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Top 7 Shopify Live Chat Apps to Boost Customer Engagement

Hiver exclusive research states that 63% of consumers prefer live chat as a channel of support communication and 1 in 5 customers will stop using a product or service due to slow response times via online chat.

Don’t let potential customers wait, respond to them instantly with the help of Shopify live chat apps.

Dive into this article and find out what are the best chap support tools. 

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What is Shopify live chat?

As of now, Shopify does not offer a built-in live chat feature directly within its platform. However, Shopify provides integration with several live chat apps that can be added to your Shopify store. 

Shopify live chat allows store owners to communicate directly with their customers through real-time messaging on their online stores. Live chat helps improve customer support, increase engagement, and boost sales by providing immediate assistance to visitors. 

The live chat section on the Shopify store allows customers to get real-time customer support, human-to-human interaction, and quick and seamless responses.

Live chat is a ‘must-have’ feature if you want to develop your online business. 

What Shopify live chat apps can do? 

According to the Comm100 report, 82% of customers were satisfied with their live chat experience, compared to just 61% of email users and a worrying 44% of phone users. Shopify live chat extensions can bring your support team to the next level, these apps can boost your efficiency and reduce manual errors: 

  • Automated responses and chatbots: Chatbots can handle common questions, guide customers through the purchase process, and provide 24/7 support when live agents are unavailable.
  • Real-time Response: Shopify chat apps can help you reply to customers as soon as possible with no delay
  • Invite customers to chat: the apps can automatically prompt customers with chat invitations based on their behavior on the site, such as time spent on a page or cart abandonment triggers.
  • Visitor tracking and insights: Shopify chat assistant provides real-time data on visitor activity, including current page views, time spent on the site, and browsing history, allowing you to customize your response to their specific needs.
  • Access customer profiles: the best apps give you access to detailed customer profiles (including past interactions and purchase history)
  • Multi-channel Integration: Shopify live chat apps can integrate with various messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and email, allowing for seamless communication across different channels
  • Share files directly in the chat: Supports the sharing of images, documents, and other files directly within the chat, useful for sending product information, receipts, or troubleshooting guides.

Live chat apps often have many amazing features to elevate your store performance; help you to save time and support customers professionally. 

1. Shopify Inbox – Free live chat app for Shopify

Shopify Inbox helps resolve customer doubts and questions instantly, leading to higher conversion rates and sales. The app comes with many outstanding features for free. 

User Feedback on Shopify Inbox: 4.8 stars from 4782 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Send product recommendations, photos, and discounts in the chat
  • Automate greetings, contact capture, and FAQs
  • Profile and cart details are attached to the customer inbox.


  • Free: Free

Shopify Inbox saves you time on customer support by offering self-help solutions and making it easy for customers to get in touch. It integrates with social media, allowing you to manage all platforms in one inbox; and you can recommend products directly in the chat.

This chatting app is both free and user-friendly, you can customize your chat inbox in a heartbeat. Shopify Inbox’s goal is to help businesses stay organized and provide better customer support.

2. Chaty: WhatsApp & Chat buttons – Chat support on multiple platforms

Chaty is one of the most integrate-able chat apps, the app covers almost all of the popular chat and social networks, making it easier to manage your customer support. 

User Feedback on Chaty: 4.9 stars from 285 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Integrates smoothly with WhatsApp chat, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, Viber, TikTok, etc
  • Customize chat widgets
  • Show WhatsApp icon & chat buttons on mobile & desktop


  • Free: Free
  • Basic: $15/month
  • Pro: $39/ month
  • Growth: $79/month

With Chaty, you can manage all your messages in one Chaty dashboard effortlessly. It also supports multiple agents so customers can chat with their preferred representatives. 

Chaty is fully customizable (you can change colors, button placement, custom icons, fonts, & more) to make sure that you can design it according to your branding and needs; allowing you to give the best support possible.

3. Pushdaddy WhatsApp, Live Chat – Shopify live chat extension to close sales

Pushdaddy is trusted by 15,000+ businesses globally, it works with all major browsers spread across a variety of devices and platforms – making Pushdaddy one of the most popular Shopify live chat app

User Feedback on Pushdaddy Whatsapp, Livechat: 4.3 stars from 4184 reviews

Key Features: 

  • WhatsApp chat + Live chat without signup
  • Automated cart recovery, order confirmation & tracking updates
  • Chatbot for Automated answers


  • Free to install

Pushdaddy helps you convert visitors into subscribers with push notifications and live chat support; it gives real-time access to your customers and instant repeat traffic.

Pushdaddy is so easy to set up and fully customizable with excellent inbuilt features like a chatbot, WhatsApp, and other platform integration;… The best part is you can get all the tools in a minute without any fee. 

4. Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots – Customer experience-focused platform

According to SuperOffice’s study, live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate. Tidio is well-known as the top 1 AI-based customer service Shopify live chat app

User Feedback on Tidio: 4.6 stars from 1869 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Lyro AI chatbot
  • Ticketing system
  • Preview carts, check order history, and recommend products directly in the chat


  • Free: Free
  • Customer Service: $29/month
  • Flows: $29/ month
  • Lyro AI Chatbot: $39/month

Tidio has a highly trained AI chatbot specified in customer service called Lyro. Lyro can solve up to 70% of customer problems – on any live channel, in dozens of languages – without extra hiring. Lyro AI Chatbot answers customers in 6 seconds using only your data and human-like language.

Tidio helps you handle messages from all your communication channels in a single dashboard; and decreases your response times with ticket filtering and prioritization. It’s no doubt one of the most popular chat apps for e-commerce. 

5. Chatway Live Chat Support – Shopify chat assistant for e-commerce

According to SaaS’s survey on “Trends and Insights for Live Chat Statistics in 2024”; around 73% of clients (between ages 18 and 49) say live chat is the most convenient way to communicate with a business.  Revolutionize the way you communicate with your customers with Chatway Live Chat Support, Chatway allows you to provide fast and personalized support to your clients. 

User Feedback on Chatway: 5.0 stars from 236 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Live chat support inbox
  • Customizable live chat widget 
  • Easy file sharing within the website chat box


  • Free: Free
  • Pro: $9/ month

Chatway enables your team to collaborate and work together on customer conversations, share notes, and assign tasks; improving team efficiency and effectiveness.

This Shopify live chat app gives you access to detailed customer profiles and conversation histories, which help you understand your customers’ needs and preferences.

6. Whatsy: WhatsApp Chat & Share –  instant chat support

You can provide instant chat support to your unsure visitors via WhatsApp and help them make purchases with Whatsy: WhatsApp Chat & Share

User Feedback on Whatsy: 4.7 stars from 109 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Add multiple free chat agents
  • Easiest live chat support, no coding skill needed
  • Boost Sales with WhatsApp Chat


  • Free to install

Whatsy is a Shopify live chat app that focuses on WhatsApp, you can easily show the WhatsApp chat icon on your storefront. It will allow your visitors and customers to communicate with you or your agent directly via WhatsApp

Whatsy is easy to install and set up, no coding skill is required; it takes under 10 minutes to get up and operate smoothly.

7. Tawk.to Live Chat –  CRM software for e-commerce

Tawk.to is a free forever live chat support app with amazing inbuilt features; you add a small JavaScript snippet to your site, it takes 30 seconds to get started and you’re set to complete your customer support team.

User Feedback on Tawk.to: 4.1 stars from 233 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Personalize automated greetings
  • View and manage Shopify orders directly from chats and tickets
  • “Shortcut” message templates


  • Free to install

Tawk.to lets you monitor your customers and your staff in real time. You can see which pages your visitors are on, what they are searching for, and how often they visit your page; You also can see which team member responded to a customer last and maintain a complete conversation history.

Wanna see more apps list?

Utilizing the 07 Shopify live chat apps to streamline your customer support, close sales and boost revenue. 

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