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Old Navy Affiliate Program Review (2024)

Are you interested in earning money by promoting trendy clothes and accessories? Then you should check out the Old Navy affiliate program! 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to sign up, tell you how much you can earn, and give you tips on promoting Old Navy products. Let’s get started!


About Old Navy

Old Navy is a popular store that sells clothes and accessories. It’s owned by Gap Inc. and has been around since 1994. They have a wide range of stuff for men, women, and kids, making it a great place to promote if you have a fashion-related website or blog.

Does Old Navy have an affiliate program? 

Yes, Old Navy has something called an affiliate program. This means you can partner with them to promote their products and earn a commission on sales. You just need to sign up for a free affiliate account on the Old Navy affiliate homepage. As an affiliate, you’ll be authorized to link from your website to oldnavy.com.

However, Old Navy primarily ships within the U.S.A., making their affiliate program inaccessible to individuals outside the region. They do not currently approve affiliates based outside of the U.S.A. due to shipping limitations.

Here are the details on the Old Navy affiliate program:

  • Fixed commission rate: up to 2%.
  • Single-tier commissions: You only earn on sales you directly generate.
  • No minimum payout threshold.
  • Monthly payouts.
  • Cookie duration: 01 day
  • Credit policy: Last Click
  • Regional Availability: U.S.A

The Old Navy affiliate program is different from the Gap affiliate program. They are parallel roads within the same network. You can access both using the same “One Membership” card, but each offers its own distinct features and caters to slightly different needs. 

The Gap and Old Navy programs, while offering similar functionalities, represent different entities within the same parent company, Gap Inc.

How Much Can You Make with Old Navy Affiliate Program?

Old Navy will pay you a commission of 2% on final net sales made through your affiliate link. The final net sales take into account specific deductions, including sales returns, allowances, and discounts. And you’ll still get paid even if the sale happens within one day of someone clicking on your link.

The estimated AOV for Old Navy could fall between $60 and $100. So, you can earn less than 2$ for each successful referral.

How to become an Old Navy affiliate?

Old Navy’s affiliate program is hosted on Impact Radius. However, they also do deploy their program in a new platform called FlexOffer.

You can choose any of them if you already have an account on that platform. If not, signing up via the Old Navy affiliate portal is much simpler and straightforward.


Becoming an Old Navy affiliate is a straightforward process! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Eligibility Check

Before you sign up, make sure you meet the program’s criteria. Besides essential personal information such as your name, age, or account details, Old Navy primarily accepts websites and other online channels like blogs and social media accounts.

Websites with content relevance and great traffic are highly prioritized.

2. Sign Up & Application

Head over to the Old Navy Affiliate Program page.

Click on the “Apply Now” button and you’ll be redirected to the application form. Here, fill out the required information. Be prepared to provide your website/channel details, audience demographics, and marketing strategies.

3. Application Review

The Impact team will review your application within 5 business days. They’ll evaluate your suitability based on the information you provided and program guidelines. Be patient and ensure your application is thorough and accurate.

4. Approval & Onboarding

If approved, you’ll receive a welcome email with login credentials and access to the Impact dashboard. This dashboard houses helpful resources like promotional materials, tracking tools, and performance reports.

5. Promoting & Earning:

Now comes the making money part!

Utilize the approved marketing tools (banners, text links, product feeds) to promote Old Navy products on your website or channels. When someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase within the cookie window (01 day), you’ll earn a commission on the sale.

Remember, success as an affiliate requires consistent effort, valuable content, and effective promotion. Good luck!

Old Navy Affiliate Program review: is it worth it?   

The Old Navy affiliate program is very easy to sign up for. You just need to fill out a simple form and wait for approval. Having a social media account with a strong following will increase your chances of getting accepted.
Once you are approved, there is a vast array of marketing materials available for use. However, you may need to create content yourself. Due to the nature of product promotion, audiences tend to believe referrals that stem from an authentic, original experience.

The commission rate for the Old Navy affiliate program is up to 2%, with many specific categories rated at a 1% commission.


The 2% commission rate is a bit lower than some other programs in the same segment. However, I still think it is worth it because Old Navy has a lot of loyal customers who love their products and buy from them regularly. Plus, they often have sales and discounts that attract more buyers.

It is important to note that not every product is commissionable, so please carefully check the product list, and if needed, consult your affiliate manager.


One thing I like about the Old Navy affiliate program is the support team. They are very professional and responsive. They answer any questions or issues that I have promptly. They also provide helpful tips and resources to help me optimize my campaigns and increase my conversions.

Overall, I think the Old Navy affiliate program is a great option for anyone who wants to earn some passive income by promoting a well-known and trusted brand. The sign-up process is easy, the commission rate is decent, and the support team is awesome.

How to Promote Old Navy Products

Firstly, to effectively Old Navy, there are tips to consider:

  • Content & Audience Match: Promote Old Navy products relevant to your website’s content and target audience. Building trust and organic promotion are key.
  • Transparency: To ensure that your audience trusts you, it is important to disclose your affiliate relationship with Old Navy. This will help maintain transparency and honesty in your communication.
  • Performance Tracking: Regularly monitor your performance reports in the dashboard to analyze click-through rates, sales conversions, and commission earnings. Optimize your strategies based on these insights.

Here are some simple ways you can let people know about Old Navy stuff:

Talk About It on the Website

If you have a website or blog, you can write about Old Navy and use keywords like “Old Navy clothes” to help people find your content when they search online.

Share on Social Media

Social media is one of the most spreadable marketing channels today. It works with specific cases of program types, like daily products from Walmart or audiobooks.

It is okay your account is for personal use – your friends and family members tend to trust a recommendation from their close ones.

Share pictures or videos of yourself wearing or using the stuff, and don’t forget to include your affiliate link!

Make Videos

If you have a YouTube channel, you can create videos showing off Old Navy products. Try making videos where you talk about your favorite items or show how they look on different people. Haul content is a prevalent choice for many fashion influencers today.


Send Emails

If you have an email list, you can send out emails telling your subscribers about Old Navy deals or new products.

Make sure to include your affiliate link so they can easily click and buy immediately.


Does Old Navy have an influencer program? 

Old Navy doesn’t have a traditional “influencer program” where individuals are officially as brand ambassadors with contracts and compensation. However, they do collaborate with micro-influencers and social media influencers. 

Does Old Navy have an affiliate program? 

Yes, Old Navy offers an affiliate program where people and businesses can earn commissions by promoting Old Navy products. You can earn a 2% commission on the final sales amount when people purchase Old Navy products through your affiliate links.

What are the Gap Inc. affiliate programs?

Gap Inc. brands (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, Intermix) all have separate affiliate programs. Research each to find the best fit for your audience and niche, focusing on commission rates, requirements, and target audience. Remember, diversifying can maximize reach and earnings!

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