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Top 07+ Popular Shopify Fulfillment Apps To Elevate Your E-Commerce

Shopify order fulfillment apps automate and outsource the fulfillment process on your behalf. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, like marketing and customer service. 

According to Statista report, global parcel shipping volume in 2022 amounted to over 161 billion parcels. In less than six years, this volume is expected to reach 256 billion parcels shipped in 2027, at a compound annual growth rate of 59 percent. Using third-party fulfillment apps ensures efficient and reliable order delivery to your customers while saving you time and effort. 

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How do Shopify fulfillment apps help your online store?

Fulfillment software can be easily integrated with e-commerce platforms and offers many useful features and benefits. Let’s look at some key aspects that these apps can help you manage your store. 

  • Inventory management and reordering: You can track inventory levels in real-time to avoid stockouts and overselling and set up automatic reordering to maintain optimal stock levels
  • Automatic order processing: Orders placed on your Shopify store are automatically sent to fulfillment apps and warehouses. You can process multiple orders to save time and improve efficiency.
  • Smart warehouse selection: The apps can utilize fulfillment centers or warehouses to store inventory closer to customers, optimizing shipping times and costs
  • Pick and pack orders automatically: the fulfillment center receives the order details and picks, packs, and prepares the items for shipment.
  • Fast shipping: Fulfillment apps handle the shipping process, including generating shipping labels, arranging for carrier pickup, and ensuring fast shipping. 
  • Automated notifications: Send automated notifications to customers about order status, shipping updates, and delivery confirmations. 
  • Returns management: the apps can manage customer returns, process refunds, and restock returned items

Fulfillment apps allow you to outsource the logistical aspects of your business by storing, packing, and shipping your orders. Find out what is the best automatic order fulfillment for Shopify in the list below. 

1. Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) – Free automatic order fulfillment for Shopify

Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) is a new official Shopify app that specializes in processing and fulfilling orders for businesses based in the United States. 


Key Features: 

  • Huge network of distribution hubs, warehouses, and fulfillment centers
  • There are no minimums, no contracts, and no upfront fees
  • 2 and 3-day delivery


  • Free to install. End-to-end fulfillment priced per item. Each product is priced by weight.

Shopify partners with Flexport (a trusted logistic service) to ship anywhere, save time and accelerate your business growth. After you receive an order, SFN will pick up, pack your products, and ship them to your customer.

SFN offers fast delivery, all shipments within the United States are delivered to your customer within three days. Faster and more reliable shipping options can lead to higher customer satisfaction and higher repeated purchase rates. 

2. Auto Fulfill – Auto fulfillment for Shopify store owners

You can reclaim 75% of time & money lost on data entry and emailing vendors just by using Auto Fulfill


User Feedback on Auto Fulfill: 4.6 stars from 96 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Print packing slips with both order info and product details
  • Bulk Fulfillment
  • Fulfill intelligently using a product’s location


  • Small: $20/month
  • Medium: $30/ month
  • Large: $40/month
  • Custom: $50/month

You just need to link the products in your store to a vendor/manufacturer/supplier/shipping partner, then an order is placed, and the order information is automatically sent to your vendor. The vendors will be notified instantly, or at a time set by you.

When vendors enter the tracking number in the unfulfilled sheet, the order is automatically marked as fulfilled in Shopify

3. Flexible Fulfillment – Fulfill Shopify orders with external vendors

If you work with external vendors (like a drop-shipping company, or multiple warehouses), Flexible Fulfillment makes it easy for them to manage all orders.  You can effortlessly scale your business operations without the need for additional staff or warehouse space


User Feedback on Flexible Fulfillment: 4.7 stars from 3 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Automated email notifications to external vendors
  • Easily segment vendors by product brands
  • Vendors have their dashboard


  • Unlimited: $12/month

Easily assign products to vendors, and orders will automatically be distributed to them with email notifications with Flexible Fulfillment. 

Each external vendor also gets access to their dashboard, which allows them to mark orders as shipped. They also have the option to provide shipping details directly to the end user, ensuring transparency and clear communication throughout the fulfillment process.

4. Easy Fulfillment: Bulk Fulfill – Convenient order fulfillment app

Easy Fulfillment: Bulk Fulfill is an excellent app and does a perfect job fulfilling orders with couriers’ tracking links.


User Feedback on  Easy Fulfillment: 4.6 stars from 17 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Automate track link generation for carriers 
  • Fulfilling orders in bulk
  • Split the order into different parcels and specify the items to add


  • Premium: $9.95/month

Mordor Intelligence 2022 report states that the e-commerce packaging market across the globe was valued at 27.04 billion USD  in 2020 and is expected to reach 61.55 billion USD by 2026. With this auto-fulfillment Shopify app, you can run unfulfilled and fulfilled orders in one click; add and manage convenient shipping carriers; or upload CSV/XLS/XLSX files with tracking numbers to fulfill orders in bulk. Easy Fulfillment: Bulk Fulfill helps you manage and fulfill orders precisely and quickly. 

5. Fulfillrite Order Fulfillment – Popular fulfillment software for e-commerce

Fulfillrite is well-known to be one of the most trusted names in order fulfillment apps with a 4.9/5 stars average on TrustPilot, Shopify Forums, and Google Reviews.  With Fulfillrite’s help, you can free up time and resources to focus on core business activities such as marketing, product development, and customer service.


User Feedback on Fulfillrite: 5.0 stars from 66 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Ecom & crowdfunding fulfillment
  • Same-day shipping
  • Real-time order and inventory tracking


  • Free to install

Fulfillrite Order Fulfillment has many statistics to showcase its results: 99.8%

orders shipped on time, 18.7+ million orders shipped, 2,400+ clients served and 3,200+ Kickstarter campaigns fulfilled. 

Fulfillrite offers affordable international shipping to over 200 countries and same-day shipping for orders received by 2 PM EST. Moreover, Fulfillrite also gives discounted shipping rates for all major carriers. 

6. Order Fulfillment Guru – Split & route multi-vendor & multi-warehouse orders

If you work with multiple Shopify locations, stores, resellers, merchants, vendors, warehouses, drop shippers, suppliers, 3PLs, or fulfillment locations; Order Fulfillment Guru can help you easily manage your order fulfillment workflow


User Feedback on Order Fulfillment Guru: 5.0 stars from 104 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Split & send orders via email, web portal, and ShipStation, to other Shopify stores
  • Automatically assign order locations, partners, or 3PLs
  • Prepaid shipping labels
  • Auto-invoicing


  • Free: Free 
  • Starter: $9.95/month
  • Essential: $19.95/month
  • Professional: $29.95/month

Order Fulfillment Guru has a wide range of useful functionalities such as Auto-assign orders to Shopify locations based on: inventory, shipping method, shipping state/province, country, postal code, order tag, customer tag, & sales channel; Creating advanced order routing rules based on inventory, shipping address,..; Branded packing slips & invoices and many more.

You can easily sync products, inventory, and orders between Shopify stores and auto-create new products during sync or map to existing products. All these features make Order Fulfillment Guru one of the best choices for e-commerce businesses. 

7. ShipBob Fulfillment –  Pick, pack, and ship orders worldwide

The ecommerce market took off since 2018 and has not shown any signs of slowing down since. The growing market also requires new and innovative e-commerce packaging and shipping solutions – ShipBob fulfillment experts will help you find a solution that suits your business needs. 


User Feedback on ShipBob Fulfillment: 4.2 stars from 231 reviews

Key Features: 

  • Same-day shipping
  • Customizable packaging
  • Global footprint in 6 countries


  • Free to install and bill for orders shipped, storage in ShopBob’s warehouses, receiving inventory, and any custom projects

ShipBob was awarded as the Top 1 best fulfillment technology by AdWeek’s Retail Awards. With nearly a decade of experience, ShipBob is a trusted fulfillment partner that can help you navigate complexities, so you can focus on growing your business. 

ShipBob has more than 50 fulfillment centers across 6 countries to ensure fast shipping. This order fulfillment app is proud of its new tracking technology for real-time visibility and transparency. ShipBob will pick, pack, and ship your orders with next-to-none errors. 

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Wrap it up

Global shipping revenue totaled $1.02 trillion in 2022 and projections indicate that shipping and delivery services will net $1.5 trillion in 2028. Packaging and delivery play a huge part in any business success. Let the top-notch 3rd party fulfillment apps handle all the difficult logistic aspects on your behalf and focus on scaling and growing your e-commerce. 

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