slack (actions).

No coding skills are required to set up Zaps; you can start with pre-made templates for common use cases and customize them as needed.

Shopify Email – Workflow automation free app for store owners

Shopify Email allows you to create, send, and track email marketing campaigns directly from your Shopify admin dashboard, making it easier to engage with customers and drive sales.

User Feedback on Shopify Email: 4.5 stars from 1561 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Send branded emails directly from Shopify
  • AI-generated emails and templates
  • Shoppable directly from emails 


  • Free to install. The first 10,000 emails each month are free. After that, pricing starts at $1/1000 emails per month.

With Shopify Email, you can easily include product information, images, and links directly from your Shopify store in emails. You can automate email sequences to welcome new subscribers, recover abandoned carts, or re-engage inactive customers – anything is possible with Shopify Email. 

Utilize the 10 best Shopify automation apps provided in this article to save time and manage your store with ease. 

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