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Spotify Affiliate Program: Do they launch any?

Interested in joining the Spotify affiliate program and getting paid as a blogger or influencer? 

Spotify is a popular Swedish audio streaming service founded by Daniel Ek in 2006, and now it is the biggest player in the music industry. 

But, unfortunately, it seems that they do not offer any affiliate program. But I will give you some alternatives. 

Does Spotify have an affiliate program? 

No, Spotify doesn’t offer any in-house affiliate program, or via any third-party platform

Although many sites claim that Spotify does have an affiliate program, there are no clues that they are running one.


I experimented with various affiliate networks like Rakuten, FlexOffer, and CJ….… It turns out that there was a Spotify program on Sovrn Commerce. However, all attempts to access the program resulted in some unavailable pages.  no public affiliate portal is accessible

Just like this:


Spotify does not appear to have deployed any affiliate program, either directly or through a third-party network. 

Plus, if you checked out their official website, there is no affiliate portal or even an announcement saying that they are recruiting affiliates in the site’s footage. Searches on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Quora yield no information.


It’s possible that Spotify tried an affiliate recently, but encountered interruptions while deploying it, making it currently inaccessible. So far, there is no way to apply to become a Spotify affiliate.

If anyone has successfully become a Spotify affiliate, please share your experience by leaving a comment. 

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Spotify Refer A Friend Program 

For years Spotify has deployed a referral program called “Refer a Friend Spotify”. This program allows you to earn 01 months of Spotify Premium if you successfully refer 5 pals to join Spotify. However, they stopped it in 2014 and haven’t launched it again, so you cannot join their referral program anymore 

At this time, Spotify offers no public referral program or program you can apply to. So, find another way if you want to make money with Spotify with affiliate marketing or referral marketing.

Ways to find Spotify referral link

In recent years, Spotify introduced user referral links on the Individual Plan and Student Plan. With this link, users could provide two friends with two months of Spotify Premium for free. However, Spotify has not made a public announcement specifying which type of listeners are eligible for the referral link. It seems that they give out the links for only long-time listeners and also limit it to certain regions. 


Though the program seems to be available in the U.K., many UK users still cannot make it, due to region-based reasons.

Where to find free trials?

Now, if you’re eyeing that sweet Spotify Premium without shelling out bucks, there are still some ways. Not the friend-referral kind, though.

So, some companies collaborate with Spotify via the Spotify Partner Program, including big brands in various fields, such as Starbucks, Uber, PayPal, and Salesforce…  Each company offer different options, including Premium trials, app downloads, and more.

Of course, some of them toss in free Premium as part of their deal to their own customers. 

At present, you can acquire a 03-month Spotify Premium trial through PayPal. Isn’t that cool? Or, alternatively, you can try using a referral code from businesses that are affiliated with Spotify, like Oyal UK, or public share from generous strangers on the internet.


FAQs: Spotify Affiliate Program

Does Spotify have an affiliate program?

Though there are many claims that Spotify does have an affiliate program, no public affiliate portal is accessible. Plus, Spotify does not have any official announcement about its affiliate program.

Does Spotify have a referral program?

Spotify used to offer a referral program that allows you to earn a 01-month Spotify Premium for 05 successful referrals. However, they canceled the program in 2014.

How to find my Spotify referral link?

Spotify gives out the links for long-time listeners in certain regions. There is no way to actively ask for a Spotify referral link.

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