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TinyIMG Review: Is it worth it? 

TinyIMG stands out as one of the leading SEO apps currently offered on the Shopify app store. So, we have done a TinyIMG review so you can tell if it is worth your time and money!

This robust SEO tool has received numerous commendations, but what sets it apart? Are there any limitations? And how does it distinguish itself from the multitude of Shopify options to online sellers?

In this article, we answer all the questions and thoroughly Shopify app TinyIMG review.

💻 App name: TinyIMG 

⭐ Average Rating: 5/5 from over 2000 reviews 

🛠️ Ease of use: Easy

💵 Pricing: Pay as you go or paid plans (from $8/month) 

📥 Install the app: TinyIMG  

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New to SEO? Don’t worry! While the features in apps like TinyIMG might seem overwhelming at first, they’re actually here to help you. Sure, there’s a learning curve, but it’s worth it!  


Currently, TinyIMG is the go-to Image SEO app for Shopify, and there’s a good reason why.

1.  It’s smooth: No major bugs or errors reported by tens of thousands of users. The app’s rating tells – a solid 5/5 stars with over 2000 reviews! And guess what? Even with more apps or extensions added, your website speed remains impressively stable.

2. It comes with a good selection of features. Even the cheapest plan includes various advanced features (like daily automatic optimizations). The app, at many points, can be compared to an SEO agency.  

3.  It automatically optimizes your store. This one will be saving you heaps of time. Plus, it handles even the smallest SEO details that you might overlook. 

In terms of pricing, TinyIMG is one of the most reasonable options among SEO apps even though they offer various plans based on demands. You can subscript to the pay-as-you-go, but can choose a more advanced one with $24 monthly. 

What TinyIMG can do?

TinyJPG is a big app – which is a combination of various apps – it is an all-in-one solution. Why juggle multiple apps and subscriptions when TinyIMG offers everything you need in one powerful package? 


In general, the app helps your store in 02 two main aspects: image optimizer & SEO

1. Image optimizer 


ShopifY offers built-in compression and CDN as well. They are good, but they aren’t the best you can get. They work well for most people, but if you want to make your website even faster, apps TinyIMG can compress images more without losing quality and might offer extra features like lazy loading. If you really want to speed up your site, some features in TinyIMG are worth checking out (if not, Shopify’s built-in tools should work fine)

  • Image optimization: Typically can reduce file sizes by 50%-70% without reducing image quality. The app also adjusts image sizes for mobile & other devices.
  • Daily optimizations: Optimizes existing images in your store, daily & automatically. 
  • 30-day image backup: a duplicated version of each image is created and saved for 30 days – you can restore anytime within that period.  
  • Lazy loading: Defers the loading of offscreen images, which increase significantly the page speed. 
  • Optimizing images in bulk: TinyIMG can correctly add alt text and rename images can be helpful, especially for catalogs with over 100 products.

2. SEO 

  • Automatic optimization: Create SEO-friendly file names & images alt text. Will save you tons of time. 
  • Site Audit: Audit your homepage & other sites and fix SEO issues. 
  • AI metadata: Metadata is now AI-generated metadata – limited uses based on your subscription. 

TinyIMG pricing 

It offers various plans, from pay-as-you-go to yearly subscriptions. 

When it comes to pricing, TinyIMG has kept things very simple and offers 04 plans.


Honestly, the features difference between plans are not much. The main difference between plans lies in the number of images you can optimize each month. 

For small and mid-sized stores needing basic optimization, you can choose it’s $96 yearly (which is $8/mo) with all basic features. The limit is 10,000 images (1 cent for an additional image) yearly and you can enjoy the app without breaking the bank.

For larger stores with higher image and SEO demands, looking for comprehensive optimization tools, the one worth considering is the $24/m Pro plan. It offers some significant advantages that include: 

  • Script Control: Manage scripts to optimize website performance.
  • Image Resizing: Resize images to fit different screen sizes and devices.
  • SEO Audit: Store audits to identify and fix SEO issues.
  • SEO Consultant: Access to expert SEO advice and strategies.

One of the most important SEO things is to run an SEO audit on your website. This helps you understand your keyword targeting and technical optimization, ensuring that your titles, headings, and meta descriptions are set up properly. An audit report will also reveal any existing problems or gaps in your SEO strategy.

For detailed information, please reach out to their pricing page. 

TinyIMG is definitely an impressive app for the money and is ideal for all-size stores looking to improve SEO without having to spend a lot of money.

Workability with other apps   

TinyIMG is compatible and can integrate with Google Search Console, Stamped, and Judge.me, Loox, Yotpo, Lai, and other customer review apps.

  • Google Search Console: This tool tracks your website’s performance before and after using TinyIMG. It monitors loading times, indexing errors, mobile usability issues, search rankings, and website traffic.
  • Review Apps: TinyIMG optimizes images, titles, and alt text in the review sections so that reviews load quickly and smoothly. This works not just for review apps but also for many other apps, especially those focusing on visual content.

TinyIMG makes sure images load fast and look good, which is super important for any app that shows pictures. It’s a must-have, especially for apps that display a lot of visuals, such as clothing stores.

Definitely one of the combo apps for app store, especially ones working on visual parts. 

Image types that TinyIMG can optimize   

TinyIMG primarily focuses on optimizing image file types commonly used in e-commerce, such as JPEG/JPG, PNG, GIF, and WebP. 

  1. JPEG/JPG: Ideal for product images and photographs due to its small file size and high quality.
  2. PNG: Suitable for images with transparent backgrounds or those requiring lossless compression.
  3. GIF: Typically used for simple animations or graphics with a limited color palette.
  4. WebP: An emerging format known for its superior compression capabilities while maintaining high image quality, supported by modern web browsers for faster loading times. 

TinyIMG optimizes these file types to improve website performance, loading speed, and overall user experience.

TinyIMG customer feedback

Let’s talk about negative reviews of TinyiMG first. Only 06 reviews with 01 star over 2000 TinyIMG reviews. This is, to be honest, a really impressive achievement.

Most negative reviews show problems with unexpected charges – which would later be explained by the TinyIMG team. The problems are typically created by misunderstanding how the pricing system works. For example, the user typically forgets to cancel their subscription. The team is also willing to reach out and refund.

And it is obvious that TinyIMG has no major bugs or flaws in its operation.


In the majority of the TinyIMG review section, most customers agree that this app is an easy-to-use and affordable app that makes websites faster and better. Definitely useful for websites with lots of pictures! Small businesses find it especially useful because it can scan the site, highlight issues, and guide them through fixes. 

“The app is easy to use and isn’t very expensive, which is a plus in my book. Also, after prolonged use, I ran into an issue, and their customer support quickly resolved my problem. I am happy with this app.” 

5/5 – Pinned Up Ink – United States 

“If you are a small business that is doing everything yourself but does not know where to start then you need this app!!!
After an initial scan of your website, it will break down all the areas you should focus on that will cause problems or would need more attention to detail. I started with the free plan but soon upgraded. […]” 

5/5 – TV Beds Northwest – United Kingdom

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